Friday Favorites


Every Friday that starts with Starbucks (decaf for me) is a good one, right?
 That's my thinking.

Wearing this new 'holy chic' top!


My cousin Jen and her husband have prayed, and prayed, and prayed for over 10 years about adopting a baby. They went through it all (that process is not easy as I'm sure you can imagine) to just find out the other day that they will bringing a baby boy home in November!! How awesome is that?! Words can't describe how escastic they are, and how happy we are for them!

Congratulations Jen and Josh-he is going to be so loved!


Let's talk about another favorite baby Etsy shop of mine....From Ash With Love.

Ashley works in the NICU everyday with babies and decided to expland her love for the little ones by opening up her own Etsy shop. Aside from the adorable onesies she offers already (see below-that doughnut one? LOVE!), she does custom orders which means that onesie you might have in mind but can't seem to find at a store, she can do it! 

For me, this meant a Pomeranian onesie. Naturally. You can't be that shocked by this. She has so many different color options you can choose from, including a sparkly vinyl that would be perfect for little girls!

The options are endless really. Want your baby to have a onesie for the holidays, to represent your home state, etc? She's your girl.

*Use the code "CAMDEN" to get 20% off anything in her shop!


Since my wine glasses aren't getting much use lately, I decided to use them to make a breakfast fruit parfait. I think I'll do this more often! (it's just granola...greek yogurt...raspberries!) 

Yum yum!


I have a prenatal massage scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. A prenatal massage...FINALLY!

So, so excited.

Happy weekend and Go Bucks! ;)


  1. Congrats to your cousin and her husband! How fun that Cam will have another little cousin to grow up with!

  2. Congrats to your cousin and her husband! That is such a great way to re-use stemless wine glasses.

  3. That holy chic shirt is adorable and hooray for PSLs to return and dark nail polish!

  4. um yeah....went right to the site and have the donut onesie pulled up...now just to decide what size I want. =) =)

  5. I love her etsy shop. I follow her on IG. & starbucks any day is amazing! I got my sb today! :P

  6. Love that holy chic tee! Too cute!

  7. The MN onesie! I love it!

  8. Congrats to them on the adoption - how exciting!!! And yay for message days!!! Have a fab weekend.

  9. Barf Bucks! But yay to that adorable glittery Minnesota onesie!!!!!!!! May need to add that to Kenley's "I just want to hang out in onesies" collection.

  10. Uhhhh thanks to you I just bought that shirt! Haha

  11. Yay for the adoption, that is so so special!! And the prenatal massage is going to be the best thing ever - enjoy x

  12. I think 5 would be my most favorite currently out of the rest... Hello to a nice long massage!

  13. Oh wow I am just now reading all the missed post. Thank you Katie. We could not be more happy that a love is to come our way soon! I am so glad Jacob is already loved so much by the whole family!
    Love Jen :)


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