Wait, What? 4th of July?

I can't even believe it is July already...J-U-L-Y.

Half way through the year. Excuse me while I process this for a quick moment....

Okay, I decided. Time-can you please slow down just a bit?

In January, I traveled with Billy's family to Snowshoe, WV for a ski trip...

In March, we went on vacation to Houston, TX to visit our bff's Steph and Beau (including Shay, Drew, and Kristen too!) and it was our first time at a (real) rodeo!

In April, I traveled to Nashville, TN for my girlfriends Bachelorette party, got my very own pair of cowboy boots, and came back home even more obsessed with country/live music than I was before....  

In May, we went on vacation to Naples, FL for my birthday! We soaked up the sun, made sure to spend extra time on the beach / getting tan at the pool, and dined at our favorite restaurants....

Now I can see why this year has flown by so quickly. Looking at all of those fun memories makes me realize how many places I've gone so far this year and makes me so very happy!

However, it's a catch 22 because at the same time, I want to soak up as much of this summer as possible.

Last night I realized I haven't even put anything together for our 4th of July plans and typically I've already planned the menu by now, and have everything shopped for just waiting to be cooked/baked.

Big fat fail.

Are YOU ready for the 4th of July? How are you celebrating this year?
Leave me some of your favorite holiday dishes in the comments!

Clearly I'm craving holiday foods already and it's only Tuesday...who's with me?

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  1. And just like that I want to repeat my trip to Snowshoe from February, go back to the beach and get my butt back to Nashville immediately!

  2. You have been a busy woman! I think the year is just flying by too.

  3. Can I join your family? You goto the best places on vaca!!!!!!! :)

    pretty sure i need to go to showshoe. I've been to mont tremblant in canada which is owned by the same company as showshoe and its just BEAUTIFUL the way its all designed and set up. So much fun!!

    also i must go to nashville...NOW!! Live country music--cant beat it!!

    for the 4th i say you just make your energy balls, but mix in some red white and blue sprinkles and CALL IT A DAY!! hahah


  4. I haven't ever been to Naples, but I feel like I need to after seeing your pictures! It's so beautiful!

  5. Im thinking turkey burgers, fresh fruit, and a side or two of booze ;) Have a fabulous 4th girl! :)

  6. I'm totally ready to celebrate this weekend! Oh and btw Boomer and I are moving in. We need some vacays in our life :)

  7. You've had quite the year so far! :) Happy almost 4thof July!!

  8. For a moment I thought you were going to say where you were travelling to in the fall..

  9. You're trips always look like so much fun! I can't believe it's July already and the 4th is 2 days away. Where is this summer/year going!?!

  10. So many vacations, I'm jealous! I'm FINALLY getting out of town tomorrow for the 4th and I'm so excited!

  11. Not too shabby of a 2013 lady! I think I may have to go with my pinterest hit from last wear and make fruit kabobs (but adding on some brownie bites this year!)

  12. Michael and I were saying on our little anniversary trip that we want to start doing more trips throughout the year. You have me inspired and will be to blame when I book trips each month. hehe Hope you have a great rest of the week pretty friend.

  13. I was just thinking about how fast this year is going by! It's so crazy! it seems like as the years pass by, they go faster and faster. I'm so excited for the 4th though! One of my sorority sisters is having a pool party/BBQ so that should be really fun. And then my boy and I will be watching the infamous DC fireworks :)

  14. Looks like you are having a great year so far traveling around the US and having lots of fun!! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by! We are officially 1/2 way done with 2014! My goodness!!

  15. Love the 4th! This year I'm going to a huge Texas affair with lots of fireworks and I can't wait! :)

  16. you've had an awesome year so far! we are the same way... there's been so much going on that it has just FLOWN by! i'd be okay if this summer slowed down a bit! happy 4th!

  17. Loved reading this recap of your year! It's crazy how fast it's gone by! I'm sure the rest of your year will be amazing!


  18. I am jealous of all your trips they all look like so much fun! My favorite 4th of July dishes are....
    this trifle:
    I use store bought angel food cake(bakery section) :

    this dip:

    Hope you have a great 4th!

  19. What a busy year it's been for you !
    Loved seeing the photos of Naples, Fl. I lived there for 9 months and just loved it!

  20. Now I know why you didn't put together your menu for the 4th yet!!! Bahahaa! Have. The. BEST. TIME. EVERRRRRR!!!

  21. "I haven't even planned my menu yet." FAKER! LOL! So glad you are back in the arms of your BFF!

  22. Family, Fireworks, and Booze! Thought I was going to say "fun" didntcha? haha Have fun this weekend in Tejas!


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