{Naples Pier}
 {#realmenweartheirwivesfedoras ;)}
 {The Ritz Carlton}
 {Drinks at Gumbo Limbo-behind the Ritz on the water}
 {5th Ave}
 {dress is from H&M-recent}
 {Dinner and a bottle of wine at Cafe Luna for our first night}

 {day 2-spent at the pool, dress from f21}

Ah, a vacation recap post. 
Everyone hates loves these, right? I will try to keep this short and sweet (pt.2 comes tomorrow), but we had such a great trip that it would almost be offensive (to me? ha) to leave out a picture. Or that's what I will just keep telling myself...

These pictures are from our first 2 days spent in Naples. To me, Naples is the one place in Florida where you often don't feel like you're in Florida. We go every year and it never gets old. It's not that I don't enjoy other areas of Florida, I just prefer Naples and highly recommend it if you have never been! It never feels overly crowded, the weather is always 3-4 degrees warmer than other parts in FL, the water..I mean, do you see how gorgeous it is?!, there are ALWAYS dolphins swimming right by the pier, and there are so many good restaurants. 

We spent our first couple days soaking up as much sunshine as we could during the day either at the beach or the pool, and then we would get ready and go back to the beach for dinner and to catch the gorgeous sunsets. 

The sunsets-oh my, the sunsets. Don't get me started on those..heavenly, I tell you!

{dress is from southern charm apparel}

On our first day, we were swimming in the ocean and came about 100 yards (or less) from a couple of dolphins. They were swimming so close and I was semi-freaking out in excitement! I wanted to just hop on, hang on for dear life, and take a little joy ride with my new friends.... that's completely normal!

Naples Recommendations {places to go/eat/see}:
+Cafe Luna, great specials for dinner
+Naples Pier
+5th Ave. for shopping and fine dining
+Gumbo Limbo at the Ritz for drinks/lunch/dinner ($$)
+Naples Beach Club, cute tiki type bar on the beach that has bands on Sunday's (maybe other days as well)
+The Blue Monkey Bar and Grill (farther from the beach, but close to our place and has great pub type of food)

...more recommendations to come on the next post!

*if you missed my post on Friday sharing my bathing suits that I packed on this trip/would recommend, go here.

May these photos help get you through this Monday! Maybe? A little?


  1. Naples looks so amazing! I miss Florida!

  2. You nailed it in the dress department, all of them are adorable!

    I hate losing my tan...possibly the worst part of coming back from vacay.

  3. all of these pictures are gorgeous! i actually love to see vacation recaps so i can learn about new places to go myself :) ive been to florida a million times, but never naples- definitely having to add it to my list now!!

  4. So pretty! :) Glad you had fun!

  5. I have officially added Naples to our must visit list! It looks gorgeous & so do you!! :)

  6. sigh---this is BEAUTIFUL

    I want to go to Naples. And you're right...it looks like its on some beautiful exotic island and not florida! SO SO PRETTY

    swimming near dolphins...fedoras...floppy hats....sand...drinks...sounds like absolute HEAVEn

    did you see K. Hampton or Isle of Capri!! :D

    loves you! These deff helped me getting thru monday

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!! Naples has been a place we've tossed around a few times an an option and after this post (and tomorrow's I'm sure) it's going to keep moving up on my list! I've been to just about every beach BUT Naples lol!

  8. It is absolutely beautiful!!! & Yes, these pictures helped. I would like to be there. Now. :)

  9. Ahhh, that looks so heavenly! What a gorgeous place to vacation. I wanna go!

    Love, love all of your dresses!! We are going to the Dominican Republic later this month, and I seriously *need* some new dresses for the nights!

  10. Oh how I want to be there. I always love but hate to see your vacation posts. They are always so heavenly I get just a wee bit jealous

  11. I love posts with lots of pictures! Where do you stay when you go? We are looking for a place to go in Florida and this looks amazing!

  12. These pictures look stunning! I haven't been to Florida in ages, Naples seems incredible! xoxo

  13. These photos makes sitting at my desk all the more miserable!! Your vacation looks heavenly especially swimming with dolphins!

  14. Y'all always take the best pictures! Love the pics, I have to go there. and SOON!

  15. I got to stay at the Ritz in Naples a couple years ago for a company retreat. SO beautiful there! Looks like you two lovebirds had a blast!! :)

  16. You officially have me day dreaming about Florida right about now as I sit at this desk. Naples seems like THE perfect Florida vacay spot! Waayy better than Destin. I can't wait to see part two!

  17. How beautiful! You lucky dawg. ;)

    Hey, by the way, I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week. Check it out if you like winning free stuff. ;)

  18. Psshhh I looove me a good vacay recap post! Especially since I'm going to the coast on wednesday for a vacay of our own, and you just got me even more excited to goooo!! :) Looks like you two had a blast! That water is perfect and you are gorge!


  19. what a beautiful place! I love vacay receps, it's nice to imagine being on the beach with a cocktail versus sitting in my desk chair with a bad cup of coffee haha.

  20. Fantastic pictures! The beach sunset photos are stunning. Your trip looks magical!

    New follower :)

    I'm having a Zoya & Sephora Giveaway, would love for you to enter!




  21. Gorg pics!!



  22. Love the beautiful view!! Your dresses are adorable :)

  23. Beautiful pictures!! Looks like such an amazing place!

  24. Loving these pics! I have vacation envy on you right now!


  25. ohhhhhh mmmmmm geeeee these pictures...you...your husband...that beach!!!!! Ahhh. Just perfect and beautiful! Im so glad you seemed to have just the perfect little birthday celebration. Your beach definitely put my beach to same. hehe. I can't wait to see the rest! Happy Tuesday eve pretty friend.

  26. ooh I may have to put Naples on my list of places to visit now!

  27. Jon and HAVE to check out Naples! Looks so romantic & super relaxing...can I be there RIGHT NOW?!?!

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  28. These totally make me want to go to Naples! What airport do you fly into? I tried looking it up from where I live and there aren't many flights.

  29. I have never been to Naples (or any part of Florida, for that matter!) but now I definitely want to! I have to admit I've never thought I would want to go to Florida! ;)


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