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Happy Tuesday!

Remember when I shared this post with my recent bathing suit finds and about how the Tone It Up Girls also support and wear Maaji Swimwear? Well, this girl almost fainted yesterday upon finding out that the Tone It Up girls are releasing their own swimwear line! (Not dramatic at all...)

Cue the excitement NOW.

This is amazing news (for them-obviously) but for us too since they are always wearing the cutest suits. Just thought I would share this little tidbit in case you haven't heard yet...

It dawned on me the other day that I haven't shared what's been going on in the healthy eating / juicing / workout out department. Now that it's bikini season I've been trying to increase my juicing (but I haven't shared much-sorry, fixing that today!), but I've also found something else I'm quite fond of...

insert Advocare's Spark

Who has tried Advocare or this product?
I'm a big fan.

I will typically drink this in between meals when I need a boost of energy or after a workout. It tastes delicious (all you do is mix it with water-I decided to use a blender with some ice!) and I'm a big supporter of Advocare products after success with the cleanse last year.

*If you are interested, visit the awesome Sarah // her website to learn more or to get your own! Now is a great time to try these products.

As for the juicing-I will try to juice at least three times a week right now. Typically they are breakfast juices, but last night I made a killer dinner juice (to go along with a loaded sweet pototo) so I figured I'd share.

If you don't remember why I love juicing so much-go here and read up. Then try it. :)

I have an awesome recipe to share with you later this week! One of my favorites.

Over and out!


  1. I'm so afraid of juicing - I just don't know how to do it but I have to get on the bandwagon. Plus I love how pretty they are. : )

  2. AdvoCare Spark....One Word...AMAZING! I also sell the AdvoCare Products and I am a firm believer in all of them. Spark being one of my favorites...I have a few reviews of other Advocare products on my very small blog! Thanks for the new Juicing recipe!

  3. Spark is really good - my cousin was selling it and gave me a few samples. I totally forgot about it until today haha!

  4. I haven't tried Spark yet but, I have a friend who sells it so there's really no reason not to! Must try it for after workouts + the late nights my husband & I are pulling on house projects - I know it will help out!

  5. I need to hop back on the juicing train... Fell off for a little while = (

  6. I was literally on my advocare site this morning trying to decide if I should order another cleanse. You just convinced me!

  7. i cannot WAIT WAIT WAIT for the tone it up swimsuits! I stalk the crap out of them on instagram they are just too hott to handle!

    im still so iffy on the juicing thing! i wanna try juices but at the same time i feel like i wont like the thickness/chunkyness! haha even though i know they are beyond amazing for you!

    PS i want your pants where are they from!!??

    xoxox loves you!

  8. I am not consistent in juicing (I hate cleaning it) but I love drinking them! ;) Need to get back into it!

  9. That is so funny that you juiced and had a baked sweet potato last night for dinner because I did the same exact thing! I love juicing, but it's such a pain cleaning it up :(

  10. Spark is ahhh-mazing! I'm a big believer in it and I started drinking it to deter me away from pop! I love me some mango strawberry!

    My friend and I are going to do another juice cleanse ... Lord help us all! Not sure how long - last time I made it 3.5 days. I was going to a wedding and I just couldn't stop from eating all the cake/booze/food/more cake/etc!

  11. I will have to try that recipe :) We have been juicing for dinner for about 2 weeks now. Loving it :)

  12. I'm sure you've mentioned this a hundred times, but what sort of blender do you use? I'm interested in juicing!

  13. I'm so excited for the new TIU swim suits! Hopefully they're not as expensive!

  14. Hi Katie,

    I'm a fairly new reader (and blogger), but have been loving your posts. I was so excited to see that you love Spark!! I just completed the Advocare 24 day challenge and loved it!! It has definitely changed my life and few of eating. I have been wanting to try juicing for a while and will be going back to read your posts about it and look forward to hearing more! :)

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!


  15. That dinner juice looks yummy. My friend is juicing right now and chronicling it on twitter. It's funny to see what she says.

  16. I am a HUGE spark fan! I just started adding it to my water and hello obsession. Watermelon and fruit punch are my favs this week. hehe Do you like any of their other products? ANYWAYS!!! YAY bikini season! Happy Tuesday friend.


  18. I saw the same TIU picture and got so excited! They're always wearing the cutest clothes. Obvi I can't wait to see their collection! That dinner juice looks amazing!

  19. The energy spark sounds awesome! Does it give you energy like an actual energy drink? My mother tried juicing, bought the very expensive machine, etc-- it's been used twice and looks GREAT on the counter! LOL-- I wish I had room in my small condo, I could have some fun with it!


  20. Ooo I'll have to try that juice. I have all that but the beets...I have a juicer that is very much in a box in my basement.

  21. That juice looks delicious!


  22. Mmm I have some spark I need to try. I must do that this week! Looks yum

  23. Looooove the toneitup girls and SO excited for that bathing suit line! :) They really do always wear the cutest things everrr! Also, in your dinner juice recipe I thought it said "beef" instead of "beet" and it made me giggle. Glad it doesn't say "beef" though because that would be NASTY.



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