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Time for another round of Saw it. Pinned it. Did it!

...I have to say sorry to those who thought I was announcing I'm with child or something of the sorts from my post yesterday. No, I'm not announcing that right now, but we did celebrate one of my best friends engagements last night! My girlfriend Angela has been with her boyfriend for 6 and 1/2 years so this is a BIG DEAL! We are SO thrilled for her.

I hosted a small engagement party at my house last night for just our group of girlfriends and put together a little gift kit for her. I have seen various pins on Pinterest for engagement gift ideas and put a couple of the ideas I liked together to create the one I gave her!

Here we go....

Engagement Gift Kit:

-Bridal Magazine
-Bottle of Champs
-One white, plain coffee mug (followed Steph's awesome tutorial to make this!)
-Picture frame and dry erase marker
-Engagement picture of the couple

Basically, I rounded up those items and printed a picture they had taken when they got engaged and put it in a frame. I thought it was a cute idea to do a "countdown" until their big day using a dry erase marker on the other side of the frame. Then, I just added some bows to some of the items and had it laying out for when she came over for the party!

{her soon to be new last name!}

{this is actually a bottle of yellow tail's new sparkling wine, bubbles!}

I thought it turned out so cute and is perfect for a friend when they get engaged. I had some of the items scattered around my house for when the girls came over so they could see them too....

{from world market-gift from Steph :) filled with water, lemons, and some limes}

As for the appetizers, I got complete inspiration from the lovely April for both of these! I've always loved what April puts together when she throws a party (go follow her blog if you don't already!), so I decided I had to try these. All of the girls loved both of them!

The first is thinly sliced cantaloupe with prosciutto wrapped around it. Salty and sweet wrapped into one! The second is french bread (cut into thin slices), brie (I used the spreadable kind), honey (drizzled on top of the brie), strawberries, and basil! DELICIOUS. I also had some carrots and hummus laying out to munch on.

Last mandatory thing for an engagement party? Picture of the bride-to-be and her beautiful ring!

There we have it...how did I do?!

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*Angela: Congratulations again....I'm so beyond happy for you and Steve! Love you much! 


  1. So cute!!
    I'm having a get together next week and cantaloupe and prosciutto are on my menu as well, its the perfect summer app!

  2. Adorable!! I really love this idea as well as the Saw it..Pinned It...Did It concept. I will have to gather up my pins and link up next time!!

  3. What a stunning idea!! There is no happier feeling than a friend getting engaged (when you are already married, of course!)

  4. I am loving the appetizers and will be stealing those soon!

  5. I love it!!! What a great idea. I was thinking of putting something together for one of my friends who recently got engaged... I might have to swipe this idea!

  6. Your gift is so classy and thoughtful!!

    And all of the apps look devine.

    You're such a great friend =)

  7. I love it! So stinkin' cute! Definitely saving this for my un-married girlfriends. :)

  8. So adorable! Plus, that mango and prosciutto combination? That sounds crazy interesting. I'll have to give that one a try!

  9. Um I'm totally stealing the picture frame idea and giving it to my best friend this weekend.. It's so cute!

  10. I love this idea. I have a few friends who should be engaged any day so so I am for sure doing this! And I am going to make the strawberry brie toasts for myself this weekend. Sounds sooo good!

    Classy with a Kick

  11. Oh my goodness!! One of my long time friends JUST got engaged (it was so cute-- we have a club locally that has all kinds of bands play and her fiance got on stage at popped the question at one of her fave bands).. I want to throw her a little party and she LOVES hand made stuff. Thank you for sharing this. I'm not THAT creative.. wanna come help me with it!? We have pretty beaches here!!!


  12. Congrats to your friend! I waited 7 years before my hubs popped the question so she definitely deserves a celebration!! Sweet gift ideas!

  13. That is the cutest gift basket! I may just have to invite myself to one of these bashes, everything thing looks so yummy!

  14. So cute! I have to jump on this pinning link bandwagon. What a cute idea!

  15. Cute!!!!!! I love the X days til our wedding countdown :-)

    and that mason jar decanter....I may have to hop onto World Market.com :)

  16. Great job!!! I love that mason jar decanter. They have mason jar to-go cups like that at Wal-mart right now!

  17. engagements are sooooo fun! what a great idea! :) and something totally special that she'll remember forever.

  18. SO FUN! Congrats to the bride-to-be!


  19. KATIE!!! this is so awesome!!!!! Congrats to them that makes me so happy!! :) 6.5 years!! I should let Kurt read this post...we are one month shy from 6.5 years LOL!

    This looks so beautiful you are such an amazing person :) I love you!


    PS. Proscuitto wrapped melon??!!! So delicious I am getting hot and bothered thinking of it

  20. Cuuuuuuute party!! So fun...congrats to your girly friend!

  21. HI
    I just googled engagement gift suggestions and i found your page as one. I fell in love with every pictures and i too have a plan to conduct a party like this for my engagement..Superb!

    Enagagement Anniversary Bobblehead

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