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Hi friends! So, as you know (I mean you missed me, right?) I was out of commission last week for the link-up due to being on vacation, but nevertheless I'm back with another stamp...er pin...of approval for yet another Pinterest project. I actually made this a month or so ago, but forgot to post about it and since it received so many comments via instagram I thought it was good enough to share!

It's one of those extremely simple (and I mean extremeelllyyy simple) projects, but good enough. Those are the best type of projects, right? You might even have all these things in your own home already, so that's exciting.

I'm actually kind of bitter I didn't find/think of this earlier...travel size items for the guests in your home in a pretty apothocary jar?! RIGHT ON.

Such a cute way to dress up a guest bathroom that is also functional! Bonus points right there.

What you need:
+Apothecary jar (any size, any shape-just be sure to get a wide enough opening at the top to fit the items! I've found the best ones at TJ Maxx)
+Travel size toiletries

We don't really need steps for this one, now do we? Simply search around your house for any and all travel sized items (or go to the dollar section of any store) and fill your jar with them for your guests to enjoy, like so....

Are you tapping your head like, "why didn't I think of this?!" I did!
Pin away so you don't forget about this awesome idea.

Also, as you can see, I like to store q-tips and cotton balls in little mason jars. I love how clean and easy this looks in our guest bathroom and that now our guests can see what they need and get to them easily!

*tutorial for framing a standard mirror: found here (from one of my past SPD projects)

In conclusion..... Katie tested, Pin approved.

What do you think about this crazy simple project?!
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  1. I love this idea! I wish I had a guest bathroom to do it in. I already keep my qtips in a mason jar though. Great minds think alike! ;o)

  2. Cute!! I have this pinned for when we move into a house and actually have a bathroom bigger then a q-tip.. okay, exaggerating. We keep qtips in a mason jar too!

  3. I made one of these a few months ago & LOVE it! It's such a good idea. Oh & I may have copied your acrylic tray tutorial for the link up today! It was so easy & cute.. I had to! Haha :)

  4. FYI the Bath & Body Works candle jars are great size for holding q-tips!

    Love this project but I don't have a guest bathroom!! ;)

  5. Such a cute idea! I love it.

  6. What a cute way to store a few items for your guests!

  7. I knew I should have bought that apothecary jar that was on clearance at Home Goods. Damn! What a cute and simple idea!!

  8. I've seen this before & absolutely love the idea! We have our first official guest coming to stay with us in 1 month & I want to do this in our guest bath!

  9. This is so cute I love it! I never know what to do with all those sample/travel size items.

  10. We did this during a SPD a while back! So smart and handy! Thanks for hosting!

  11. Such a good idea. I almost bought a jar at Michaels a couple weeks ago but I couldn't think of where it would fit in my bathroom. I never even thought of the guest bathrooms. I am totally doing this!

    Thanks for hosting again. You ladies help keep me crafty! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  12. LOVE IT. I've been wanting to get a mason jar for my cotton balls, but I always forget until I'm using the cotton balls. haha And I love throwing not so pretty products in a pretty container like this.

  13. Such a cute idea and super easy!!

  14. This is such a cute idea. I definitely will need to do this. xx

  15. I absolutely love this. I am a former artist with Clinique and I loved racking up on the little samples. I'm new over here; just saying hi! xo

  16. love this idea!!! I have soooo many little bottles that would be perfect for this!!!

  17. SOO cute. Now I'm coming over and just stealing the whole thing :)


  18. I put mine together a couple of months ago! Such a neat idea!

  19. I don't have a guest bathroom, but I've put all the travel sized products together in a basket and placed it in our bathroom closet, so people will have it if they spend the night.

  20. Love this idea. Need to put it the night stand since I don't have a separate bath for guests, but great for the things left behind!

  21. I saw this a few months ago on the Pinterest and did it! I smile every time I go into my guest bathroom now. Yours looks great! :)


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