Week 22 Bumpdate

this dress was clearly not the best option for the bump-oops!

How Far Along? 22 weeks

Size of Baby: A spaghetti squash!

Weight Gain: Up probably 13ish lbs now? I'll find out next week at our appointment for sure!

Maternity Clothes: Finally started wearing the jeans I bought and some tops...just waiting for cooler weather to come to break out my sweaters!

Stretch marks: In the clear for now

Symptoms: You mean aside from a large and in charge belly? Not many! I had back aches for about 3 days last week (with some sharp shooting pains!) but they went away after that. I'm sure they will come back with vengeance sometime soon! Also, I must say that my girls up top are looking GOOD these days... and I'm lovinggggggg it. Grow on, girls. I don't mind you one bit at all.

Cravings: Peaches and waffles...so pretty much nothing new. OK, and now that I wrote that I will probably eat peaches on top of some waffles this weekend. YES, I most def will!

Gender: BOY! :)

Mood: This past week I finally realized that I simply can't do everything that I did in a day's time before I was pregnant. I learned that I really need to stop and rest sometimes! It's hard for me to just sit back and give up control (truth!), and I hate having to ask Billy's to run my errands, etc. but I got burnt out and was exhausted trying to get so many things done. I'm trying to loosen my firm grip on...well, life, as I'm sure this will help me not only now but in the future when Cam is here! Sigh....

Nursery: As you probably read above, our crib is being delivered today! Pottery Barn will actually come in and assemble it for us, so that's a really nice feature after having to put together the dresser that came in a million in one pieces! I'm so happy that we got all of the painting and board and batten done before we bought the furniture because now it seems like everything else is coming together very quickly. Other than finding prints for the walls, a lamp, and other small things we just have our glider to decide on and get ordered! Now who wants to help me figure that out? Don't all jump at once!

Movement: I've found Camden's "pattern", which is helpful because I know when to expect to feel something! However, the movements are still pretty small and I've officially convinced myself that he switched positions and is facing my back now. I could be wrong, but I had some stronger movements earlier on then the back aches came and it was right at that point that the movements felt smaller to me, so maybe it makes sense?! I can still feel him, it's just they still seem pretty small. Any mama's have any thoughts on this?

Sleep: Fabulous as long as I have my Bumpnest pillow with me...if not, not so good! 

Workouts: Trying to run at this stage is just hilarious. I'm sure my form is way off and I don't last very long without having to stop and walk. Spin is still my #1!

What I Miss: Not too much but if I had to pick something I would say fitting into all my cute tops and pants!

Belly Button in or out?

Wedding rings on or off? On

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nada!

Best Moment This Week: Having our baby shower dates confirmed!! One couples showers that my girlfriends are hosting for us, one with all my aunts, and one with Billy's side of the family in Cleveland. I can't wait and am so very thankful!

I also got around to ordering a baby book for Camden's first year and can't wait to get it!

Labor Signs: No

Looking Forward To: Our babymoon (side eye to that term) in less than a month! We originally were thinking about going somewhere new and different, but honestly when it came down to it I wanted to be somewhere that I know the area really well, is just a short flight away, and know that I love and can really relax at. Special thanks to my husband for helping me realize that! Most of our trips we LOVE to be on the go, but this one will be all about R&R for the both of us, which is exactly what I think we need before the baby comes, right?! Plus, it's just the easiest! You all know by now that I'm pretty obsessed with my parents place in Naples, so it just made the most sense. 


  1. It's so crazy when you feel them kick or stretch...not that I would know about the stretch part (but my sister/family/friends have told me). Hope you have an amazing babymoon in Florida!

  2. I searched high and low for a nice glider and ottoman that wasn't over a $1000!!!! Finally found a really nice one for our baby's nursery at Buy Buy Baby. Very nice, sturdy, high quality, made in the USA AND only cost $700 for both the glider and the ottoman together with two of their 20% off coupons!!!!!! Check them out in the store :) good luck! It only took us 7 months to finally find one!

  3. I LOVE your updates! I know a lot of people who craved peaches during their pregnancies! At least you are in season! :)

  4. Newest follower, LOVE your blog!!! Congrats on a baby boy, love his name!

  5. Love the bump! So exciting that you're feeling the baby, I can't wait for it!

  6. Looking good!! So exciting that you can feel him moving!! Naples will be amazing!!

  7. Good luck on finding your glider and I seriously cannot wait to see lil man's nursery! Naples is probably your best choice so you can relax and not worry about anything else!

  8. With the holidays and all of the fun showers and babymoon on your horizon, your second half of pregnancy is just going to fly by!! Can't wait to see all the fun over the next few months :)

  9. Adorable :) You know, I've never been to Naples but whenever you talk about it I find myself googling and daydreaming loL!

  10. Love your sweet belly pictures friend. He is happily making himself some room in there. Hope you are feeling great and doing amazing.

  11. HOW on earth are you already 22 weeks?!?! I just love that little bump and am glad to hear your back pains were short lived {hopefully for good - fingers crossed!}

  12. Loving your little bump and so excited for your showers and baby moon x


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