CJK: THREE Months Old!

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milestones//moments to note:

-he reaches for his toys now, whether they are placed on his lap or hanging from the activity mat, and can hold some of them on his own with both hands! (when he goes to grab things it's almost always with his left hand-his mommy is a lefty!)
-giggles, babbles, mimics, and is always smiling! he's a boy with many different smiles-the smirk smile, the half flirty smile, the full on gummy smile! all equally able to melt our hearts in an instant.
-laughed for the first time last night! (when clapping his hands together and singing)
-he holds my hand when I feed him his bottles (love) and sometimes puts his hands up on the bottle himself like he wants to hold it himself
-can sit upright with the help of pillows/blankets (see pic below!)
-recognizes our voices and follows me with his eyes across the room 
-his mommy is back to work! he started going to his nanny twice per week and to grandma juju once per week this month. the nanny told me he will smile at her when he's eating and that makes me so happy to hear. he is seriously such a sweet, happy baby!
-got his first cold, which stressed mommy + daddy out to the max because his appetite was super low. he wasn't eating like normal and we were so worried he wasn't getting what he needed and would lose weight. once his cold was over, he was back to eating normally (and a lot! 5-6 oz for most feedings-yay!)
-sleeps 11 hours! 730pm-7am, sometimes will wake around 6am and talk to himself :)
-eyes are blue on the outsides and have a little brown on the insides!
-celebrated his first Easter and St. Patrick's Day!
-we didn't have a monthly pedi apt this month, so I'm not sure of his height and weight but I might stop in today to check it out because I like knowing!

some favorites from this month:

 -disney music (I play it on my iPhone radio)
-smiling back at anyone talking to him
-looking at himself in the mirror
-stuffing his hands and fingers in his mouth
-his musical toys & bunny stuffed animal
-reading books
-his car seat toy 
-to practice standing!
-being swaddled for naps and bedtime

-being overly tired
-getting stuck in traffic ;)
-it's hard to really tell what is on his "not" list, he doesn't fuss very often!

This month was a pretty big one in terms of Cam's little personality developing and learning new things! His personality is definitely starting to come out...he makes us laugh and smile SO much. Billy told me to include how much he loves me, so I guess I kind of have to, right? :) He is always watching me, responding to me, wanting to be by me, and of course I eat it up. Love love love the strong bond that we have. When new people meet him or we're out, people always comment about how he looks at me and it is the best feeling in the world.

As I mentioned above, this month also had a pretty rough patch as he got his first cold and his breathing got louder during this time. I honestly hardly slept for some of those nights..it was so stressful. But now that its gone we've actually noticed his breathing has sounded much more quiet at times, so that's good. We're so thankful for how well he sleeps and recently I dropped my middle of the night pump so I'm now...dun dun dun...getting a FULL nights sleep, even though I still set my alarm to wake up and check on him. :)

One thing I did notice this month was that just because I feel like things have been so much better (everyday gets better and better with him!), doesn't necessarily mean it gets easier. In some ways certain things have gotten much easier because my parenting has gotten better, but I do feel that some things get harder because there is so much more to worry about. I read this post the other day and it pretty much took the exact words right out of my mouth (go read it!)

Above all else, the amount of joy this boy gives me and the pride I feel that I get to be his mom is unlike anything I've ever experienced. We love you so much Cam. So much.


  1. He is so adorable!! Love those gummy smiles, they are the best!

  2. He is just the cutest little dude ever! I love seeing his smiling face on my feed :)

  3. He is seriously just the cutest ever!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing the post about it "getting easier." It seriously was so true! I always tell my husband..yes I may be getting a "full night sleep" but I don't think for the rest of my life I will ever not go to bed worrying about something dealing with our little boys (even when they are probably grown men!) Guess it is just part of being a mom :) Ps..Love Camden's smiles! So cute!

  5. He is just the cutest little guy! Love hearing about his updates. And that article is absolutely amazing. Brought lots of tears but I blame it on these hormones haha Great read!

  6. Aren't their giggles and smiles the best? I melt every time I go pick up my lil guy and he just lights up when I enter the room.

  7. That t-shirt is too cute and so is that sweet cheesy grin he has!!

  8. Pretty sure ever since you've had him this is all I've ever said when I comment on your posts/tweets/instas. He is so freaking adorable. Like seriously you guys made the cutest baby. Sounds like mommy hood is going well for you :)

  9. I love how smiley he seems!! The cutest!

  10. He is just a little cutie pie!! We are having our first baby, a boy, in October. I love reading these posts - gives me lots to look forward to :)
    xoxo Danielle
    For the Love of Leopard


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