Baked Brie with Raspberries {+ Part 2 Wknd Date}

Hi ladies!

Let's first chat about my dinner date on Friday with my girlfriend Jessie. Like I mentioned yesterday, we went to a cute, modern Italian restaurant called Luce.

I tweeted this picture of my O.O.T.N.
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Blouse and jeans: Forever 21, Boots: Charlotte Russe last year, Watch: Michael Kors, H&M wrap bracelet, messy floor in the background? c/o myself.

{if you're wondering why I'm not wearing my wedding ring, it's because they are getting redipped at my jewelers to get all shiny and sparkly:)}

Here we are sippin' on some vino....

Isn't she so purty?
I s'rsly love girl nights. Much needed for the soul, wouldn't you agree?

and of course, here's what we I devoured in record timing...

I got the margherita pizza {and obviously couldn't wait to take a bite for a pic} and Jessie got the lasagna. Both wonderful!

...and if you're wondering, only 1 slice of my pizza was left on my plate while half of Jessie's lasagna still remained. Some have self control...others don't. Lately, I do not. Yikes.

I had so much fun Jessie!
Can't wait until our next "date".

Moving forward, here is the amazing Baked Brie recipe I made over the weekend
 for my Pinterest inspired craft party.

Ok, so I realize I'm not a profesh food photographer {yet},
but I promise you, this appetizer is beyond delicious.

I was in a rush when I took this picture {and I had to use a wedge of brie instead of round} because I had two girlfriends that were waiting patiently to devour this, so this is the pic you get, sorry. I've been wanting to make a holiday variation of Baked Brie for a long time now. I knew I wanted to use raspberries {so good..am I right or am I right?} and when I stumbled upon this recipe from Bon Appetit, I knew it was the winner.

This is now my new favorite appetizer to make because it only took 20 minutes to prepare and it was gone in about 5 minutes after being served. This recipe is perfect to make around Thanksgiving or Christmas...I'm telling you, your family will love this and will want the recipe!

I'll shut up now.
Here you go.

Baked Brie with Raspberries
adapted from Bon Appetit

1/2 cup raspberry jam or preserves
1/4 cup fresh raspberries
1/2 teaspoon finely chopped rosemary leaves
1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed
1 Brie round {I used a wedge because I couldn't find a round at the time}
1 large egg, beaten

Preheat oven to 400º.
Gently stir together jam, berries and rosemary in small bowl.  Roll out puff pastry on a lightly floured surface to a 12 inch square.  Cut rind off top of brie and discard.  Place brie on center of puff pastry, cut side up.  Spoon jam mixture on top. 

Fold pastry on top of brie {starting with two opposite sides, then the remaining two sides}.  Press along seams to seal. Brush pastry with beaten egg to glaze.  Place on parchment lined baking sheet. Bake about 30 minutes, or until golden brown.  Let cool 20 minutes before serving.  Place on a platter and surround with crackers {I used Toasteds}.  You can also serve with apple slices.

Next time, I will shop around to find a brie round {instead of the wedge}, because it will obvioulsy make the appearance a little better. Overall, you need to try this appetizer.

yum x10.


  1. OMG. That brie... YUM. And that blue shirt... I LOVE!!! you're so dang cute. :)

  2. What the what? I just posted a Brie and raspberry sandwich! Great minds...

  3. Ok, you've got to stop posting pictures of amazing looking food so early! I'm hungry....again. Haha thanks for the brie recipe! I'm definitely going to try and make that for Thanksgiving. I'll let you know how it turns out :)

  4. baked brie looks AMAZING... i will have to try it!!!

  5. i can not control myself either lately... okay {never} as i stuff a bagel in my mouth as I type this.

    i ♥ girls nights too, we all need them like ... three times a month {at least}

  6. thanks for offically making me hungry.

    i LOVE girls' nights. a few friends and i get together once a month for dinner and drinks. i look forward to it every month.

