Calling all fashion lovers who love budget friendly finds! 

I wanted to put together a list of all my fall essentials today. Many of these items work for winter as well when you layer the pieces, so you really can't go wrong by investing in some (or all-wouldn't that be nice?) of these! Those pieces you wear time and time again and can't go through the season without. The things that go with multiple outfits and those that you reach for the most! What are they? Let's take a look...

12 Fall Essentials
 Purse (loving this gray so much!) 
 Vest (more colors on sale here)
 Booties (under $40 and I love the cut outs on them) 
 Gingham Top (on sale)
 Lounge Pants (I get so many questions about these-SO comfy!) 
 Leather Dress (FAV!) 
Cardigan (*25% off with code shoptime)

Next will be a round up of my favorite boots that won't break the bank. Boots (any and ALL types) = my weakness. I know there are other boot addicts out there - don't lie to me!

Speaking of...I had to share these booties I found with a bow on the back! They are pretty much perfect, aren't they?

(these would be a great item to buy when they have a big sale)

PS: Just because I can't fit into these jeans doesn't mean you can't. These are a favorite style of mine, not sure how I missed adding them into this list. Shame on me!

What would you say your fall essentials are? What is your favorite item on my list?!


  1. Post twins today :) I'm loving leopard shoes and big chunky sweaters for the fall! Wish we could wear them sooner here in Charleston but at least we miss out on the snow and ice (usually).

  2. I poosted my fall favs last week and we have similar taste! I had to take a beak from the pregnancy posts too... It's hard bc you know that's all we are thinking about! Love your picks!

  3. Love those booties!! And the jacket....I've been wanting one of those jackets forever!

  4. I love those target booties - I've had them in my cart for a few days now and I need to just buy them!! I really want some comfy drawstring pants.

  5. If you just want to package all of this right up and ship it to Minnie, that would be great. Thanks!

  6. Love these looks - crazy to think we are now going into Spring x

  7. I have been LUSTING after that gorgeous J.Crew coat, I already told my husband that it could be my "push present" come November when I am pushing our second baby into this world haha

  8. For the target lounge pants, since they are junior sizing did you have to order a size up?

  9. Ohhh my gosh- those boots. I am seriously drooling!!!!

  10. I need!!! Those booties. Those comfy pants. That vest. I need it all ;)

  11. SOFT PANTS, GET IN MY CLOSET. I love them!

  12. Oh girl, those booties are amazing. I love all of your picks and will be rocking most of these items this fall.

  13. 1) You did NOT just post the most perfect booties with a bow....only for me to click over & find out they are $350 and I can never ever afford them!!! BAHHHHH!!
    2) Same question as Meghan -- What do you recommend for sizing in the Target lounge pants? (Saw those on your Instagram & wanted them immediately!)

  14. Those lounge pants look amazingly comfortable :)


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