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Today we are heading up to the lake! It will be our first time up there this summer and probably the last before baby number two arrives. We wanted to make sure we at least got one visit there before he's born. Since Cam is so much older than he was the last time we were there, we can't wait to get him on the boat! He's going to love it (along with the golf cart rides-I'm sure!)

{pics from last summer}


I cooked dinner three times this week and I'm gonna go ahead and consider it a huge victory for this point in my pregnancy. I made this Copycat Bonefish Grill Shrimp recipe and it was light and delicious! A must try this summer!

Speaking of pregnancy and recipes-I haven't made many freezer meals yet because my husband and I aren't big casserole fans in the warmer months. Do any of you have any good freezer meals that are lighter/better for during the summer? I'd love to see them!!


I bought a few cute shirts this week that I think will work really well for postpartum wear...

 Top: Bobeau ($39-would be a good 4th of July top!!)

Top: Lush ($38) 

Top: Halogen ($23)


Next week is when I start having weekly doctors appointments! My due date is only a month (and 2 days) away from today! So far, Billy and my family think I will go into labor right around my due date, maybe a few days early. Billy guessed the 24th or 27th (dd is the 26th)...he can't pick just one, ha. I've been kinda thinking I'm going to go a week or two early, so we'll see! However, I thought I would go early with Camden and we all know the result of that...#onedaylate. So wrong! 


Rachel's giveaway that I did a whole post about earlier this week starts TODAY!!!

You can enter it HERE!

  Columbus Newborn Photographer

Good luck and I hope everyone has the BEST weekend!!

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  1. I happened to have some frozen Tilapia in the freezer and threw together easy fish tacos with red cabbage and lime. If you mix up cilantro with lime for sauce, it's super duper easy. One idea, if you have Sam's Club there, is to buy their frozen, pre-made meals. They have so many things to choose from!


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