Apple Pie Apples

Happy Friday and Happy Fall! I can't believe I, miss Fall obsessed over here, missed saying that the other day...shame on me. Tisk tisk! 

I make up for it today, though, with this recipe I've got for ya! These apples don't need to be talked up much...at all. Just know that these bad boys need to be made in your home this weekend. and the next. and the next. Or at least that's my plan anyways. 

So simple...so delicious...and perfect for this time of year!

-2 apples (or 1 per person; we used Honeycrisp but you can use your favorite type) 
-1 Can Apple Pie Filling 
-1 Pie Crust
-Vanilla Ice Cream (optional) 


1. Cut the tops off your apples and scoop out the insides with a knife or spoon. 
2. In a small bowl, mix 1 teaspoon (or more-whatever suits your tastes!) cinnamon in with the can of apple pie filling, then fill the mixture in the apples.
3. Unroll 1 pie crust, cut into fourths, then cut into small strips. Lay 3 strips horizontally on top of the apple, then weave 3 vertical strips in and out to go on top. Cut the edges off around the apple.
4. Bake in a baking dish filled with 1/2 cup water in the bottom at 375-400 degrees for 25-30 minutes!

Serve with your favorite vanilla ice cream and EAT UP! Enjoy!

Don't forget to enter my $50 Target Gift Card giveaway! Also, I'm totally OK with putting fall on 'pause' for our beach vacation that's only a few days away! SIX days of relaxation and pure bliss with my other half...so excited and much needed! Have a great weekend, everyone!!


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