You Can Never Have Too Much Beach

This is one of those Monday's that I'm able to say Happy Monday and {actually} mean it...

Me and my babe. 
NO to-do list.
Pool days. 
New adventures.

It's almost time for us to jet set out of here to one of my favorite places! Hooray!

This trip couldn't have come at a better time...one last escape to warmth and sun before fall/winter really hits was a no-brainer. Once we get home, it'll be just about that time for our baby showers (and the holiday's shortly after that-ahh!), so soaking up this time just the two of us is a MUST! Babymoon // Florida, we're ready for you!

I will be 'signing off' the rest of the week, but you can follow along on our trip via my insta (if an overload of palm trees and beach pics are your type of thing..) and I will announce/contact the winner of the Target giveaway when I get back!


Apple Pie Apples

Happy Friday and Happy Fall! I can't believe I, miss Fall obsessed over here, missed saying that the other day...shame on me. Tisk tisk! 

I make up for it today, though, with this recipe I've got for ya! These apples don't need to be talked up much...at all. Just know that these bad boys need to be made in your home this weekend. and the next. and the next. Or at least that's my plan anyways. 

So simple...so delicious...and perfect for this time of year!

-2 apples (or 1 per person; we used Honeycrisp but you can use your favorite type) 
-1 Can Apple Pie Filling 
-1 Pie Crust
-Vanilla Ice Cream (optional) 


1. Cut the tops off your apples and scoop out the insides with a knife or spoon. 
2. In a small bowl, mix 1 teaspoon (or more-whatever suits your tastes!) cinnamon in with the can of apple pie filling, then fill the mixture in the apples.
3. Unroll 1 pie crust, cut into fourths, then cut into small strips. Lay 3 strips horizontally on top of the apple, then weave 3 vertical strips in and out to go on top. Cut the edges off around the apple.
4. Bake in a baking dish filled with 1/2 cup water in the bottom at 375-400 degrees for 25-30 minutes!

Serve with your favorite vanilla ice cream and EAT UP! Enjoy!

Don't forget to enter my $50 Target Gift Card giveaway! Also, I'm totally OK with putting fall on 'pause' for our beach vacation that's only a few days away! SIX days of relaxation and pure bliss with my other half...so excited and much needed! Have a great weekend, everyone!!


Week 25 Bumpdate

Twenty.five.weeks.pregnant...is this really me we are talking about?! I remember when we first found out we were pregnant and thinking how FAR away the 100 day countdown period seemed. It felt like I had all the time in the world to prepare and I figured I would be semi-miserable with only 100 days left (wrong.) And NOW...well here we are...105 days away from our due date!

I know 20 weeks is a big milestone, but I've really felt like hitting 25 weeks has been even bigger for me (literally) with so many changes happening, so I think I'm going to switch up this bumpdate edition and do things a little differently. I want to share some highlights and what I've thought about pregnancy so far!

Here's what's going on recently...

-Camden is now the size of a cauliflower and weighs about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds! He is learning to distinguish right side up from upside down, and is growing more hair too. 

-He has been really active now for a couple weeks and I can feel him in the middle of the night, in the morning, at lunch, after work, and after dinner. So basically, all the time. Billy, too! He will watch my stomach move from side to side and just laughs. :) We even played our first little "game" together...he kicked in one spot, I pressed gently back in the same spot, he kicked again, I pressed again, he kicked back. He did it about 4 or 5 times and that was just so neat. I feel like this was the point that I have been waiting for my whole pregnancy and now it's here! It's as awesome as I expected it to be.

-After eating a really late dinner one night last week, the next day I was really sick and after a phone call with one of the nurses found out that I was having muscle contractions/spasms (don't worry-not the labor kind) at the top of my stomach, due to food just not sitting well with me. The spasms would come and go every 20 minutes or so at first (with sharp, shooting pains), but then throughout the day they became less often. It was a pretty rough day and I didn't feel like myself for about 2-3 days, but I got through it! I actually lost 1 lb-1.5 lbs (probably due to this and my diet being more bland), which makes me up a total of about 14 pounds I think?

