one // my gold stack ft. alex and ani "live a happy life" and "boston" bangles, kate spade bff bangle, and shop lately's "born to be fab" bracelet
two // happy hour sangria and appetizers from Bravo with some of my girlfriends. Their appetizers during happy hour are only $4, so if you have a Bravo in your area, hit that up! :)
three // my work view from Starbucks...loving all the mums everywhere!
four // the cutest co-worker in the world! (rug is from land of nod, chair from amazon)

five // this royal blue flower power necklace from Molly Suzanne is a new favorite (other colors to pick from, too!)
six // recent forever 21 shopping haul (all for $80!): a burgundy dress, burgundy waffle sweater, cream with gold striped scarf, a new favorite plaid (seriously love this plaid!), and a casual sweatshirt.
seven // welcoming fall with my albion fit striped capris (sold out but these are similar and so cute) and go long crew top with thumbholes (the best!) - they are some of my most comfortable workout gear!
eight // made my first batch of 4 bean chili last night. There is nothing better than a good chili or soup on a chilly evening!

nine // black and tan outfit with my phillip lim bag! this jacket I got from h&m last year and has leather on the sleeves..it's one of my favorites.
ten // Rocky was ready for the OSU game Saturday with his jersey and his "dog beer" toy ;)
eleven // the California-based coffee, Peet's Coffee and Tea, just opened up new locations in Columbus! We first had Peet's when we went to San Francisco and are thrilled to have it by us now. It keeps a little piece of California here with me...

speaking of California, hard to believe we will be there next Weds! Ah! Cannot.wait.

twelve // our first caramel apples of the season and it seems like someone wanted his own! ;)

Then, something really exciting happened last night...I got the phone call from my best friend that she is ENGAGED!

absolutely gorgeous, right? He did so good!

I am so over the moon happy for her! I'm sure I will be posting about an engagement party soon enough. :) Congratulations Lindsay and Shawn...love you guys.

PS: House update...we are getting a new roof today AND are almost finished putting up our new doors. Billy has been working so hard on them! I feel so old/lame sharing these, but if you have a house, I know you can relate to my excitement.

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  1. I've been wanting a few Alex & Ani bracelets and this post might have made me click "order" on some! They look so simple in a stack which is what I want. I also ordered that Albion Fit tee too! Remind me not to read your blog unless I wanna shell out some money afterwards ;) Congrats to your bestie on her engagement!!

  2. LOVE that blue flower necklace :)

    Congrats to your BFF on her engagement!

  3. I love Alex and Ani bangles. I need a few more! lol. I'm loving all the Rocky pics and this quick look into your life. So sweet! And I totally get the house updates. It feels great to feel like you completed a project!

  4. Nothing gets me more excited than house updates these days- I'm totally old too! We just installed a new vanity/sink in our bathroom and I'm obsessed haha!

    Also- I think I've just about convinced Jared we need a Pom bc of how darn cute Rocky is ;)

  5. Gahh! That blue flower necklace?? Adorable.

    Also, that picture of your apps from girls night made me ridiculously hungry for lunch - at 11 :)

    Congrats to your best friend!! what an exciting day :)

  6. Love the clothes from F21! And that chili looks amazing, I must make it soon!!!

  7. Yay for your CA trip!!! And yay for your friend's engagement! My brother just got engaged and I am SO excited to have another wedding to look forward to next year! ;)

  8. Loving the bracelets and Rocky got my fiance's attention.. he was sitting next to me and said "that's the cutest little dog"! aww!

  9. Peets coffee is seriously so good. We need to get some down south. I can't handle Rocky's cuteness!

  10. Love Alex and Andi! I just tried a bunch of burgundy clothes on and ended up leaving them all at the store. Now I am seriously regretting that! Loving your f21 finds. I need to start browsing there again :)

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  12. YAY CHILI!!

    and yay Lindsay!!! So happy for her an her man! Did I meet them!?!? were they the ones that had just returned back from the Domincan or Bermuda?!? LOVE IT!

    love the alex an ani :)


  13. K, I seriously love your dog! Let me ask you - how does he do alone when you're at work all day?! I want a Pom (?) but am afraid to leave it alone for 6-7 hours :(


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