Essentials For Your Second Child

I think many people assume that if it's your second child in less than two years (or have kids relatively close together) that you don't need much for your second baby. While I do agree to a certain level, I was a little surprised at how many things we still needed to buy for baby brother.

I wanted to do a quick list of those items for those who might be interested! I saw some similar lists once I found out I was pregnant again, and it really helped me to think about what we actually needed and would want to invest in.

#1. Extra Camera for Baby Monitor

If you initially got a baby monitor that comes with two cameras then you won't need to buy an additional camera, but since ours just came with one we needed to buy an extra camera.

We've used this monitor for 18 months now and really like it. 

#2. Crib and Dresser

Chances are your youngest is still in his crib (which is the case for us and will be for a while since his crib converts to a toddler bed) so you'll need a new one for baby number two. Both of the cribs we have for the boys I love and would buy again or recommend to friends. Camden's is this one and this is baby #2's.  

#3. Crib Mattress

Because baby needs to be comfy! We use this one for both boys after I read and researched a bunch during my first pregnancy.

#4. Crib Bedding and Mattress Protector Pad

Really you could just get away with having two or three sheets, so this isn't a huge expense but if you are obsessed with baby bedding like I am then it might be. Crib bedding isn't cheap but we have gotten so much use out of Camden's.

#5. Sound Machine

We still use the DOHM in Cam's room (literally the best noise machine out there-we are obsessed) and since I want him to still be able to sleep soundly with a baby in the house (crossing my fingers here) we got another one. 

#6. Double Stroller

I've heard some people do fine without one so you might be able to get away with not having this expense, but I know personally for us that we NEED one. I would be shocked if we don't use it. It's already set up ready to go. We will be using this one, the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller.

#7. Breastfeeding Supplies/New Bottle Nipples:

We used these bottles with Camden and we still plan to use them (even though they have a bunch of parts to clean, we still like them the best), but I wanted to buy new nipples since the other ones are so old and well used. Breastfeeding supplies are a given...although I will say that I didn't have to buy much because I still have nipple cream, breast pads, and a hands free pumping bra.

#8. Baby Carrier/Wrap:

We were gifted the Ergo 360 when we were pregnant with Camden (absolutely LOVE it-Billy even doesn't mind wearing it) so we didn't need to buy it this time around, but I know I will use it much more often in the beginning months since I have a toddler running around now. Definitely get yourself one if you never got one with your first child so that you can be hands free and help out your toddler more! I also have a simple wrap (baby k'tan) to use for the first month or so.

#8. A Big Bottle Of Wine

Let's make that 3 or 4 bottles of your absolute fav red or white blend. Transitioning to 2 kids? Needed. 

The other obvious necessities not on this list are diapers and wipes....which you should probably just start stocking up on like, now. You'll need a shit ton of those. Pun intended. 

One thing we didn't have to worry about buying was another glider or rocker. We will just use the one we had for Cam (since we literally never use it with him anymore) again, which was really nice not having to worry about. It's also great to have the same gender for your second baby because all the blankets, swaddles, towels/washcloths, clothes, etc. you can use again! I can't wait to see baby number two in some of my favorite outfits that Cam wore when he was little.

What did you buy for baby #2?


  1. I've been trying to come up with this list as well since our kids will be 22 months apart. The double stroller was huge! I also didn't love the wrap that I had last time and I think I will need to use it a ton more with baby #2 so I would like to get a better quality wrap. And I'm also questioning getting some sort of swing or mamaroo. We never had it with our first, but I held him a lot and I know that with #2 that's something that might not be able to happen!

    1. Congrats to you! Exciting and crazy times ahead for the both of us! Definitely get a swing, I don't know how I would function without one! haha! :)

  2. Im preparing for baby boy #2 too and my list is very similar to yours minus another crib etc..we were able to move our son into a diff bed but hes 3. I am also buying new pumping parts, new drying rack, bottle brush and new bottle nipples and bottle warmer-ours got too gross at the end last time and we through them away. I also bought some new cotton swaddlers for this time bc our first was born in April and his were all fleece. We also bought a protector for his car seat base and a new attachment for our stroller for the car seat to go on..we had a diff stroller in the beg with number 1. We were given a double stroller from my brother that they were no longer using. Ive been trying to stock up on diapers/wipes. I still need to order a few more things and am debating a new breast feeding pillow I did not like my boppy for breast feeding.

    1. We're totally in the same mindset! Try the brest friend pillow instead of the boppy! It was a recommendation from the lactation consultants and is great for nursing. Good luck to you!!


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