-My workouts have been better lately than prior weeks! My legs have been getting tired really easily, but overall I'm really happy, and surprised, with how strong and in shape I still feel. I'm running 3 miles about 3-4 times a week, mixed in with some squats and arm exercises. Spin classes on Monday's too. I think I had this idea in my head before actually becoming pregnant that I wouldn't feel good working out by this point, or it would be so hard, and that definitely hasn't been the case. So thankful for that!

-Said hello to back pain (comes and goes-right now it's gone so that's nice) and to the linea nigra recently. You know, that dark vertical line down my belly! It is really faint right now, but it's still noticeable to me.

-Cooking sausage, or even just smelling it, makes me literally want to hurl. I have to leave the room so that I don't. :) Same goes with cigarette smoke...I can smell it from 3 miles away and it bothers me so much. Gross. Just gross.

-DQ S'mores blizzards. Someone tell me to put down the spoon...or don't. That good.

-I found two really great maternity clothes for this fall/winter last week. Probably my favorite two so far! This dress and a fleece sweatshirt, that I can't find online right now. It's from Old Navy and is so incredibly soft.

-The nursery is really starting to come together! The crib is up (love it!), dresser, rug, and decorative pieces! The side table is being delivered today, so really all we are waiting on is the glider (you can see which one we got here!). I've found some of the most adorable knick knacks that go with our "theme" (that I'm keeping a secret until the reveal) that are now sitting out! I'm holding off on putting anything on the walls until we get our chair and until I can make my mind up more about what I want on them exactly. Getting anxious to share the space with you all, that's for sure!

-We got Cam's baby book in! I've been writing in it and already put one of our baby shower invitations inside...

(from here

-Sleeping really great still, if I have my Bump Nest. I tried to sleep without it one night and that didn't go so well, so that bad boy will definitely be packed in our carry-on to go to Florida with us!! I have noticed my sides are getting sore from always switching back and forth. Sometimes Cam will be a kicking machine in the middle of the night and wake me up, but I think it's hilarious and I'll fall right back to sleep!

Whoa, that was a lot of pregnancy talk goin' on. Whoever has actually made it to the end of this post, you're a trooper and thank you!! Pregnancy has totally exceeded my expectations, even after all these new symptoms this week. I've told some of my friends that I think I built up this idea in my head that I wouldn't enjoy it or that I wouldn't be able to do a lot (maybe because of some of the stories I've heard from friends, etc) but that's simply not true. Or maybe I was just scared of the unknown? Who knows, but I'm one pleasantly surprised girl over here.

Alright....enough from me, happy hump day everyone!


"Childproof" Your Finances {$50 Target Gift Card!}

Happy Tuesday!

Most of you know by now that aside from this lovely blog that I'm an insurance agent. You're probably thinking...how boring. It's really not, though! Helping others with their insurance needs is wonderful, especially since a lot of people my age don't understand the importance of it. It's my job to help them understand, and to get them covered.

Having kids is one of the greatest joys in life that's full of celebrations and surprises but sometimes, those surprises aren’t always happy. Of course, all parents work hard to keep their children safe, but unfortunately, life happens! According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, parents spend an estimated $11.5 billion annually on injuries to children. Parents who are aware of the safety risks and insurance implications of raising kids are in a better position to reduce injuries, save money, and save lives. By making smart insurance decisions early, new parents can “childproof” their finances BEFORE the unpredictable happens.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has some quick tips that are definitely worth reading:

Childproofing My Finances — What Should I Consider?
Insurance needs can vary greatly, but when it comes to having kids, there are some important things to consider, including:

-If you’re expecting, it’s important to know how your health plan covers screenings, procedures and any unexpected costs.
-If you have little kids, it helps to contact your insurer before installing backyard play gear and to consider increasing your liability coverage should someone get hurt on your property.
-If your kids are approaching driving age, consider the make and model of your family car (or their new one!) and discuss options for lower premiums and optimal vehicle safety.

Whether you are raising young kiddos, pregnant or thinking about having kids, the new Get Ready: New Parents resource kit from Insure U can help you get smart about insurance now to avoid costly decisions later. Insure U also offers a Take Action Now checklist to help you get ready (love this!). Resource kits for other life events, such as buying a new car or changing jobs, also are available online.

