Happy Tuesday! Is everyone getting pumped up to shop the Norstrom Sale that starts for cardholders on Thursday?! I will have a post up that day with all my favorite picks and the best selling items that you will want to snag before they sell out. For now it’s time to recap this past weekend...

I don't remember the last concert I've been to, but this weekend I decided to add another one to the list and went to Taylor Swift's Reputation concert which was at Ohio Stadium!

My SIL got tickets and asked me to go with her and some friends. Our seats were high, but the tickets were practically free and we still had a great view (plus the weather was not too hot, it was PERFECT!) so it was pretty awesome. Taylor put on such a good show and had tons of fireworks and other crazy special effects. And it was actually the largest production event in Columbus...

(shirt is from here, shorts from here, earrings are from Target, boots are old and very cheap)

We took the boys to the pool on Sunday and I actually got to spend nap time at the adult only pool while Billy held the fort down at home... 🙌

I've been debating getting the boys ISR swim lessons - has anyone done them with their kids before? Grayson is just as good as a swimmer as Camden and funny enough Camden has gone through lessons twice! I just feel like more private lessons or ones that teach them to swim independently may be better for them with how often we are at the pool and go to the lake!

What fun did you get into this weekend? Have your kids taken ISR swim lessons before?

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