Good morning!

A few housekeeping items on this bright and cheery Monday morning. Actually, it's not bright and cheery at all. It's down pouring outside and is rather dark, but hey, at least it didn't rain over the weekend for our lake trip. 

First-I never got to address this. Last weekend (June 2nd-12 years since my Mom passed away) you all blew me away with your supportive comments + love on my instagram about the cross Billy made for my Mom's grave. I just had to say thank you here too because I felt oh-so loved and thankful!

Second-If you haven't yet, you better run your butt over and enter my $100 Visa gift card giveaway. It's on my summer inspiration post. What do you have to lose? Besides $100, that is.

Third-Today I want to introduce you to someone!

Lovely readers, this is the cottage. Where we spend a lot of our summer weekends. Cottage, please meet my lovely readers! I figured I should introduce you two now so things aren't so awkward when I keep talking about you two to each other....

I know you guys would be fond of each other because it's pretty obvious I'm fond of both of you. So naturally this is a relationship that I know would work. ;)

Oh, and I WISH I could introduce you to Put in Bay (but in person). Some of you may already know the greatness that is Put in Bay, but for those of you who don't, you should google it and then plan a trip.

It's a little island with hotels, wineries, bars, sunshine, restaurants galore, boats, kayaks, live music (and you KNOW how I feel about that...) etc. Basically all WONDERFUL things!

We hung out here, at Mojito Bay, a lot. One of our favorite spots.
And only the best outdoor tiki bar ever. Complete with swings, sand, and cornhole...
 {Billy's brother Kevin}
 {Billy's twin sister}

Fortunately, we are lucky enough to be able to take the boat from Billy's grandparents cottage to Put in Bay (takes about 20 minutes) and dock it there. We did this on Saturday and had the best time...it honestly felt like we were on vacation and no one (I mean no one) hates vacation, right?

Well, there you have it. A few of my favorite things.

What did you do this weekend? Have you heard of Put in Bay?
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  1. I love those pictures - it looks like you had such a fun weekend! I can't believe the entire time I lived in Dayton I never visited PIB; my friends used to go up all the time, though!

  2. Ahhhh put-in-bay!! I wanna go there so bad! everytime you go it just makes me wish i was there!

    love that you guys love boating...its deff one of our fav things to do as well. I want to go to that TIKI BAR!!! Thanks for introducing me to cottage too. ;-)

    you are such a cutie katie!!!! this weekend looked fabulous!!


    ps- seriously can rocky get any cuter???

  3. Looks so amazing! I want to go! I'm so jealous of the sunshine. Our weather has been horrendous!

  4. These pictures look so fun! I would love to be boating right now!


  5. I totally would love to visit PIB this summer. We keep meaning to go and never do, so this needs to change! Would love more recommendations on where to go/what to do if you don't mind sharing. Oh and your cottage is so cute! Love how well your new sign fits in :)

  6. Put-In-Pay is sooooo nice! We went as a family once or twice growing up, but it has been YEARS since we got up that way! You definitely have me wanting to plan a trip up there ASAP!!

  7. Love Put in Bay! Just visited last week! I spend my summers in Port Clinton, looks like you hang out on Gem Beach! How fun :)

    Pretty crazy Ohio can be this pretty, huh??!

    Maybe we'll bump into each other sometime!

  8. This looks amazing! A beach cottage is one of my dreams (I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it!) can't wait to decorate ours one day in the future!

  9. A tiki bar with swings?! This looks like so much fun! Glad yall had a wonderful weekend!

  10. Jealous a million times over. And those sunglasses? Dying for them!

  11. Ahhh what a fabulous cottage and an amazing weekend. Hope y'all had a great time pretty lady. Michael would never leave. Maybe I should show him these picture hehe happy Tuesday eve.

  12. So I'm kinda jealous of y'all's cottage and lake time!! I love the water, but I don't get to the lake near as much as I would like!

  13. Looks like a beautiful place! Anywhere with sunshine, water, and yummy drinks is good in my book!

  14. Looks like such a wonderful time!! xx

  15. Love the cottage!! If only we had fun little lake towns like this in the California valley...it's just throw your boat in and put around.. :/

  16. Lots of things in this post but let's just skip to the part where I had NO idea that Billy had a twin sister!! I've been reading your blog for a long time and I can't believe I somehow missed this!


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