Hi friends!! How was your 4th?! I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday! 

I wanted to share a few pictures of ours, and some others from the past few weeks. The heat has been crazy here the past few days and we practically melted at the 4th of July parade in Dublin that we took the boys to, but it was worth it to see them have fun and enjoy it! That's what our job is as parents, right? ha! We got smarter as the day went on and just spent it at the pool and had a yummy dinner at home!

And just some other summer fun we've been having...

Planning this almost 2 year old (WAHHH) dinosaur birthday party which is only a few weeks away!

Billy has been loving showing the boys how to fish in our backyard! Grayson is OBSESSED with touching them and Cam just thought it was cool he caught one..

The boys with some of their favorite people...PawPaw!
 ...and JuJu!
 We had a day date to a winery with some friends last weekend and out to dinner!

Billy's brother and his wife are due in just a few short weeks now too so we absolutely cannot wait to meet our newphew and for the boys to meet their new cousin!!!!

But as for today, everyone in our family except myself (knock on wood) is now sick in some way, but I'm trying to stay positive that it's just a cold (except with Grayson he has a little tummy bug happening) and we will all be better soon! We have been so lucky because the boys haven't been sick in SUCH  a long time....this past winter they didn't get sick once, so it's definitely been a blessing having a break from it all. 

This week has flown by with the holiday being right in the middle! I do have some fun posts planned already for next week (I KNOW...WHO AM I?) so I'm really excited to get back into blogging more! I miss this space and love connecting with you all so much. 

Have a good weekend!

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