Week 27 Bumpdate

The details:

*Camden now weighs about 2 lbs (so crazy to think about?!) and is the size of a head of a cauliflower. Supposedly, he now basically looks how he will look when I give birth to him. He's active all the time and had his first trip to the beach this past week! Today marks 3 MONTHS to go!!
*I'm up about 16 pounds I think, but will find out for sure next week. Speaking of next week, I have the big glucose test then! Crossing my fingers that I pass! The drink has just been staring at me from inside of our refrigerator for the past month or so...
*Craving a ton of sweets lately-apple pie...ice cream...you name it and I want it.
*My belly button is getting SO shallow-it hasn't popped yet, but it looks like it's getting there!

Other important things to note:

*Enjoying: That my skin and face have been so clear this entire pregnancy! It's been the clearest that it's ever been in my life, which gives me enough reason to get pregnant at least another 3 or 4 times... ;) Of course, loving how supportive Billy has been lately and the baby kicks everyday!

*Disliking: Feeling like my ribs are being crushed sometimes and back pain that typically comes towards the end of the day. Bending over is getting more and more...interesting. :)

*Random thoughts: Is it weird that I'm much more concerned about having to wear pads for weeks on end after delivery than I am about actually giving birth? OK, I know it's weird, but I seriously can't stand pads. If I'm being honest, I haven't really stressed at all about the whole labor process, or even thought about it much. I trust that my body will know what to do and in return am not that nervous about it. What scares me, though, is exactly THAT...how chill and relaxed I am about it! Now that scares me, ha! Mainly because that's typically not how I am at all...does that make any sense?!

*In the morning before work Billy will be brushing his teeth and sometimes he will randomly go walk in Camden's room and just look around at it. I almost always quietly follow behind him to see what he's doing (he normally doesn't know I'm watching him) and I think it's so cute and his way of "checking on it" / admiring it! 

*I wonder if Rocky (and dogs in general) can sense that a change is coming? He has always been a Momma's boy and very cuddly with me, but lately he is following me around more than usual and always has to be by my side. Not in a demanding way where he wants attention, just more cuddly and cute (which I didn't think he could be!) We just hope he knows how much he is loved and will continue to be...he's our first little baby, always.

*It's getting tempting to cut back at the gym, but I know how good it is for me and how awesome I feel after, so I'm sticking with it! I'm still working out and running 3-4 days per week (and even managed to work out while on vacation in Florida-Billy worked out with me and kept calling me a beast while I ran, which motivated me to keep going haha), but I am wondering how long I will be able to keep up this running or when would be a good time to stop... (making a mental note to talk to my Doc about that!)

*Looking forward to: Our first baby shower is this weekend! So hard to believe it's already here. We're also doing our labor and delivery tour at the hospital this weekend, which I'm sure will make us feel more prepared and will be such a bittersweet moment!

That's it for this edition...

Happy hump day/bump day friends!


  1. I struggled with acnee from the very start of my pregnancy...happy it's over!:)) Congratulation on your pregnancy!

  2. The glucose test is not that bad! Did you get the orange drink? I actually poured mine over ice and chugged it lol. Tasted like really sugary flat orange pop. I can not believe you are still running! That is amazing! I always feel out of breath after walking Charlie or doing yoga, so I can't imagine how running would be for me! You look great btw!! Have fun at your first shower!!

  3. You are dojng so awesome with your workouts!! I too wonder if Bingham knows that big changes are ahead!? I want him to know he's always loved but, hope he warms up to Jack sooner than later & they're the best of buds! I bet they'll both do great though!!

  4. EEK! you look beautiful and I'm so happy for you. You make this pregnancy thing look EASY! I was born at 27 weeks :) And so was my nephew. And we were completely developed, so that's some good news for you :) My nephew had a 4d ultrasound days before he was born, and he looked just like it - it was CRAZY. Happy first shower!

  5. I was the exact same way with labor and delivery and let me just say...I firmly believe that's why I loved it so much! Yes, it's painful, but you already know that. I seriously would have 10 kids if I knew each pregnancy and l&d would be marvelous. And - pads - sick, but at that point you won't care because you are taken over by emotions and being a Mom; pads are the last thing you will fuss about. ;)

  6. EEK! This was my favorite part of pregnancy - showers, finished nurseries, official baby bump with movements... everything starts feeling so real! Enjoy it all my friend! :)

  7. I'm so nervous about postpartum recovery too! So glad we'll have a little baby to focus on during that time :) My husband and I keep going in the nursery too, its definitely our favorite room. Enjoy your baby showers, so exciting!

  8. So Cute! Funny that you mentioned your clear skin, my first pregnancy was like that too and then I think I got hit super hard in the post pardum b.c I broke out so badly. Same with my second pregnancy, clear during and break outs right after delivery. Luckily it cleared up quickly and has been clear since but man teenage year flashbacks:)

  9. My biggest worry when I was pregnant was wearing those pads too! But I literally felt like a million dollars after giving birth and getting her out of there plus having a precious baby to stare at and care for, distracts from it. I had a lot of back pain too and went to the chiro almost weekly towards the end of my second trimester, into my third and that was a godsend! But seriously, only 16 pounds! That's amazing! I remember gaining about 9 in a month and my doctor giving me side eye and slack about it! :)

  10. It's not so much when to stop running but you really really really need to wear a heart rate monitor when you run as your doctor will tell you your heart rate should not go up past a certain number (I know all of this since Rick and I have had numerous conversations about working out if I ever became pregnant and him being an OR nurse helps with all these little bits of info :)

  11. You are a natural born momma my friend!! And those pads are gross - oh my, I hated every second of them! x


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