Thoughts About Our Last Trip "Just The 2 Of Us"

 so I'd like to know why Ohio can't look like this every day and night? Sigh...

There is nothing more annoying than having to look at multiple beach pictures when you're stuck at work on a Monday morning...that's why I decided to spare you yesterday and wait until today to share our vacation pictures ;) I'm so kind, I know. Actually, since most of you have already seen much of Naples via this blog of mine from our past trips, I'm going to try to keep it short and sweet this time...

This trip was the last vacation we will take before our little Camden arrives! We decided to bring Rocky with us because we figured he deserved a little escape before the baby arrives, too. He's become quite the expert traveler these days! Also, did you know that if you're pregnant you can preboard?! We were chatting with one of the ladies at the airport before our first flight and she told me this! Pregnancy perk #62... Anyway, I kept going back and forth about if we really "needed" to go on this trip since we just went to Charleston and we did already go to Florida earlier this year, but of course I should've known that yes...yes...it was definitely a good idea and I would recommend to any of you to carve out some time with just your spouse before you have a baby.

We had six days of the most beautiful, warm, sunny weather and for once didn't have a single thing planned. It was perfect and I came back with a killer tan! Now if I could just get it to last all fall and winter. Moving on, spending time just the two of us to create new memories, laugh, and talk about the days ahead...I will remember it forever. We lounged all day at the pool...explored new areas (Isle of Capri!)...sipped fruity drinks + beer (non alcoholic for me) on the beach...slept in...ate out often (some new places-I listed them below for anyone planning to visit!)...visited Marco Island for a day...lost some money at the casino...you know, all the normal vacation activities.

 Hey there, 26 week bump! ;)

I'm still sad about having to leave my favorite lounge chair at the pool...I mean, wouldn't you want to sit in this spot forever?

We had the pool pretty much to ourselves most of the days we were there. Not sure why, because it wasn't too hot out or anything, but hey we weren't complaining! And neither was Rocky, since he even got to go for a dip a couple times...#spoiledrotten

this picture might go down as one of my favorites...

One thing we did do this vacation was try some new (to us) restaurants! I found an awesome juice bar called Raw Delicious Juice Bar (on 5th Ave) that I would recommend to anyone visiting Naples. There's also a great breakfast/lunch spot right next door to it, The Cafe, that has acai bowls (what I specifically went there for!) and other great healthy items. We also found a new favorite brunch spot on 3rd St. called Jane's Cafe, which is pet friendly, and has some killer french toast and eggs benedict. I had the best fresh berry lemonade I've ever tasted from here, too...

What I didn't expect to have on this trip was a huge realization and become an emotional mess on one of the days....

It's like it all hit me at once one night after dinner: our life will never be the same. Our trips will never be the same. Our relationship will never be the same. Thoughts of, "am I ready for this?!" were running wild in my head and I admit that for one of the first times this pregnancy, I was truly worried for a little bit.

I was worrying about if I will enjoy our "new life" as much as the life we currently have. Change can be good, but also scary at times. I know that we will be giving up a lot of freedom and that there will be times where we miss our "old" life with less responsibilities, but I know that at the end of the day it will all be worth it to have a family with Billy. I just hope Cam has a little patience with us for the first few months while we adjust... :)

And before I go, I have to give a little love to my husband for a minute. He was so supportive this trip...from "helping me up" out of my chair at the pool (true story-one day my stomach felt 95 lbs!), to making sure I was comfortable everywhere we went, to carrying my purse and camera 95% of the time. Just so sweet and loving...I love that man more than anything.


Now that we're back (and our HEAT is on-WOOF!!), we have two of our baby showers in the next two weeks. Holy crap, I'm so excited! I've said this 50 times but I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone.

**The winner for the $50 Target gift card is Stephanie Cameron! Again, thank you to those who entered! I'm sure I will have another great giveaway soon, so be on the lookout! :)


  1. Looks like such a wonderful trip! I love that Rocky got to go again too! He seems so happy in Florida! And don't worry...you'll be a wonderful mom and Billy will be a wonderful dad!

  2. Look at your baby bump! I love it. You look beautiful:)

  3. Your bare belly!!!! :) You look adorable and fantastic!!! Sounds like you two had an amazing vacation, the photos are gorgeous.
    Yay for baby showers!!!! :) :):)

  4. cutest of all time! i adore your little family! can we pleeeeease meet in person soon :) XOXO

  5. Looks like a great trip. I really think now Joe and I need to take a mini-vacay before the holidays. And glad to hear you too had a freak out about life because when it hits it really is scary!

  6. Looks so gorgeous there! We are heading to Florida soon too, but its not as much of a difference from Charleston as it is from Ohio! So glad you had a great babymoon, it looks like Rocky enjoyed himself :)

  7. These photos are adorable! Your bikini bump is precious!

  8. What a perfect trip for you two - and that last photo is just perfect!!

  9. What an awesome trip my friend, and you are right, it was definitely needed! Those little emotional breakdowns are so normal, and even important for you to voice your fears and concerns before baby arrives... So much changes but it's almost always good change!

    P.S. So glad you caved, I LOVE that bikini bump!! x

  10. What a great trip!! I definitely had a couple of those moments, but I promise you'll love life with Cam!! I actually had that moment with Weston during our family vacation a month or so ago... I realized that when we add another one, it won't just be Weston! BAH! I promise though - you'll find your family groove!

  11. Awwwwwww...soo cute! Love the pictures and don't worry - change is always scary...but once Camden is here you'll wonder how you got along without him:) Hugs to you all! (I almost wrote hugs to you both - but I didn't want to leave out Rocky!)

  12. So much fun - what a perfect vacation!!! And it will just get better from here, mama!!!!!!!

  13. I love everything about this trip. Your bump pic is so cute and I love how you can see your abs that are above that bump....hello hot mamma!
    ~Elise @ highheelsglitteringeyes.blogspot.com

  14. Looks like you two or should I say four had a wonderful time if you count Camden & of course Rocky... I love the photos I think I need to snap my fingers & make me appear there hehe!


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