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Happy Thursday!

After we created our baby registries, there were still a couple things that I knew I really wanted and would need for when Camden comes, but they weren't available in stores. The search was ON! Today, I wanted to share a few of those things and the shops I ended up finding them at in case you're looking for the same things (or maybe need them in the future? :))

Car Seat Cover

Since Camden will be born in the winter here, this was a must. But honestly, no matter what season your baby is born in these are a great thing to have because they can protect from germs, double as a blanket, play mat, or even a nursing cover! Precious Baby Attire has the best color combinations and softest fabric available. Plus, you can get them personalized and who doesn't like that? We haven't got our car seat yet, but I can't wait to attach this cover to it...it's perfect. I got this cover with gray and blue dots and baby blue minky on the other side.


Diaper Bag Clutch Set

You know...to hold your stash-wipes, diapers, and a changing pad for when you're out and about! The set from Little Bunches includes all of those items plus has some great patterns to choose from. I love how mine matches my diaper bag so perfectly!


Boppy Cover

You can actually find these in stores to put on your registry, but I wanted one that not everyone had, one that fit my style more, and was different. Enter Mod Fox! I went with this gray arrow nursing cover and am anxiously awaiting getting our pillow for it! Love this.

Baby Book

 I did share a picture of the one I bought before, but have had some more questions about it so I'm sharing again! I bought one from Sweet Rhino and am very happy with everything that is included in it. It also has an envelope page in the back that you can store extra papers/mementos.


I will probably have another edition of this at some point with more things that I've found...it's bound to happen. :)

Mama's-Any other great personalized items I'm missing or shops that you love?! 
I promise that tomorrow I have a non-baby related post coming your way!


  1. I love that caar seat cover! I've been looking for a cute one! I just ordered a monogrammed boppy cover from PBK and I can't wait for it to arrive! Love that baby book too. I need to order one!

  2. I love that caar seat cover! I've been looking for a cute one! I just ordered a monogrammed boppy cover from PBK and I can't wait for it to arrive! Love that baby book too. I need to order one!

  3. These are all such cute items - the clutch is a definite must (even for toddlers) because you don't want to be carrying your big bag everywhere! x

  4. Ooh I'm definitely going to be checking these shops out! Great finds :)

  5. I love the carseat cover! We use the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets but love that it hooks on so wind won't blow it. You are so prepared, mama!


  6. Hi, Katie. I have been reading your blog for about two years (or so) and I always enjoy your posts. You really love Billy and Rocky, so I know you are going to be head over heels for Camden.
    As a mom of three I recommend a few simple things that make a world of difference:
    A&D clear diaper rash ointment ( a life saver)!
    A baby Bjorne front carrier for the baby (they love it because they can snuggle right up to you - and your hands are free to cook dinner - or whatever).
    The swaddling sacks ( they are like little bags and the flap velcros over the baby ( babies love to be swaddled).
    A small silky (they are about 11x14 inches). After washing it the first time, rub it all over you. It gets your scent on it and baby loves having it in the car seat, the crib, etc. because he will be able to smell his mommy. As they get older, the silky texture is used as they soothe themselves.
    Hope this helps.
    I recently began my own blog at simplysantabarbara. Come visit! :)


  7. That is an awesome car seat! Great creative went in to producing that! Someone is going to have one happy kid! my blog


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