Summer Weekend Done Right

You know those weekends where everything just flows so well and all the things you wanted to do or get done, you actually got to? That was this weekend for us. AMEN! I think we all needed it really bad because we're feeling so refreshed today! And the weather actually cooperated too by giving us clear blue skies and no rain all weekend long.

On Friday night we had my girlfriend and her husband over for a cookout (she is pregnant and her due date is today! I'm anxiously awaiting for baby news!) and we ate on our new patio table for the first time. We got this set from Home Depot after hearing good reviews from some friends. It was a great price and fits in our space perfectly!

Rocky tested it out and gave his stamp of approval...

Saturday we spent the morning down in German Village walking around and grabbing coffee. We love finding new coffee shops to try. Then we made the quick drive over to the Columbus Arts Festival that was going on this weekend and took Camden to Bicentennial Park so he could go to the splash pad. I can't tell you how much fun we had - the Arts festival was HUGE and had some of the prettiest things for sale, and of course we couldn't keep Cam away from the water at the splash pad. He was all over the place running in and out of the fountains - he is obsessed with the water!

{I've been getting a lot of questions about his water shoes-they were gifted to us from a family member, but these ones are very similar}

During nap time we got so much accomplished around our house. Billy set up the monitor in baby #2's room so that it's ready to go, I did 3 loads of baby laundry, worked in the yard, redecorated the boys' bathroom (and organized it), and we had someone come and power wash our house. We also got new bedding for our bed which I'm really loving! Everything still needs to be ironed like crazy and I still need to put on the new sheets I got to match, but here's a look...

{bedding is from here and currently marked way down!}

Later that day Billy and Cam went for a bike ride while I stayed home to relax for a bit, and then I met them up at Local Cantina (Mexican restaurant) for some chips and queso! Billy got one of their margaritas and I quickly put it on my "after baby" list to come back and get one-it looked so good. Afterwards we took Cam to DQ for his first ice cream cone! He would dive right into it, then quickly would realize how cold it was on his teeth and wasn't such a fan of that part. ha.

Sunday was another day spent in the water as we went to Zoombezi Bay (a waterpark) which is about 20 minutes from our house. It's connected to the zoo and the last time we went was when I was pregnant with Camden, so it was bittersweet (and better!) having him there with us! They have a little kid pool area that has mini slides, animals shooting out water, and fountains and so many other fun things to do!


Our favorite part? That glorious lazy river. Who hates lazy rivers?! It's a 12 minute loop and lucky for us Cam was perfectly content sitting on a big raft with us just floating around and around. Let's just say we didn't give up our 2 person raft for a very long time. It was so relaxing (with kids you know this rarely happens) so we're already wanting to take him back again sometime soon! He had a blast! 

By the time 6:30pm rolled around he was already sound asleep in his crib. That right there makes for a successful weekend in the books, I'd say! Now that I'm just 6 weeks from my due date, we're really trying to pack in as much fun as we can with him on the weekends while he's still our only. I'm starting to get really emotional about it! And on that note...this upcoming weekend we actually have our hospital tour! So crazy! We decided to switch hospitals for this baby, so that's why we're doing one.

PS: All my thoughts & prayers being sent to Orlando right now. I've been watching the news on and off since it happened and get more devastated every time I hear more details about it. Just heartbreaking and I can't wrap my mind around it. :(


  1. What an amazing weekend - so jealous of your Summer and sunshine right now!! Nothing better than a weekend in the water x

  2. What a fun weekend! I love that bedding! Jess at Just Jess

  3. The new patio set and bedding looks awesome! Cam sure does love the water :)


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