Things That Make Me Go "Woo-Hoo!"

And we've made it to the day where everyone takes a big sigh of relief and has a huge smile on their face (at least I hope you do!)...

I hope you have some fun plans ahead of you this weekend! Mine is going to consist of trying to convince my husband to start cleaning out our basement together, so what that means is (besides pizza bribery) that if it works I'll be living vicariously through your fun. Cleaning out a basement full of stuff we need to donate is not my definition of fun, BUT hey on the bright side it is one less thing we have to do before baby K makes his arrival.

Since I've had some people ask about our glider, I figured I would just go ahead and share it today when mentioning my favorites for the week. It's not the same color as what we ordered, but if it helps some of you on your decision making then of course I will share! I'm also pretty excited to introduce you to another Etsy shop for kiddos that you will adore...here we go!

+It's iPhone 6 DELIVERY DAY for me! Now you know why I'm extra perky this morning...

+Your newest favorite Etsy shop (mine too): BellaRoo Stitches & Designs! If you're looking for monograms and custom designed children's clothing and baby items, Jennifer is your gal!

She designed these burp cloths and bibs for our little Cam that are just perfect. How cute are the giraffes?! I love them, plus the material is softer than you can imagine. Get your little kiddo (or future little kiddo..or friend who has a baby) some!

Get 15% off with code "BABYKRYSH15", that includes custom orders. :)
see everything available in her shop: here!

Yep...too cute for words. I absolutely love working with and finding new Etsy shops to love!!

+One week of work stands between us leaving for Florida! The weather this week has made me realize that even though I thought I was ready for cooler temps, I'm NOT. The mornings have been chilly here lately and I can't help but feel like winter is creeping up way too soon, so yes...sunny Florida + the beach + days at the pool...here we come!

+After looking at MANY different gliders (and I mean many), we ordered the Blake glider by Little Castle from Buy Buy Baby, for multiple reasons. 1) It has the "look" that we were going for (something a little more modern but still really comfortable) but much cheaper than PB, 2) You can use a 20% off coupon, 3) They have a book of fabrics you can choose from and they had the exact gray color we were looking for! Plus, they don't charge a fee to order another fabric. It's mint in the picture below, so the color and how it looks on the chair will still be somewhat of a surprise still when I do the nursery reveal... :)

 Isn't she pretty? LOVE!

The gray fabric we picked!

I have to say I'm really glad we decided to go with one that we actually sat in multiple times, versus finding one online and praying that it was comfortable/would fit in our room, so thanks to those who recommended that to us! There are so many differences between gliders and being able to actually see which ones fits the both of us (and to measure the room first) was the right way to go.

Now here's to hoping it comes in earlier than what they say it will....

+Marble Mocha Macchiato from Starbucks. Not on the menu, but the baristas know how to make it. Do yourself a favor and order one ASAP! :)

+I can't for the life of me find cute decorative items, like to sit on bookshelves, for the nursery. Anyone have any recommendations? I've checked Hobby Lobby and Home Goods, but am running out of other ideas. Where does everyone shop for cute nursery odds and ends?! Share your secrets!

Happy weekend!


  1. There is a PRECIOUS store called lilylimes in Worthington Hills that has perfect baby knick-knacks, gifts, and specialty items. We also found a few things at TJ Maxx.

    1. Will try to head there this weekend- thank you Audra! You always have the best suggestions!

  2. I love the little bib and burp cloth! Too cute! And LOVE your glider! I think we are going with one from Babies R Us just because we were able to actually try it out in person. Can't wait to see your nursery decor! I found a few things at Home Goods like a mini globe and a cute frame. That's about it! we don't have a ton of shelf space though. Jealous you will be in FL in a week! Right when it cools down here! Happy Weekend!

  3. So excited for your parcel to arrive because there are 3 decorative items for you to put on the shelves (eeeeeek, I hope you like them!) So excited to check out that Etsy store - hoping they ship internationally too x

  4. Love that glider! Having an upholstered one is awesome - trust me!! :)

  5. So funny you mentioned about finding things for shelves, because I had the same problem! I saw SO many cute things for girls, but finding cute boy stuff was hard. I went with mainly frames, a small stuffed elephant, a wooden cross from Hobby Lobby that I painted and a print from Hallmark. Good luck! :)

    1. Hi Kim! Yes, I've noticed that too! I love what you ended up with...and I know an elephant is in our future thanks to a friend so that's a good point. I hope I can find at least a couple more things!

  6. Same problem with decorative items. Of course my little one didn't give me my full run at it, but that's okay :) His nursery will get finished eventually...even though he's here!


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