Apple Watch Review

This post was a reader suggestion, and I'm all about it!

I’ve had the Apple Watch for a few weeks now and I’ve discovered so many things about it that I love. I think it's great for anyone, but especially great for women and those with young kids! Let me break it down for ya:

+The main thing it offers me is to not be so attached to my iPhone. It provides me with a new added level of convenience by saving time and being updated more efficiently. I love that I don't need to be on my phone as much (especially with soon to be having two kiddos), and that I'm a little more disconnected from it.
+It gives me the ability to still stay connected, though, and "in the loop" but I'm spending less time doing so.
+Making/receiving calls: When I'm in the car or at other times when I need to be hands free (like at the grocery store or playing outside with Cam) this has been a huge plus for me. It's so nice to not have to hold up my phone to my ear and to just make the calls on my watch. I don't have to hold the watch up to my mouth to talk into it. I can also silence a call if I can't answer by just placing my hand over the watch, which is so nice.
+Sending/receiving texts, mail, or calendar notifications: A little bell chimes when I have a new notification and I can read it straight from the watch, all without having to look at my phone. For texting, you can set up your own automatic replies (aside from the ones the watch comes with) so that with just one touch you can easily reply back.
+Fitness/Workout Tracker: Right now since I'm at the tail end of my pregnancy I'm not setting any particular goals, but I do plan to use this feature a lot once the baby is born and I'm back to exercising normally. You just swipe left or right to set a calorie, distance, or time goal. You can track all your activity, heart rate, and set exercise goals for yourself! Your watch will alert you when you reach your goal, and give you progress updates during your workout. There are a ton of apps available to track your nutrition and that provide fun workouts too (that are free!) 
+Directions: Another big advantage for those with kids (and those without obviously) because you don't need to pay attention to your phone at all for directions. Instead, do it all through the watch. It also shows you what is nearby you like gas, banks, groceries, etc.
+APPLE PAY: I capitalize that because I love this so much that it might be my favorite feature. When I'm at the store with Cam checking out (and he's getting very antsy in the cart wanting to leave), I can just hold my wrist up to the machine to pay. So easy! I LOVE it!
+Baby Apps: There are multiple baby apps that sync with the watch so that you can track feedings, diaper changes, and more. I've already downloaded a couple I plan to use with the baby!
+This is just something small, but I love that you can pick different "faces" on the watch so that I can have my favorite pictures on it, or whatever I'm feeling at the time. It's just pretty and so sleek!
+Being able to start music from my phone on my watch!

apple watch sport

I'm still learning and discovering about new apps, but these are my favorite that I've found so far...
+Target (self explanatory-ha), Amazon, 7 Minute Workout "Seven" (provides 7 minute workouts-no equipment needed), Cruncher (calculator), Evernote (for quick reminders/notes/things I want to remember), FeedBaby and Baby Trackers (both for baby tracking), Instagram and Twitter (love that I can scroll through my feed and notifications quickly!)

Also, here's an article that shares little tips and tricks for the watch that I found really cool and helpful!

If you've been on the fence about getting an Apple Watch (ps-mine is the sport 38mm gold), I definitely give my stamp of approval and I can't wait to learn more about what I can do on it. If you have one, what are your favorite apps?! Share with me! 


  1. Love this review Katie! I’ve really been thinking about getting one and love all the features that you pointed out!

  2. I want one so bad! I bought one for my husband for Father's Day and gave it to him early. He's obsessed with it. So I'm hoping he will return the favor knowing I've wanted one for awhile :)

  3. Thank you for doing this review. I was the one who originally asked you to do the review. I got it last night (15% off at Target with Cartwheel until June 11 and then 5% more with Red Card) and have been playing with it all day. I love it!


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