  7. You look darling...love the blue dress! And the baked brie looks deeeelish!! Yum! :)

  8. I must say we are very classy ladies! We went on a date and didn't go home together! Haha! Had a fabulous time! And let's be real here (AND ANYONE READING THIS COMMENT) I had about 398734897234 slices of bread AND your pizza was super thin...

    Hahaha! I freaking love your face. When are we going to film our match.com commerical? I think it would be super cute.

    OMG backed BRIEEEEEEEEEE -- yum yum! I have gotta try this! Sending it over to my sister ASAP, she would love this.

    Have a great day SUPA FOXXXYYYY


  9. I just pinned the Baked Brie because it looks easy and delicious - my two favs! Thanks for sharing!

  10. i love brie & i love raspberries. so this is a must try recipe! def going to have to make this one! :]

    thanks for sharing girl!

  11. You girls are soooo pretty! I went out for a dinner date last night and totally failed at taking even one picture. So, you've got me motivated now to capture all the fun and yumminess! I loooove margherita pizza & brie! :)

  12. Is there really a way to be in control when delicious pizza is at hand? I think not! Reading your post today has made me extremely hungry & lunch is not for a couple more hours!! Hope your day is fabulous!

  13. Your blue top looks so gorgeous on you! One of my favorite colors! The point of having a girls' night is to EAT, so I'm glad you both had such yummy food! :)

  14. yum that looks delicious and like the perfect thing to take to a Christmas party!

  15. YUMMM!! I can't wait to try this!

  16. Can I please just hire you to live at my house and cook for me? Please and thank you =)

  17. Love the outfit and am definitely going to have to try that Baked Brie!

  18. holy. moly. that brie looks amazing! and cute cute outfit!

  19. GOSHHHH u are HOT!!

    pssh the real reason you didnt wear your wedding ring was so you hot girls could get free booze and food all night LONG! hahah jkjk, ;-) i'd want my ring extra sparkly too!

    need to try that brie recipe! MMMMMM MOUTH GASM


  20. uh, yes your friend is gorgy as are you. Love your OOTD esp since it's all a bargain (minus the watch), but we all need high and low pieces. Secondly, that brie looks easy enough and sound deelish. I'm def trying this out like STAT. Umm, maybe even tonight. Thank you! I will be tweeting pics if I do!

  21. oh and I almost forgot to tell you ... margherita pizza is my fave!

  22. The ONLY thing missing from your date is ME! DUH!

    Oh-and don't worry. I won't tell Billy the REAL reason why you don't have your rings on...

    PS-I see you have a pink cell phone cover. It's about DAMN time you own something pink..you blue girl, you!

  23. You are a skinny minnie! Love the blue top! Wheres it from??

  24. That sounds delicious and I never knew it was so easy to make baked brie. I must try!

  25. I loooove the boots!!! So cute! You so pretty, girlfriend ;)

  26. Looking gorgeous! And that brie looks amazing!

  27. The Baked Brie looks delicious!! I love cheese...and puff pastry...and all fats and carbs...it might be my downfall. Hm.

  28. Wow....so since you actually live in the same city as me I think you should just cater my dinner party. (not that I have dinner parties) Lol all these recipes look so yummy. Can't wait to finish school so I can actually have time to cook something outside of microwave on hi for 3 minutes.

  29. Sooo much yummy food you had pictured today, making me hungry already!!!

    You two ladies looked ever so lovely on your girls night!!! sorry i missed out!!!

  30. Love your outfit! You know I have never tried brie before. Maybe this year I might need to try this recipe. xo

  31. My mom makes this and it's one of my favorites! Pretty much anything that involves brie and I'm sold!

  32. Have I ever told you about my overwhelming love for Brie? NO? Well lemme tell you....I FRICKIN LOVE THE STUFF! My grandma makes a peach one every year for Christmas. I will be trying this recipe!

    And, you looked adorable, per usual.


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