The One Where Family Visits...

Another good weekend, and another team who plays OSU, bites the dust. ;)

But today, I'm OK with that because we leave for California so soon! Come ask me that next week and I'm SURE I will be feeling very differently.

Our weekend can be summed up with: good friends, eating out, lots of football, and even some 4 wheeling. Friday-We took Billy's friends to The Pint House in the Short North for dinner and then to Seventh Son Brewery for some drinks afterwards. Ever since I got the truffle mac and cheese when we were in Chicago, it now pops off the menu at me and basically forces me to order it. My girlfriend Jen and I split the skillet mac and cheese at The Pint House and it TOPPED the truffle mac and cheese in Chicago. Oh my goodness...so so good.

Saturday-We all got up and went to get coffee together before the rest of Billy's family came into town. They got in around noon and we just played games outside in our backyard until we headed to campus to tailgate for the Ohio State game!

As we were all just hanging out in the backyard, all of a sudden Billy's family friend who lives in Cleveland drives through our backyard on his 4 wheeler...no one even had any idea he was coming! He was 4 wheeling somewhere else in Ohio and decided to randomly surprise us and come visit. Within 2 minutes of him arriving, I hopped on the back of that 4 wheeler and took it for a spin around our neighborhood.

Oh, I also made these brownies per Erin's suggestion. You should probably just go buy these ingredients today and make them.

One box of your favorite brownie mix
One big log of chocolate chip cookie dough
One box of Oreos (preferably the orange Halloween ones ;))

Grease the bottom of your brownie pan, mix up the brownie mix, layer the cookie dough on the bottom, then layer Oreos on top, top with the brownie mix. Bake according to the brownie mix box.

Then, eat your heart out.

I have a lot to do before we leave (I think I have 3 different to-do lists scattered around in different areas of our house), but I will be posting a couple more times this week because I have two great giveaways coming up soon that I know you will want to enter (hint hint Zappos!), so be on the lookout for those this week. :)

California, I'm comin' for you!
{we are even excited for the flight...hello gorgeous mountain views!!}

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Fall In Our Home + Our New Chairs (!!)

{I spy white trim!}

Happy Friday!

 The Krysh household has been busy this week.

We got a new roof {who would've thought picking out a roof color would be so exciting?}, painted the whole downstairs trim white, got new hardware for our doors downstairs, and guess what was delivered/put together this week?

Our new tufted chairs for our kitchen table.

We just love them. They are more ivory than the website pictures, which actually works in our favor because they match our kitchen table legs perfectly and they show less dirt than white or a "natural" color. If you are looking for tufted dining chairs (and trust me, I looked everywhere), I highly recommend these. They are comfortable, too!

As you can tell, I caved and pulled out some of our fall decor. The weather this week has been a high of 80 and low's in the 60's, with hardly any clouds in the sky. IT HAS BEEN PERFECT! So basically what I'm saying is, I had no choice. The fall decor was coming out whether I liked it or not. Has anyone else put out their fall decor yet?!

So, moving right along, this weekend is going to be a big one for many reasons-

Billy's best friend and his wife are coming in town tonight....tomorrow Billy's brother and 4 cousins are coming in town....AND Ohio State has a huge game against Wisconsin....

#1. this means 8 people staying at our casa (follow me on instagram for picture overload!). I've got my hands full! 
#2. The Buckeyes need a big win!
#3. Most importantly, it's going to be SO much fun. I can't wait to see everyone.

What are you doing this weekend?

you know, besides cheering on my Buckeyes...

Kitchen table-Husband refinished this!
Light over kitchen table: Pottery Barn
White vase, hydrangeas, and table runner: Target
Candle holders: I can barely remember, but I think Target (clearly I have a Target shopping problem...)
Plastic pumpkins, glitter skull, and wooden pumpkin: Target ($1!)
Chalkboard: World Market