For more child-related information, including tips, videos, apps and games, you can visit www.insureuonline.org. Being prepared is never a bad thing, right?

As a little thank you for letting me to get into your brain with some insurance related info today (I know it's not the most fun topic in the world but hey, it's important!)... 

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Yup-to spend any way you'd like. I've made the entering as simple as can be, so you better get to it...


Weekend Recap!

Today marks being only a week away from us being on vacation for 6 days!
 I think I can, I think I can...

 This weekend we:

Successfully cleaned out our entire basement and donated 2 cars full of items!

 It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years, isn't it? It was time to get rid of it all. Well, most of it, especially things we haven't used in over 4 years! The hardest part was actually getting started, but once that happened I just wanted to keep going to get.er.done! ;) We bought new storage containers to organize everything in and it feels so, so, SO good to have this task done. 

When going through boxes, I came across this box full of all my old childhood books! My parents kept all these Walt Disney and Berenstein Bears books! Please tell me you all loved The Benestein Bears as much as I did?! I found little notes that I wrote in some of them, so I definitely wanted to hang on to these and keep them for Camden and our other kiddos!

Went shopping in Clintonville in hopes to find some cute items for Cam's nursery!

 It's funny because just like when I went and complained on my blog about not being able to find good maternity clothes, a few days later I hit the jackpot. Well, guess what? Same goes for this. On Friday, I mentioned not being able to find cute decorative pieces for his room then this weekend I found more than I could afford to come home with... ;) I bought some really adorable things at Elm and Iron (obsessed with this store) and some other great antique shops in the area. I can't wait for the day I can share with you all!

Got my new iPhone 6! 

IN LOVE! I'm so glad I waited to upgrade to get this one and that I decided to add more storage. It's amazing and I love all the new features. And two thumbs up for longer battery life! Anyone know who has some cute cases available for them?!

Received the most thoughtful // adorable // sweetest gift ever from Caley

Caley and I have been blogger buddies for years and she lives in South Africa (see also: my dream trip location) and sent these gifts for Camden's nursery! That monkey. The elephant. The wood signs and shoes...AHH! My entire month has been made by her kind gesture....I seriously keep telling people Cam has items in his nursery from South Africa (and Thailand), haha! I just think it is SO cool and special. Thank you Caley!


Indulged in some Rita's....hey, what baby wants baby gets! ;) 

(this was Swedish Fish and Dragonfruit-I think I found a new favorite craving!)

 Got one of Camden's coming home outfits! There was no way I was leaving this local shop (Nicole's in Powell for the local gals!) without getting this Kissy Kissy 'Little Prince' onesie. My heart melted instantly. This frame also somehow ended up coming home with me...it is so cute and matches his room perfectly. To think we will have a baby to fill this frame and onesie in almost 100 days (or less) is SO EXCITING!!!

Lastly, I have to mention that living here at this time of year cannot be beat. The days have been gorgeous with the perfect temps and leaves slightly changing colors. I don't think many people realize how nice it is....I really don't know what I would do without fall! Le sigh.

 What did you do this weekend?
May or may not have a Target giveaway coming your way tomorrow! :)


Things That Make Me Go "Woo-Hoo!"

And we've made it to the day where everyone takes a big sigh of relief and has a huge smile on their face (at least I hope you do!)...

I hope you have some fun plans ahead of you this weekend! Mine is going to consist of trying to convince my husband to start cleaning out our basement together, so what that means is (besides pizza bribery) that if it works I'll be living vicariously through your fun. Cleaning out a basement full of stuff we need to donate is not my definition of fun, BUT hey on the bright side it is one less thing we have to do before baby K makes his arrival.

Since I've had some people ask about our glider, I figured I would just go ahead and share it today when mentioning my favorites for the week. It's not the same color as what we ordered, but if it helps some of you on your decision making then of course I will share! I'm also pretty excited to introduce you to another Etsy shop for kiddos that you will adore...here we go!

+It's iPhone 6 DELIVERY DAY for me! Now you know why I'm extra perky this morning...

+Your newest favorite Etsy shop (mine too): BellaRoo Stitches & Designs! If you're looking for monograms and custom designed children's clothing and baby items, Jennifer is your gal!

