Scenes From The Cottage

What do you get when you combine a lake, perfect weather, 2 boats, and nothing to do but to sit back and enjoy it all? One fantastic summer weekend, of course.

Couldn't have had a better time with Billy's family in Port Clinton this weekend! I'm a little sad to get back into the weekly routine of things. Camden loved "driving" the golf cart, throwing rocks into the water (I think he could have done this for hours), playing at the beach area, and ran around on the boat like he was the captain. I'm sure if he could speak in sentences he would be asking to go back next weekend! Billy's parents just bought a 2nd boat so this was our first time on it, and of course it was so nice. It's smaller than the other boat so it was easier for Camden to walk around, when we were going slow. And the front of it has lots of seating where I plopped down, kicked my legs up, and didn't move most of the way.

I freaking love you, lake life. A LOT of proof below...

"hey, you guys going to get on this thing with me or not?!" 
(don't worry-this is just grape juice..aka nonalcholic wine) 
 (Rocky wasn't left out of the fun at all-he was a happy camper who got lots and lots of walks by the water!)

That sunset though...major heart eyes.

I'm really thankful that our kids have such an awesome place to experience summer weekends, and am already looking forward to the next time we can bring BOTH of our boys!! When we left yesterday we just kept saying how next time baby brother will be with us, too. Can't believe we're so close to becoming a five (Rocky included) person family now! Still just a tad bit crazy to think about.

Have you visited the Port Clinton area before? What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. I love the islands - it's an amazing place to rest and relax so close to home! Doesn't even feel like you're still in Ohio, but somewhere far, far away :) BTW - Where did you get the fishy hat and bathing suit for Camden? It's so cute - would love to pick it up for JJ.

  2. Such a beautiful sunset. I have never spent much time at lakes growing up at the beach. However, with a little one the lack of sand and waves seems like a huge plus. We are hoping to go out on a lake near us with Caroline soon.

  3. Wow, that area looks beautiful. We used to go to a lake in upstate NY every summer growing up and to this day it is still my favorite place on Earth.

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/


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