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one // my gold stack ft. alex and ani "live a happy life" and "boston" bangles, kate spade bff bangle, and shop lately's "born to be fab" bracelet
two // happy hour sangria and appetizers from Bravo with some of my girlfriends. Their appetizers during happy hour are only $4, so if you have a Bravo in your area, hit that up! :)
three // my work view from Starbucks...loving all the mums everywhere!
four // the cutest co-worker in the world! (rug is from land of nod, chair from amazon)

five // this royal blue flower power necklace from Molly Suzanne is a new favorite (other colors to pick from, too!)
six // recent forever 21 shopping haul (all for $80!): a burgundy dress, burgundy waffle sweater, cream with gold striped scarf, a new favorite plaid (seriously love this plaid!), and a casual sweatshirt.
seven // welcoming fall with my albion fit striped capris (sold out but these are similar and so cute) and go long crew top with thumbholes (the best!) - they are some of my most comfortable workout gear!
eight // made my first batch of 4 bean chili last night. There is nothing better than a good chili or soup on a chilly evening!

nine // black and tan outfit with my phillip lim bag! this jacket I got from h&m last year and has leather on the sleeves..it's one of my favorites.
ten // Rocky was ready for the OSU game Saturday with his jersey and his "dog beer" toy ;)
eleven // the California-based coffee, Peet's Coffee and Tea, just opened up new locations in Columbus! We first had Peet's when we went to San Francisco and are thrilled to have it by us now. It keeps a little piece of California here with me...

speaking of California, hard to believe we will be there next Weds! Ah! Cannot.wait.

twelve // our first caramel apples of the season and it seems like someone wanted his own! ;)

Then, something really exciting happened last night...I got the phone call from my best friend that she is ENGAGED!

absolutely gorgeous, right? He did so good!

I am so over the moon happy for her! I'm sure I will be posting about an engagement party soon enough. :) Congratulations Lindsay and Shawn...love you guys.

PS: House update...we are getting a new roof today AND are almost finished putting up our new doors. Billy has been working so hard on them! I feel so old/lame sharing these, but if you have a house, I know you can relate to my excitement.

follow me on instagram for more of these pictures!

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Tutorial: How-To Renew Your Blog Domain!

Have you ever got the dreaded emails from Google saying, "please log in to your account and update your payment information. If you take no action, your domain will not be renewed"?

Well, it looks a little something like this...

My blog won't be renewed?! Is that what you just said? MAJOR YIKES.

You would think that this would a 3, maybe 5, minute task at the most, right? Just let me go in, update my payment information, pay for another year and I'm all set....


Oh-so wrong.

The reason why I created this tutorial is because of how hard they have made this process to be and because of all the other bloggers I have heard that have had the same problem. Some have even lost their entire blogs due to this. Hopefully I can help some of you with this!

If you haven't got these emails yet, your turn is probably coming, so Pin this tutorial (or bookmark-whatever you fancy) to save for the future!

Step 1. Go to admin.google.com

>>this is where it's tricky and was causing me all the problems. You are signing in under a different account-NOT what you use to log into your Gmail/Blogger accounts. So click where it says, "sign in with another email address".

The username (in most cases) will be: yourname@yourdomain.com. For example, mine is: katie@mykeepcalmandcarryon.com. Apparently, when you set up your blog this separate account was created, but obviously a lot of us can't seem to remember this. My password ended up being the same as my Gmail password. If you can't figure out your password, you can hit "can't access my account" to reset it.

Step 2. Once you are logged in > go to the Billing tab > then to the RIGHT under "Domain Registration" there is a "$" symbol that says "Verify billing information". Click this. Then click "Billing Settings" on the left hand side and update your payment information. I put in two forms of payment just to be sure.


Step 3. This is so important! Click to go back to the Billing page, or "back to subscriptions" it might say, and hit the "+" sign to the LEFT of "Domain Registration". Under Renewal Options, hit CHANGE then "AUTO-RENEW MY CONTRACT".

Now every year it will be set up to automatically renew. If you have to go in and update payment information in the future, this is how you would do so.

A saint lovely man named Alan, from Google Support, actually called me to verify that this was all correct and I kind of want to send him a Christmas present for going over all this and reassuring me that I am good to go. He told me this is such a big problem and he personally is sorry for all the troubles it's caused me and my blog friends (ha)...see? Man deserves a Christmas present. Where are all the other Google support peeps?!

