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Well well well...where to begin? I guess the first thing to fill you in on is that I'm definitely still pregnant, and we're just waiting on pins and needles for baby boy to make his debut! I have been walking seriously nonstop the past week hoping that might get things rolling, but no such luck! He's pretty content it appears and hey, that's okay! (ask me how I feel about this come late next week...)

Anyway, I know a post about this past weekend is really delayed at this point but I do want to blog about it! It was just one of those good for the soul weekends. We were able to have one last date night so we ventured to the Short North for happy hour and dinner at Bakersfield. My only request was a nonalcoholic margarita and to sit on a patio and since Bakersfield had both (and chips and quesa which is Billy's fav), it was a no brainer that is where we ended up! We walked down to a chocolate shop afterwards and splurged on a chocolate mousse cake for dessert. 

I also managed to sneak away to get my hair done and decided to get some balayage highlights.  It's hard to tell because this pic came out really blurry, but here's a look! I'm really loving how it turned out!

The rest of the weekend was filled with a family coffee date in German Village and taking Camden to his favorite spots to play, including a visit to the zoo. Cam is really enjoying the zoo these days (he is in love with the petting zoo-he literally runs up to each goat and sheep to brush their hair), so it's always fun to go as a family and see the excitement in his eyes.

Now to explain what else has been going on the past few days. It's been a little crazy, and I'm not talking about Amazon's Prime Day (which I ended up scoring nothing..hashtag what a bummer!)

Throughout all of last week Camden had a little cough on and off, but it wasn't anything that sounded too serious and he was acting completely fine. On Sunday, though, I noticed that it was getting worse and he would have a few coughing spells where he would cough up to a minute or longer, and seemed to be struggling a bit more, so I decided to take him into the pediatrician Monday morning. I was fully convinced prior to the appointment that he had whooping cough (even though he's been vaccinated) and was semi freaking out. The doctor did end up wanting to test for it and it came back negative for whooping cough, but positive for a different type of bacterial illness that can cause pneumonia. He is now on a 5 day antibiotic and seems to be on the mend. This entire time (even at the doctors!) he has been such a little trooper and his normal happy self, so you wouldn't know he was even sick.

We are so happy we brought him in to the doctor when we did, and that it didn't happen in say a week from now, so that he's able to get better before his baby brother arrives.

On top of all that...yesterday I received heartbreaking news from my mom's side of the family. My Mom's sister, my Aunt Chris, went in for a routine procedure and ended up having a major stroke and blood clots/swelling in her brain. They had to do emergency brain surgery and weren't sure if she was going make it. By the grace of God, she did make it through the surgery but a lot of damage was done in her brain so they are pretty much taking it day by day, minute by minute. This is obviously devastating to my family, so if you would be so kind to please keep her + my family in your prayers, it would be greatly appreciated. She has a long journey ahead of her, but they are remaining hopeful and trying to stay positive which is the best thing you can do in situations like this.

So, that would be why I've been a little MIA the past few days. Like I said last week, I DO plan to continue blogging up until the baby comes + already have some posts lined up (hello! my picks for the huge Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that starts next week, if you have a Nordstrom card you can shop it today), just maybe just not as much as I normally would so please bear with me! I'm sorry for not having a more consistent schedule around here. For more updates + baby news (when the time comes!), you can follow me on instagram or on snapchat (katiewkrysh.)

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hi Katie, just sending some positive thoughts and prayers to your Aunt Chris and family. My dad suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke/traumatic brain injury nearly three years ago and had a great deal of brain damage. By God's grace, he's been able to make a strong recovery but the first few months/year are very difficult. Thinking of you and wishing you a positive labor and delivery soon!

  2. Prayers for your aunt and family. And prayers for a peaceful final week(s) until baby boy arrives!

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with your aunt and with your family! <3

  4. My prayers are with your family. My aunt had a similar situation several years ago, and I know how frightening it is. She survived, but suffered significant brain damage. My heart breaks for anyone going through that. I'm glad your little boy is on the mend!

  5. Love your hair! Can you please post a picture (here or on Instagram) of how the balayage highlights look when your hair is straight? I've been hesitant to get them as I was told it only looks good on wavy/curled hair. Thanks!

  6. So sorry to hear about your aunt, keeping your family in my prayers! But interesting to hear about Camden's cough, Henry has had a similar cough for like a week or so but no runny nose, no fever and he's been a acting totally fine so I've kind of just been hoping it would go away - but now this makes me think that maybe I should take him in!

  7. Praying for your aunt! Little one will make his arrival when he is ready! :)

  8. Praying for your family friend. I hate that for all of you. Knowing that sweet baby boy of yours will be here soon is so exciting I'm sure. I can't wait to see all the adorable pictures of him.

  9. Sending love and prayers to your family my sweet friend, what a tragic story but I pray she makes a full recovery. And poor little Cam - Ellie has had the same cough whilst we have been away but she has been so happy too!


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