What's New Wednesday?

This week is flying by and it feels great!

Yesterday was the first time in a month {yes..a month} that I've stepped foot in the gym since my knee injury. From the beginning, I never anticipated that a month later I would just be feeling better. So far I've missed half of my soccer season and it has truly made me very sad. You all know how much I love soccer and being active...it's been a real buzz kill. I thought I would be out for a couple weeks and that would be it. Shows you how much I don't know about knee injuries! Anyways, I was able to walk on the treadmill yesterday for 25 minutes. This was huge for me! While it was difficult seeing everyone run next to me, I was so appreciative that I was just able to walk. Baby steps, I thought. I was nervous that my knee would hurt last night or today after it, but I'm happy to report it doesn't, and I'm going to try and walk again today. SO happy.

thank you for all your positive thoughts!
...and when I'm able to run again, I'm never taking it for granted and am getting this booty back into shape.

Today I'm going to share some of my favorite beauty products I've used this past month. I am always very interested to see what products you all love, so I figured I would start posting more regularly about what I try and end up loving. The products I'm sharing today are all winners!

First up is my favorite of the bunch {don't mind my chipped nail polish}.

It's a 10 miracle with keratin
$18 -Ulta
you can also find it on Amazon for $14.

Don't be fooled by the price tag. It's worth it. I'm not one to continously buy hair products that are more of a splurge, but I will if I want to try them that badly. I have heard amazing things about this product and just had to try it for myself. Some of it's features? Adds shine and controls frizz, protects hair from heat {so important!}, enhances natural body, and seals and protects hair color. Let me tell you, it has done wonders for my hair! I've noticed that my hair is stronger, the frizz has gone down, and I have less split ends. I spray a good amount of this on my towel dryed hair before I go to blow dry it. I would highly recommend this product!

Mac Paint Pot
in "Painterly"

Some of you may be familar with Mac paint pots. If you aren't, here's what MAC has to say about their paint pots--"A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners."

This was my first time using a paint pot. I wanted to get a very neutral color that could be used by itself and also under other shadows. Painterly is the perfect nude shade. It blends very well and stays put, but I'm not so sure I like it better than some of my other shadows. I'm glad I bought it, but I'm undecided if I would buy any more of these because I can get others I like more for cheaper.

Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

You guys, I LOVE this mascara! There isn't much else to say other than you have to try it. I got it as a free sample when I bought another product from Clinique and have been using it ever since. It is at the tip top of my list for mascaras right now. This mascara makes my lashes look so long and gives them so much volume. In the month that I've used it, I have yet to notice any clumping from it. Another huge plus is that it is so easy to put on my lower lashes, which I find is hard to come by!

I'm interested--have any of you tried these products? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

and if you haven't, go getcha some good beauty products, ladies!

Oooh..what do we have here?

See those boxes?
I have some exciting things to share soon on KC&CO!

...and that top box?

It may be for YOU ;)

hmmm....what could it be?!

{{I love secrets}}


my little man.
he slept in my lap like this for so long on Sunday...
makes me so happy.

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  1. um...i love getting boxes in the mail. i can't wait to find out what's in them. that bottom was in BIG...was there a small human delivered to your door?

  2. oooo I need to try that Keratin stuff!! and those boxes?? I must know!! :)

  3. i hope you'll send the big box to one of us and YOU will be inside!! Creepy? sorta...but awesoem!

    ive never tried a paint pot but i ALWAYS see them!!

    so glad your knee is work-out-able! WOO!!


  4. HUGE fan of it's a 10! One of my favorite products, even when I was a stylist. I used it regularly.

    Here is a small kick: when the bottle gets to the halfway mark, you can put water in it and the product is so thick... {like conditioner} it soaks it up and it still works as it did before & you have full bottle. Promise it doesn't mess it up! :) Lasts much longer this way!

  5. OH I want to know what's in the box! Love your beauty recs! :)

  6. We need to chat about that Miracle 10! Its literally from heaven!

    Once upon a time I dyed my hair DARK DARK brown. Like almost black because our girl Steph did and I LOVED it. Well I quickly realized that it faded way too fast because Im a natural blond so I decided to STRIP the color out of my hair. WORST IDEA EVER. I looked like a Mexi hooker. You know that peroxide looking orange red fake color. Its was hid. So I had to dye it back brown. Needless to say it ended up completely FRYING my hair. Poor hair fell out and broke by just touching it! So my Meag (the hair dresser since age 12 who refused to strip the color and hated me for doing it via another horrible hair dresser) hooked me up with the Miracle 10 Recovery Mask and leave in conditioner. It literally saved my hair. I SWEAR by their products!!