She designed these burp cloths and bibs for our little Cam that are just perfect. How cute are the giraffes?! I love them, plus the material is softer than you can imagine. Get your little kiddo (or future little kiddo..or friend who has a baby) some!

Get 15% off with code "BABYKRYSH15", that includes custom orders. :)
see everything available in her shop: here!

Yep...too cute for words. I absolutely love working with and finding new Etsy shops to love!!

+One week of work stands between us leaving for Florida! The weather this week has made me realize that even though I thought I was ready for cooler temps, I'm NOT. The mornings have been chilly here lately and I can't help but feel like winter is creeping up way too soon, so yes...sunny Florida + the beach + days at the pool...here we come!

+After looking at MANY different gliders (and I mean many), we ordered the Blake glider by Little Castle from Buy Buy Baby, for multiple reasons. 1) It has the "look" that we were going for (something a little more modern but still really comfortable) but much cheaper than PB, 2) You can use a 20% off coupon, 3) They have a book of fabrics you can choose from and they had the exact gray color we were looking for! Plus, they don't charge a fee to order another fabric. It's mint in the picture below, so the color and how it looks on the chair will still be somewhat of a surprise still when I do the nursery reveal... :)

 Isn't she pretty? LOVE!

The gray fabric we picked!

I have to say I'm really glad we decided to go with one that we actually sat in multiple times, versus finding one online and praying that it was comfortable/would fit in our room, so thanks to those who recommended that to us! There are so many differences between gliders and being able to actually see which ones fits the both of us (and to measure the room first) was the right way to go.

Now here's to hoping it comes in earlier than what they say it will....

+Marble Mocha Macchiato from Starbucks. Not on the menu, but the baristas know how to make it. Do yourself a favor and order one ASAP! :)

+I can't for the life of me find cute decorative items, like to sit on bookshelves, for the nursery. Anyone have any recommendations? I've checked Hobby Lobby and Home Goods, but am running out of other ideas. Where does everyone shop for cute nursery odds and ends?! Share your secrets!

Happy weekend!


What's Cookin....

Is it really Thursday? I hope this isn't just a joke (or my brain playing tricks on me) and it's still actually Monday or something. I admit, this week hasn't been the best for me as I came down with a little stomach bug earlier this week (baby is OK!) so I've just been relaxing and taking it easy. Heck, I haven't even been on Instagram since Sunday evening, which is rare for me. Normally I post all the time and love scrolling through my feed to see what everyone is up to! But hey, breaks are good too.

I have, however, been pretty busy in the kitchen. Pretty sure it's the most I've cooked since becoming pregnant... Kidding. Somewhat. But I did try a few new recipes that I thought I would share with you! I needed some new favorites to throw into our rotation, and these just so happened to work for that because we really loved them all. This will probably be one of the only times I share meat related recipes on the blog (only because I hope to go back to being a vegetarian after this pregnancy), so for all of you who hated my vegetarian posts, here you go!

+World's Best Taco Soup (and was just as good the next day for leftovers! Yum!)

+'Melt In Your Mouth' Pot Roast
 Billy had been requesting this!

+Butterscotch Apple Crisp
Used our honeycrisp apples we picked this weekend for this and it was so good.

Are you hungry now?!

These recipes and much more (I've gone a little pin crazy lately) can also be found on my Pinterest!

Thanks for sticking with me even though it's been a little quiet over here this week! I'll be back to normal next week and I have to say that if you like Target, you should probably make sure you come back next week. Something awesome is in the works and I just have this pretty good feeling that you all will be big, big fans of it. :) Happy almost weekend, everyone!

**PS: I heard these earrings I posted about (you all NEED them!) are now back in stock and you can get 20% off with code FALL20!  


Fall Boots for 2014

Fall Boots 2

Sam Edelman 'Penny' Boot (on sale now!)
Hunter Original Metal (isn't this color amazing? also love these flats, + free shipping)
Sam Edelman Petty (perfect for an everyday boot)
TB Fulton Boot (available for pre order now! these are gorgeous) 

It's no secret that I have a serious love for boots. My closet would show you that it doesn't matter if they're short or tall, I love them all! Booties are my favorite for everyday wear, but I still get so much use out of my tall riding boots. They can complete an outfit like nothin' else and I just love the look of them!

