A Simple Kitchen Upgrade

Happy Thursday everyone!

We were actually supposed to be in Boston right now spending the next 4 days with friends and family, but due to an unexpected death in our family we obviously ended up cancelling the trip. So, that's why you won't see me posting about Boston this weekend! We really hope to reschedule the trip, but due to everyone's schedules we just aren't sure yet when that will be. 

Anyway, I wanted to share about a little kitchen upgrade we did recently (remember our kitchen makeover? that feels like forever ago!) replacing our old semi-junky faucet, sorry previous owners, with a fancier new one! 

If you're looking for a simple way to give your kitchen a fresh look, upgrading your faucet would be a great option. In fact, I really wish we would've done it sooner. It might not be the first thing you think of when wanting to take your kitchen up a notch, but this little and inexpensive fix can make a big difference! Plus, it gives me a little bit more motivation when it comes to cleaning the {what feels like hundreds} of bottles and dishes on a daily basis.
We installed our new Phister Lita Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet last weekend and immediately knew it was the right choice. Phister makes very high-quality products so we felt confident that we would love it. This faucet is far more practical and functional for us. The design gives us more space in the sink, which makes it much easier to wash off our dishes. The pull-down feature is great because it's long enough to reach both sides and you can choose between soft stream, spray, and pause with a simple push of a button on the sprayhead. Not to mention, it just looks so pretty...


Super sleek and modern...exactly what we were looking for. If you're worried about the installation of a new faucet, don't be. This took under an hour to swap out our old one with this one!

I know talking about a faucet isn't the most riveting topic for me to write about, but I really like when other people share home projects and seeing the improvements they make from time to time. I'm nosey like that! How do you think our new faucet looks?!

Sidenote..that little gold and cream pumpkin? $3 from Target. Loving it.

Here is another one of my favorite house projects and here's more of our home looking festive for fall!  

PS: Currently getting a new blog design so bear with me until it's all finalized! Thank you! 

Thank you to Phister for gifting us this amazing faucet. All opinions are my own. 


  1. It looks awesome! So sorry to hear about the death in your family. :-(

  2. Loving the new look - such a small thing but makes a big difference.
    Sending love and prayers for your sad loss x

  3. So I am really liking that your sink is in the corner of your kitchen! Not something I have seen very often!!!

  4. Um yea that's one hell of a blogger perk..

  5. Praying for Comfort during this difficult time for your family <3

    I love this faucet, we are moving into our new home next month and I already have a "Honey Do" list for my husband when it comes to fixing up around the new house. Our Kitchen is my #1 on our renovation list, I definitely want to look into a faucet like this!

    - Ashlee Michelle


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