Hap hap happy SPD day! Back for another round.
And I hope you (yes, you) will join us! If not this week, then definitely next week. What do you say?

I have to admit I'm still a little distracted by the CMT awards last night. Florida Georgia Line swooping them up left and right made me happy. I know my co-host would agree. 

Anyways....I'm pretty excited for this weekend to get here! I've mentioned before that Billy's parents have a boat and we typically travel to Billy's grandparents cottage in Port Clinton on the weekends in the summer a lot and this weekend will be our first weekend there so far this summer! We are so excited. Lake living is just better, isn't it?

His family has spent some time this year re-doing the bedrooms at the cottage and Billy's mom asked me if I would make a sign for over one of the beds with a wood pallet, kind of like this one I made two years ago. Of course I told her yes....

Wood? Lake inspired? Paint? Where do I sign?

I think many people assume wood pallet projects are really hard to do. THEY AREN'T-don't let them fool you! I found inspiration from this awesome sign...mainly just the size and yellow color on it. The last wood pallet I made that hangs in our guest bedroom, I didn't paint the wood at all like this one. We left it distressed which is also a great look... 


This time, I wanted to switch it up and actually paint the wood to go with the color scheme in the bedroom. Here's what I did....

-Wood pallet {honestly, you can find these at hardware stores and if you ask they may give them away for free like ours did!}

-2 1x4 pieces of wood
-Chalk, optional
-Acrylic paint in the color(s) of your choice

-Small foam paintbrush

What You Do:

1. Get your wood pallet and remove any screws or boards that don't "look" good. Place the boards you do want to use from the pallet together and have your spouse, boyfriend, or Dad (or yourself!) nail the boards together to stay in place. For this project, I used 6 of the boards from our pallet. It's a perfect size to go over a bed or for a statement piece in a room...

silly me, I forgot to take a picture before painting the wood a light grey. Try and picture without for now...

2. Once the boards are secure, screw the 1x4's on the back to secure the boards even more and to help with hanging. Like this....

3. Get to painting! I painted the wood Silver Spoon (light gray) by Behr. 

4. Once that coat dries (only needed one-the wood soaks up the paint so well!), think about the quote you want to paint on your board and paint that. Since this is for the cottage, I thought I would do a nautical inspired quote or something about boating. I chose yellow and a dark blue because it will match the colors in the bedroom that it's going in...

You can practice writing your quote with chalk or a pencil before painting it. I, however, this time chose to wing it (REBEL). You can also buy stencils if you think you have bad handwriting or will mess up, but I wasn't able to find stencils big enough for what I needed. 

Here's how it turned out...keep in mind it still isn't hung yet (obviously) so just do me a favor and picture it in a beachy cottage?

To hang the sign-we just use a strong and very durable wire that you can attach to the back on the boards and then use nails to hang. I'm sure there are other ways to do this, but it has worked well with the one we have hanging in our guest bedroom. 

Wood pallet projects are so fun because you can literally paint anything your heart desires on them! Have fun with them and get creative.

And this project was pretty much F-R-E-E. That always equals amazing, right? 

Have you ever made a wood sign like this before? How'd I do? My handwriting isn't the best, but I think it looks pretty decent for a non-professional like myself, haha. Once we get the sign hung, I will share on instagram (@katiewkrysh) and on here to show you all what it looks like! Excited to get it up :)

Like I always say (well, when they are successes!): Katie tested, Pin APPROVED!

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  1. This looks so so good! I was at home depot a couple of months ago and asked about pallets and they said no... booooooooo

  2. I've been dying to see what you were going to make with the pallet after the teaser you posted on instagram! This type of project is on my to do list in our new place. This one turned out great!

  3. SO CUTE!!!! I have been wanting to make a pallet DIY for so long, just have no where to put it in this tiny apt of ours....

  4. I love this idea!!! Hope you have an amazing time up at the lake!!!

  5. Amazing! I love this and sooooo want to give this a try!

  6. So cute! It will look great at cottage! How do you actually hang it onto the wall?

    1. thank you so much! We use a heavy duty wire that we wrap on the back and attach then use a nail at the top of the wire. There are probably a bunch of ways to hang it but this does work and it keeps it up even though it's so heavy! Just make sure you get a heavy duty wire. :)

  7. you are so crafty! cute cute!!!! love youuu!

  8. I love the wood pallets! This turned out super cute! Great job chicka!

  9. Looks SO good!! I've been wanting to do a pallet project SO bad!!

  10. oh i love this!!! this is so cool!!

  11. I love this... I need to find some pallets and make some pretties!

  12. So cute!!! I love it, it's perfect for the beach!

  13. FGL shoutout...you REEEEEAAALLLLLLYYYY know the way to my heart. You forgot to mention NELLY though!! I thought my heart was going to BEAT out of my chest when they were all 3 on stage together.

    Oh and your project is pretty legit too. You're giving me inspiration to paint my wooden pallet I've had stored in the garage for well over a year now. I'll get to it...you know...when I'm willing to spend more than 10 minutes on my projects lol.

    Love your face of base. ;) #iloveus

    PS-have I told you lately how much you rock my damn world??

  14. That came out great! I love the beachy theme!

  15. I love it! You did such a great job!

  16. Love your sign! When I got married last year my friend made me an "All you need is love and a dog" pallet sign. It's my favorite present!! Def going to link up next Thursday - what to make, what to make?!

    1. Yay! I'm excited you're going to link up!! Make something that I can be on the receiving end of like a good bestie should!! ;)

  17. Awesome. I am dying to do a pallet sign for our beach house! I never really knew where to get the pallet wood...now I do! Thanks!

    Classy with a Kick

  18. I love it!! It turned out great!

  19. Love the sign!! I now feel inspired to make a similar one for our Tahoe home! Speaking of Tahoe... I suggest you come back to visit with the Schue's - and of course I will invite myself for this adventure ;)

  20. It LOOKS GREATTT! it came out so well!
    I'm loving the diy- this just stirs up so many ideals & ill probably end up making one myself!!

  21. Love it! Good job. And I can totally picture it at a beach house :)

  22. What a cute idea. This may have to be a summer project.

    So Much Sunshine

  23. Love this tutorial! I'm going to have to try it out!


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