Weekend Recap!

Today marks being only a week away from us being on vacation for 6 days!
 I think I can, I think I can...

 This weekend we:

Successfully cleaned out our entire basement and donated 2 cars full of items!

 It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years, isn't it? It was time to get rid of it all. Well, most of it, especially things we haven't used in over 4 years! The hardest part was actually getting started, but once that happened I just wanted to keep going to get.er.done! ;) We bought new storage containers to organize everything in and it feels so, so, SO good to have this task done. 

When going through boxes, I came across this box full of all my old childhood books! My parents kept all these Walt Disney and Berenstein Bears books! Please tell me you all loved The Benestein Bears as much as I did?! I found little notes that I wrote in some of them, so I definitely wanted to hang on to these and keep them for Camden and our other kiddos!

Went shopping in Clintonville in hopes to find some cute items for Cam's nursery!

 It's funny because just like when I went and complained on my blog about not being able to find good maternity clothes, a few days later I hit the jackpot. Well, guess what? Same goes for this. On Friday, I mentioned not being able to find cute decorative pieces for his room then this weekend I found more than I could afford to come home with... ;) I bought some really adorable things at Elm and Iron (obsessed with this store) and some other great antique shops in the area. I can't wait for the day I can share with you all!

Got my new iPhone 6! 

IN LOVE! I'm so glad I waited to upgrade to get this one and that I decided to add more storage. It's amazing and I love all the new features. And two thumbs up for longer battery life! Anyone know who has some cute cases available for them?!

Received the most thoughtful // adorable // sweetest gift ever from Caley

Caley and I have been blogger buddies for years and she lives in South Africa (see also: my dream trip location) and sent these gifts for Camden's nursery! That monkey. The elephant. The wood signs and shoes...AHH! My entire month has been made by her kind gesture....I seriously keep telling people Cam has items in his nursery from South Africa (and Thailand), haha! I just think it is SO cool and special. Thank you Caley!


Indulged in some Rita's....hey, what baby wants baby gets! ;) 

(this was Swedish Fish and Dragonfruit-I think I found a new favorite craving!)

 Got one of Camden's coming home outfits! There was no way I was leaving this local shop (Nicole's in Powell for the local gals!) without getting this Kissy Kissy 'Little Prince' onesie. My heart melted instantly. This frame also somehow ended up coming home with me...it is so cute and matches his room perfectly. To think we will have a baby to fill this frame and onesie in almost 100 days (or less) is SO EXCITING!!!

Lastly, I have to mention that living here at this time of year cannot be beat. The days have been gorgeous with the perfect temps and leaves slightly changing colors. I don't think many people realize how nice it is....I really don't know what I would do without fall! Le sigh.

 What did you do this weekend?
May or may not have a Target giveaway coming your way tomorrow! :)


  1. I really need to check out the antique stores in Clintonville! I've heard great things! We cleaned out our basement a few months ago and it felt so good to get rid of all the 'junk' we were hoarding! I loved the Berenstein bears! that's great you have all those books already! Love all your cute items for Camden! Did I hear you are hosting a Target giveaway soon? I'll be there...

  2. Majorly jealous of your Rita's and your Iphone 6! :)

  3. Such great finds! Love all those old books. My parents still have our too! Can't wait to read them to my kids one day.

  4. My parents hated Berenstein Bear books because they were so long. My dad used to skip pages of long books but I always caught him. (Too smart for my own good at 3 years old apparently)

  5. The shops you found are too cute for words! I was actually in Columbus this weekend and LOVE going there in the fall, your right the weather is just perfection! :)

  6. I'm still on the hunt for a cute case for my phone as well so if you find a good one, let me know! Also, my sister and I read the Bernstein Bears books all the time when we were kids, we loved them!

  7. We had all those Disney books growing up. My son's favorite is Mickey and the Giant

  8. Love all the little baby items!! Haymarket Designs has really cute monogrammed iPhone6 cases!

  9. The only 'cute' case I have been able to find so far is by Otterbox Symmetry: http://www.otterbox.com/Symmetry-Series-Case-for-iPhone-6/apl28-amp600,default,pd.html?dwvar_color=9X

    I can't wait to see Camden's room reveal! I know it's going to be so cute. I also LOVED the Bernstein Bear books. I am told I used to 'read' them before I could actually read lol. That is so special you get to share your books with your kiddos.

    1. Just found this one too and it made me think of you: http://www.incipio.com/cases/iphone-cases/iphone-6-cases/edge-chrome-slider-case-with-chrome-finish-iphone-6.html

  10. Busy wknd! I'm going antique shopping soon to find items for Jack's nursery & cannot wait!!

  11. Check out the Agent 18 site for cute cases! I got the iPhone 6 Plus and the huge screen has grown on me! The only downfall is I can't type/text one handed and that may be a problem. What are your thoughts of the 6 in regards to the size? I previously had a 5, and when comparing the 6, it didn't seem much larger, which kind of upset me. But then again, it's hard to get a feel for the true size until using it. I'm considering switching to the 6 though. Does it seem much bigger to you?

  12. Love those books! I actually just bought a Berenstein Bears book for my friends baby shower this past weekend :)

  13. so many good things in one post! love the Berenstain Bears books! my sister collected them growing up-I think she has quite the collection now. and those items from Africa are adorable!

  14. Always a pleasure my friend, can't wait to see Camden's nursery reveal. Have a happy week x

  15. Never had a Rita's but it looks amazing!!


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