I hope this tutorial helps some of you and you are able to update your blog domain without any problems in the future. This also means that in return I get to keep reading your awesome blogs and that makes me pretty happy.

Over and out,

**UPDATE: This is just for domains registered with Google! Also, as much as I would like to be able to help each person's unique situation or problem, I simply don't have the time to do so. If you have followed these steps and still are experiencing problems, I have had success with Google's support department. I would suggest sending them an email (found on the same screens where you are trying to log in) and they typically respond within 24-48 hrs. Thank you!





It's that time again.Yesterday marked the first official day of fall (if you weren't aware with everyone's Insta's, including mine), so you should not be surprised that:

a. I'm writing this post (which I've had sitting in my drafts until I felt it was acceptable to post...aka today!) since this is my favorite season of all


b. that I ran out as fast as you can say the word pumpkin to buy mums and fall house decor yesterday. I already have most of it out, but will wait a little bit longer to pick up our big pumpkins until we can go to the pumpkin patch. I can't help it, I have compulsive fall disorder (see hilarious video below.)

Before I get into my fall to-do list, would you believe me if I said we finished painting all of our downstairs trim by Saturday evening?

Billy told me I was in "beast mode" and I still can't believe we finished it all. Working with your spouse on house projects can really test a marriage...especially when you both have two completely different work methods. Billy goes extra slow (he says it's because he wants to do it right-but to me it seems like he moves the pace of a snail) and I like to work faster and stay up late to get things done in a shorter amount of time.

The key to our success this weekend was sending Billy to get Chipotle (because Chipotle cures all) so that I could work on my own for a bit and work faster without him making me nervous that I'm doing it wrong, and also having him tape while I painted. I'm tellin' ya-worked like a charm. We even managed to buy new doors and have some of them ready to be hung! Woo-hoo!

OK-fall greatness. Every time fall comes around, I start planning things like crazy. My mind just goes nuts with all the fun things you can do. Living in Ohio in the fall is simply the best. Can not beat it. This was my to-do list last year, and I have to say this years is pretty similar because we loved everything we did last year and this list helps me "check off" all of the things we want to do.

2013 Fall To-Do List:

+Spend a day at Marmon Valley! {CHECK-POST HERE!}

This was by far our favorite fall activity we did last year. A visit back is a must...including a stop at Boston's pizza on the way back for pizza and Blue Moon's.

+Schedule and go to my 3 private horseback riding lessons! Sometime last year I mentioned to Billy that I would love to take horseback riding lessons (I used to ride a bit growing up and absolutely love horses), and last week I came home to him telling me he bought me 3 one-hour lessons. I am so excited!

+Host our 2nd annual "Friendsgiving" - pick a date and send out an invitation!

+Visit Lynd's Fruit Farm

+Try a new recipe once a week - and add 3 new dinner recipes to our weekly rotations. I'm not going to lie, I slacked with my cooking this summer, but fall is the perfect time to try new recipes (hello chili's and soups!), so I want to make sure I try some new recipes in hopes that we can add them to our weekly favorites.

I'm making my favorite clean eating chili recipe tomorrow...yum!

+Make a trip to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins - {CHECK! Post here}

+Attend Circleville's Pumpkin Festival- always a favorite of ours. If you live in Ohio and have never been, you must go! {It was raining when we could go, so we decided not to go :(()

+Paint all the trim in our house (!!!)- HALFWAY FINISHED!

+Bake pumpkin bread and an apple pie from scratch-because who wouldn't want these? Yum. {Pumpkin Bread CHECK: Post here!}

+Visit a haunted house-this one is all Billy. He loves them (that or he really enjoys seeing me run from the men with chainsaws and grabbing the people in front of me in line out of fear.)

+Get a new blog design-COMPLETED!

Yup, that's right. KC&CO is getting a makeover. While I love my current design, it's time to clean this space up a bit and I know that this new design/brand is going to take my blog in the direction that I want it to go. I want this space to inspire and I feel confident in my decision with where it's heading and I hope you will love it, too!

And just because this is too funny not to share....

Compulsive Fall Disorder....99.7% sure that I have it. Do you?
What is on your fall to-do list?

*If you haven't entered my $75 Crystal Faye Giveaway-go enter!