On A Mission: Best Brunch in Columbus / A BLATE!

Not too long ago one of my best friends Angela, the one who I mentioned recently got engaged, and myself started something fun together..... we're on a mission to find the best brunch in Columbus!

We even gave our journey a little name, "Katie and Angela's Brunch Stops of Columbus", and we may or may not have a little scale where we rate the restaurants after we eat at them.

There are so many great restaurants here that we thought it's a great way to not only spend more time together (and talk about wedding planning!), but also an excellent way of seeing more of our city, support small businesses, try new places, eat fantastic food, and find those hidden gems!

We have a list of about 10 places so far on our list to hit (I'm sure more will be added as we go on), and this weekend we finished our second stop (first stop was Katalina's), which was Skillet.

Skillet: "Ingredient driven, comfort food with an edge"
-located Downtown/close to German Village

One of the things we liked about Skillet the most is that it's all local and their menu changes daily - maybe even during service!

I got an iced chai latte to drink (so so good!) and Angela got their iced tea. Possibly our best decision of our trip was to split one of their famous cinnamon rolls.... I mean-really? Look at it!


This cinnamon roll was to die for... not only was it HUGE (could share between 3 people even), but it was soft, had powdered sugar on top, and warm. We devoured it in seconds! Definitely get one if you visit Skillet. For our brunch, we both got the Potato and Goat Cheese Egg Scramble. It looked too good to pass up and it was calling our names! The portions were so big...I ate half of mine. While we loved what we got, we agreed we wished they put more cheese in it and added more of the tomato topping on top. 

A few things about Skillet:
-No reservations, walk-in only.
-Be prepared to wait. When we went, the line was wrapped around the side of the building! But worth it.
-Very small on the inside, but clean and such a cute atmosphere!

In case any of you were wondering, we liked Katalina's food over Skillet's overall (you know, minus the cinnamon roll!)

*If you have a girlfriend who loves eating out as much as you do and trying new places, consider doing something like this! We've had a blast so far and we've only just begun! 

Besides eating my weight in food, I had a fun blogger date with Sarah and Katie who came to Columbus to shop at Easton! Me and Billy met them for lunch at Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant (one of our favorites as you can tell-I've mentioned this place a couple times in the past month) and had a blast. We drank some wine, bonded over starting blogs randomly, and shared many laughs. :)

 Katie // Sarah // Me

What I Wore:
Target top (recently), A&F super skinny jeans, F21 rose gold belt, Sam Edelman flats...


They were just as sweet as I imagined them to be. I loved hearing about Floyd and Brutus (their doggies!) in person and all about their lives in Cincinnati. I am SO happy that I finally had the chance to meet them! Plus, we don't live that far apart so I expect many dates in our future...I mean unless they think me and Billy are totally crazy. ;)

BUT WAIT! Don't leave yet.

On Friday night, we went to my parents house to drink some wine, sit out on the patio, and take the bikes for a ride and it was honestly the most gorgeous night I've seen in all of my 28 years living (slight exaggeration possibly).....


Ah! The sunset was absolutely stunning.

and so were these two little studs, ha....

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Yayya! So glad Saturday worked out and YES there will be more dates in the future!!

  2. Wow that food looks amazing! and that Friday night pic....beautiful!

  3. I love the brunch idea! So fun!!! And YAY for chai lattes! :)

  4. That cinnamon roll looks amazing. I used to go out to brunch all the time when I lived in NYC. I love finding new places.

  5. yumm that looks delicious! and looks like yall had such a blast on the blate!!

  6. That cinnamon roll. OMG going next weekend.

  7. Such a fun blate. Love Sarah and Katie! I know a few other Cincy bloggers who would love to meet you (me, duh) if you ever come visit! :)

  8. tongue out ready to roll

    rocky i cannot handle your cuteness!!

    love the brunch idea with friends! Such a fun way to get together and mow down on food :)

    when i get engaged im coming with you for brunch for wedding planning :)

    love you pookie!

  9. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! Can't wait until we have a blate!

  10. That view is amazing! I would sit out there for days! And I love your brunch idea! That's really a great way to break the trend of never trying a new place, which I'm totally guilty of!

  11. Gorgoues view and that cinnamon roll looks AMAZING! Looooooove brunch!

  12. Trying new breakfast places sounds so fun! Might have to do this with some of my girlfriends! & yes, that back yard picture is beautiful! That sunset is amazing!

  13. Girlfriend Breakfast dates/reviews were a monthly habit of mine til I had my daughter. It's all fun and games until the forks go flying and the food has to be boxed up for home:) So enjoy it while ya can. I follow http://breakfastwithnick.wordpress.com/ and got his book to help me choose. I think you have tried Katalina.I wrote about a bunch of them, but my favorites are German Village Coffee Shop and Katalina (which I think I've seen on your IG) and the best of all, Cambridge Tea House! Have fun discovering new places!

  14. Yummmy! I don't do brunch nearly often enough! Feel free to come do brunch in Cincy and Allison and I will join in this time too! :)

  15. wow you had a great weekend!! love the foodie pics!! and what a fun goal with your friend!! I've started to do brunch/Sunday Funday with 2 of my friends. Blates are so much fun!! and the view from your parents is really pretty!!

  16. i love this idea... My hubs and i have a thing for creme brulee dessert so we went on the hunt for the best creme brulee in town! We gave each one a rating for: presentation, taste, and price. And after 6 taste testers, we found a worthy winner! And we always go back for it...

  17. Love the view at your parents! Blates are THE best...glad you had a fun time :)

  18. This looks like so much fun! I love blogger meetups!


  19. I love you outfits! And the food looks so good!!!!

    Have a wonderful 4th of July! <3

    Biggest Love,
    Victoria from Unlock Your World.
    Have you unlocked your world?

  20. Ahem! I must say that I am jealous-- although I do love my blog ladies (I wouldn't follow nor comment otherwise).. I do love Katie.. and I'm always uber jealous of Blates! For crying out loud-- I live in Pensacola, FL near the most beautiful sugar sand beaches.. a hour away from Destin, FL.. a hour and a half away from Panama City Beach, FL--- someone come blate me! hahaha
    PS-- looks like a grand time and you all look beautiful!!

  21. Ugh I am just obsessed with that outfit. You look so cute! Loving the brunch idea.. when Staci gets here I am TOTALLY recruiting her for this haha. Also, love the blate! So fun :)

  22. Ha, that picture of my water cheers-ing with your guys' wine & beer cracks me up! Had such a great time meeting you and Billy. Can't wait until the next time!

  23. oooh that cinnamon roll looks so good! And love the sunset - wow.
    Sounds like a great weekend

  24. Sounds like a fun blate!! Loving your outfit, you always look amazing girl


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