  Also, I just saw that these beauties recently went on sale (use code SALE30 for another 30% off!). Seriously lusting over that gray!


Now I know this isn't about boots, but I've got some questions in the past about the Hunter flats that I own and I haven't found them online since I got mine a few years ago, but they do have these available now that come in multiple colors, in case anyone is interested....

Which boot that I featured is your favorite?! 
Are you as excited as I am to break yours out of your closet? 

Happy hump day!

*Looking for a bumpdate? It will be posted NEXT week for the big 2-5 weeks! Since we will be gone after that on vacation, it just worked out better posting with this schedule! I already have so much to fill you all in on! 


First Fall Weekend!

This weekend was truly one for the books...one of my favorites in a long time! Perfect fall weather + fun all around + things crossed off our to-do list (ahem, glider ordered!) = the makings of a really great weekend. 

Here's what we were up to... 
{and I need your favorite apple recipe-see below!}

A 3 mile walk/hike in the Metroparks...it was absolutely gorgeous outside!

Jason Aldean // FGL concert with my best friend did not disappoint! My stepbrother, his wife, and his kids (the quintuplets!) were actually there and had extra spots by them so we got to sit with them the whole time, it was so fun! 

(tunic // scarf is old from h&m // jean jacket, on sale)

That Flannel candle? Will probably be my favorite scent this fall/winter now that B&BW decided to change my old favorite Marshmallow Fireside! Smells SO good, you guys.

 Went apple picking at Lynd's fruit farm and came home with over 30 honeycrisp apples! This was our first time visiting this farm and we loved it.

 I went crazy pinning a bunch of apple related recipes but wanted to see if anyone had a favorite apple crisp or apple pie recipe....I have to make something great with all these apples we have now! Share with me! 

 How we cheered on the Buckeyes Saturday...sweats, doors open at home, and feeling my belly dance every so often! :)

 Received my FIRST baby shower invitation in the mail! And it's for me...holy crap! My stepsister Mandy surprised me and used some of the colors we are using in his nursery on these invites and even had his initials printed on the back...love them and am SO excited!

 We even got some time with our nieces and nephew...this was an intense game of go fish ;)

How was your weekend? 

Not gonna lie, temps like we've had here can stay around as I definitely enjoy the change, but I'm looking forward to leave for Florida in a couple weeks to sit by the beach! It has been COLD here in the mornings! Also, not gonna lie...feeling oh so tired after the concert last night. Girlfriend just can't hang like she used to... :)

The winner of my Baby Age Blocks giveaway will be notified today and shown on the giveaway widget!


Friday's Favorites

Happy Friday!

Another weekend is here and I'm definitely ready for it. Temps in the low 70's (people are definitely diving head first into pumpkin related everything over here)...a glider about to be ordered...a Buckeyes game to watch...and a country concert...yep, I'm ready!

Here's what's going on this week // what I'm loving: 

+I've officially hit 23 weeks! I've heard this week is big in terms of growing (for both the little guy and myself) which is funny because I thought I had a pretty big week in terms of growing last week, so we'll see?! I won't lie...I feel pretty big right now (just that heavy stomach feeling?) and it takes a lot of getting ready to feel even remotely pretty. 

{shirt-Forever21 last year, similar}

+Did anyone wake up this morning, or stay up late last night, to pre order the iPhone 6?! I have been waiting a long time to get a new phone because I really needed to upgrade my storage, but I wanted to wait until the 6 came out! So naturally this morning I jumped all over it and it's set to be delivered next week! I'm SO excited about this phone and that I will have more space (you know, for the important things like pictures...)

+Found one of my absolute favorite booties so far from TJ Maxx the other day...and guess what? They were less than $40! This was the last pair in my size and I quickly headed to check these bad boys out. I love the cut out detail, straps, and the quality seems much better than what I paid for them!

+Personalized jewelry from Stamped On My Heart.

You guys, Nicole has the best personalized hand stamped jewelry out there and her prices are extremely affordable. All it takes is one look through her shop to know that I want one of everything. That's just how it is! Here's just two examples of items you can find in her shop...

