First Visit To Cleveland

Oh, look who's just showing up on a Weds! Slaaacckerrr, party of 1.

It might be 3 days late, but I have to post about this past weekend spent in Cleveland. Due to the winter weather and Cam being so young before, this was the first time we got to spend the weekend at Billy's parents house with Cam!

We left Friday afternoon during one of his nap times and he did so good for the 2 hour car ride, just smiling and cooing like crazy for most of the time. The last half of the drive he took his nap, so it worked out pretty great. Confession...I sat in the backseat with him while Rocky sat shotgun, ha. My excuse is that I wanted to be back there in case he started crying, but really it's probably that I wanted to stare at him the whole time.

Anyway, Billy's parents arranged a big party at their house on Saturday for all the extended family to come over and visit with Cam (and us too!) They ordered pizzas and made yummy appetizers, it was so nice! Everyone was so excited to see Cam, especially Billy's grandma. She had been looking forward to meeting him since he was born and when she walked in the house she skipped hello's with everyone else and walked immediately over to find him. Them meeting each other was one of the most precious things to witness...I had tears in my eyes because she was just so happy and Billy, I could tell, was so proud of his son and to introduce him to her.. 

I was nervous at first how Cam would do meeting so many people in one day (and staying up for longer than normal) but he did SO much better than we expected. He let everyone hold him and was just such a sweetheart. He fussed once towards the end when he got tired, but I just rocked him and he took a nap in my arms so I was still able to visit with everyone at the same time. He's probably thinking, mom! have more confidence in me! and he'd be right.

favorite blanket ever: from here

We brought our Rock and Play for him to sleep in next to our bed at night, and he slept well in it like he normally does. That thing has yet to fail us. Best baby item ever!

The rest of the weekend we just spent hanging out with his family and visiting Billy's best friend who should be having his baby boy in the next few weeks! It was really heartwarming to see Billy's family with Cam, they love him so much and we are so thankful for that.


His family also blessed Cam with pretty much a whole new wardrobe for spring and summer! I about died over the cuteness with all the anchors and whales! I think it's safe to say he's officially ready for some weekends spent boating...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Cam is so cute! Brady will only sleep in his rock n play! Do you have Cam on a schedule? Brady is one month and I have to go back to work beginning of May so will be nice to have him on a schedule

  2. Aww sounds like a great weekend!! & All of those clothes! So cute!!

  3. Such a special weekend - and those clothes are adorable! x

  4. Awe he is so freaking adorable. And those clothes? The cutest checkered shirt I ever did see.


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