    Wow long story! I zippin this trap and returning to work! have a great day!

  7. I so want/need to try that Keratin hair product! I'm a hair product/makeup/skincare whore. I try it all. That's not always a bad thing ... right?!

    I can't wait to see what is in that box!!!!! :)

  8. That picture of Rocky is so stinkin' cute! Congrats on feeling better. I know you'll see it, but I have a big Christmas giveaway on my blog today. I'm totally playing Oprah. :)

  9. I use It's a 10 too! Love that stuff...it has saved my poor fried hair since I went back blond! :)

  10. i recently got turned on to the paint pots too! i love them. i got a really neutral color too so i could wear it on a "hardly any" makeup day and on a going out day!

  11. i LOVE the it's a 10 leave in w keratin!! my new hairdresser talked me into it after he gave me the best hair cut of my life so i probably wouldve bought anything from him at that point haha... but he also tipped me off to a coupon that let me take 50% off up to three items so this was one of my picks and FOR REAL it's changed my hair for the better!! I'm not one to splurge on hair products, but i will definitely by using this forever now.

  12. I use the paint pot my MAC too and love it! I used Clinique before and think MAC is better. When I bought the Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette, it came with a sample of eye primer...which I love better than MAC! What are some of the other eye primers you've tried that are less expensive?

  13. I have been wanting to try that Keratin hair product.... LOVE getting big boxes in the mail, or small ones! What could it be?! :)

  14. I love the clinique mascara! I got a sample in a gift with purchase and was hooked!

  15. I'm always looking for a good mascara so I'm going to try that one. And the hair stuff sounds good too! Thanks for posting about them.

  16. I loveee It's a 10 ... especially in the winter!!! Saves my hair!

  17. Look at little Rocky. All cuddled up and cute like. Can't wait to find out what's in the box!!

  18. Lil Rocky sooo cute!! Love those moments when they are all cuddly.

    I may have to try some of those things u suggested today and VERY EXCITED about this Surprise!!

  19. That Clinique mascara is my absolute favorite too!! And I as well discovered it in a sample gift!

    And I will have to try that keratin spray for my hair! My hair is soo frizzy! Plus it would be great for my curly hair that I straighten daily :)

  20. I blogged about "It's a 10" products not to long ago too! I can't go a day without the leave-in conditioner!! xox

  21. yipppeeee for getting back to the gym. I've just started going back to the gym after a semi-injury aka overuse of my body.
    Isn't it INSANE what we take for granted. I am so thankful to be able to workout and do pushups and jog now.

    Best luck getting better fast!


  22. I looove the It's a 10 stuff! I use their shine spray and omg it leaves my hair so soft, healthy looking, and so yummy smelling! The smell kinda reminds me of sweet pea

  23. I'm so glad that your knee is getting better!! Take those baby steps and ease back into it...you'll be so glad you did when you're back at it! I'm at the place where my hip is still hurting but I really want to run this half marathon on Sunday...and I am getting frustrated about what to do.

    And thanks for the beauty recommendations!

  24. The leave in spray may be something I need to add to my arsenal soon, because with my awesome new flat iron I am totally frying my hair.

    I like paint pots, but I would recommend just the Urban Decay Primer Potion. It works so well, literally keeping my eye makeup in place for about 24hrs. (It was a great weekend)

  25. Ahh you shared the only hair product I never share with others LOL guess the secret is out!

  26. Oh friend! I am so happy to hear your knee is on the mend! Keep taking those baby steps and soon this stupidness will be a thing of the past.

    I am going to Ulta TOMORROW to get that stuff...my poor hair is in rough shape.


  27. Proud of you for strengthening yourself to walk a little more each day!! Keep it up! ;)

    I need to check this mac paint pot out!!

  28. I NEEDS to know what's in your secret box. That's all.

    PS-NOW do you see how far behind in life I am these days!? How am I just now reading this post??!! 4 days late...gah.


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