She made me this awesome sterling silver bar necklace with Camden's name on it and features a dandelion...seriously, check out her shop! You'll love it like I do.

 {pearl earrings are from here}

+I made my first batch of homemade soup last night for this season! Went with this recipe that's a favorite in our house. I wonder how many times I'll make it this fall/winter...so yummy!

+I'm going to the Jason Aldean // Florida Georgia Line concert on Sunday night with my best friend! Jason Aldean is my favorite country artist out there and I'm so excited to see him again, especially with FGL which is another one of my favorites. Time to bust out the cowboy boots!

Tonight we are actually planning on ordering our glider, if all goes according to plans, and to go out to dinner at one of our favorites restaurants, Cooper's Hawk, afterwards. Ahh! Crossing my fingers we make the right decision about a glider.

Make it a great weekend, everyone! See you next week!


Running While Pregnant


I've had some reader questions about running during pregnancy, so I thought I would touch on it briefly! I'm obviously not a doctor, but I can tell you what I've learned and my thoughts about it.

The general rule of thumb regarding exercising during pregnancy is that you don't want to take up any new activities that you didn't do prior. So, if you run now (and there are no other complications) you're perfectly fine to continue running throughout your pregnancy. My doctor has encouraged me from the beginning to keep a good exercise routine to stay fit, and I'm so thankful that at 23 weeks I'm still making it a priority during the week. It truly keeps me sane (is that weird to admit?), just like before, and I feel wonderful afterwards.

There are just a few things you want to do differently and to remember, though...

1. Know Your Limits: On the days you feel too tired or sick, don't push it by going for a run. Just skip a day or two. It's important during pregnancy to rest when you need to rest. Go by the cues that your body gives you.

2. Take Your Time: Pregnancy isn't the time to try to break a new personal record or to increase your speed or mileage (if you have never ran a half marathon before-this wouldn't be the best time to start training for one, for example..) Chances are you'll need to slow down your speed. In my first trimester, I was still able to run at the same speed that I ran before but I didn't run as far. Then when I got into my second trimester, my body showed me that I needed to slow down and that's when I incorporated walk-jog-run intervals, which really helped me exercise longer but at a less intense pace.

3. Take Breaks: You'll notice that you can't run nearly as long as you used to before having to stop and take a break. It's completely normal since your body is pumping twice the amount of blood! I take breaks often every time I go for a run and only continue my run if I'm still feeling good.

4. Don't Run To The Point Of Exhaustion: This is a serious no no and the one thing my doctor did mention to me. You don't want to run (or exercise in general) to where you can't catch your breath. Don't over do it. 

5. Stay Hydrated: This might be the most important one! Always keep a full water bottle next to you and drink often, even if you don't feel thirsty. Drink water before, during (don't forget!), and after your run.

I've also heard that during the second and third trimesters it's better to run inside on a treadmill so you're at a lesser risk for falls. Luckily for me, this worked out perfectly because during the summer I was still in my first trimester and was able to run outside when I wanted to get fresh air/be outside, and now that I'm in my second trimester the weather is cooling down and I don't mind running on the treadmill.

Another thing I would recommend is to make stretching a priority before and after a run. Pregnancy loosens up your joints, so your ankles are at more of a risk. Make sure you have some good cushioning in your shoes, too! (I love my Brooks!) 

Lastly... if running is something you love it might be difficult to call it quits, but you should always listen to your body. You and your baby's safety is what's most important! And just remember you'll be able to get back into your normal routine in no time! 

Hope this helps some of you out there, or you'll remember these tips for the future! Have a great Thursday!

*Don't forget to enter my Baby Age Blocks Giveaway! It ends soon!


10 Current Product Favorites // I Confess

I confess...that I'm loving {these} ten things right now:

10 Current Product Favorites

+Kate Spade Planner (the best!)
+Bathtub Wine Glass Holder (how genius is this?)
+Baby Converse (obsessed-I admit I can't wait to match wearing mine with Cam's!)
+Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser  (this dark circle treatment will come in handy in Jan. as well...)
+Camo Scarf (love love love this camo print // also on sale)

I confess...that I made these cookies the other day and right after saying I wouldn't go crazy eating them I had 3 right as I was heading to bed one night. They got me.

I confess...that I wish me, Princess Kate, and Carrie could be pregnant besties. I'd gladly pass them my phone number anyday. (Seriously-my two favorite girl celebs out there pregnant at the same time as me?! I mean, I just think this friendship should happen ;))

I confess...Purl Lamb has the cutest baby leggings/sweats. It's only open 2 times per month and one of those days is TODAY, so head on over to shop! I got Camden these adorable baby cub ones!

I confess...these leather ankle booties didn't make this list, but I am lusting over them.

I confess...that I tried to go to Ohio State's campus to watch the OSU game last Saturday night because Billy's family was in town, and shortly after being down there I realized nope, not cut out for this! I tried to stay as long as I could handle, but ended up leaving at halftime to head home. Half because I was tired and the other half because the game was just that.bad.

I confess...we found our glider. Finally. And it feels oh so good. More on that later!

I confess...it's my mom's birthday tomorrow and I have been down in the dumps the past few days. Always happens around this time. This year I'm a little more sad because I wish she were still alive to be here for Camden's birth and to see him (and our other kiddos) grow up.

What are your current favorites right now?
Confess something to me!

*Don't forget to check out my post about The Timeline Project, where you can keep all your goals and dreams in one place. 


Baby Age Blocks {Giveaway}

{small peek in our little boy's closet}

Happy Monday!

It's a special day over here because I've got a great giveaway for you today! When we announced the gender of our baby, I knew I wanted to use these personalized name blocks from Pretty In Polka Dots to also reveal his name. I wanted something that would look cute in photos, but that could also be used later on in his nursery. Bingo!

Korie, the sweet owner behind Pretty In Polka Dots, also makes these awesome baby age blocks that are completely customizable. You can select your own colors (to match your nursery?), font outlines, block finishes, and more...

What makes these blocks stand out from others is that they print directly on the blocks with a flatbed printer, which means you don't have to worry about peeling stickers or chipped paint! Korie and her husband (with the help of her 3 little kiddos!) do ALL the printing themselves in their home. They also gift wrap every set of blocks that goes out!

Here's all the different color combinations you can chose from for the blocks...

{I got Little Sailor!}

I plan to use these blocks in Camden's newborn photos and also for my weekly/monthly updates, which is absolutely crazy to think about! Soon I will have a baby boy to take countless iPhone pictures of?! Sounds good to me! :) and hey, at least these blocks make me feel a little bit more prepared for when that time rolls around.

The fun doesn't stop with the baby age and name blocks either...if you're looking for a unique way to announce your pregnancy Pretty In Polka Dots also has baby announcement blocks that are adorable!

OK, enough rambling from me, now for the really good stuff....

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Friday Favorites


Every Friday that starts with Starbucks (decaf for me) is a good one, right?
 That's my thinking.

Wearing this new 'holy chic' top!


My cousin Jen and her husband have prayed, and prayed, and prayed for over 10 years about adopting a baby. They went through it all (that process is not easy as I'm sure you can imagine) to just find out the other day that they will bringing a baby boy home in November!! How awesome is that?! Words can't describe how escastic they are, and how happy we are for them!

Congratulations Jen and Josh-he is going to be so loved!


Let's talk about another favorite baby Etsy shop of mine....From Ash With Love.

Ashley works in the NICU everyday with babies and decided to expland her love for the little ones by opening up her own Etsy shop. Aside from the adorable onesies she offers already (see below-that doughnut one? LOVE!), she does custom orders which means that onesie you might have in mind but can't seem to find at a store, she can do it! 

For me, this meant a Pomeranian onesie. Naturally. You can't be that shocked by this. She has so many different color options you can choose from, including a sparkly vinyl that would be perfect for little girls!

The options are endless really. Want your baby to have a onesie for the holidays, to represent your home state, etc? She's your girl.

*Use the code "CAMDEN" to get 20% off anything in her shop!


Since my wine glasses aren't getting much use lately, I decided to use them to make a breakfast fruit parfait. I think I'll do this more often! (it's just granola...greek yogurt...raspberries!) 

Yum yum!


I have a prenatal massage scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. A prenatal massage...FINALLY!

So, so excited.

Happy weekend and Go Bucks! ;)