Weekend Shenanigans {ft. Phillip Fox Band, Brunch, and Birthdays}

...andddd we're back to Monday!

How was your weekend?

For the first time ever in a really long time, I actually felt like this weekend didn't fly right by where I was left wondering on Sunday night what the heck just happened to the weekend. High fives to that one.

Do you remember a couple weeks ago when I was going through Nashville live music withdrawals? Well, thanks to a lovely reader (oh how I love this blog of mine), my girlfriends and I found a new favorite band that plays live country/rock music-the Phillip Fox Band! Phillip Fox Band often plays in + around Columbus (check out their schedule here!) and we went to their show at Grandview Cafe on Friday night to check them out. It's safe to say we are so glad we did because they are amazing and put on one heck of a show. 

Not to mention, they were great sports by putting up with our group as we took over the dance floor (front and center!) most of the night. Hey, it's how we roll.... ;) If you live in Columbus, you better go check them out. And don't be surprised if you see me and my girlfriends there, we kind of want to be their groupies. ;)

Of course, I had to bust out some cowboy boots for the occasion...
{outfit details: scarf-winter lennon, chambray-a&f (so comfy!), tshirt-old navy, leggings-target, belt-forever21, boots-ready for this? charlotte russe!}

My girlfriend Stacie had the same outfit idea... :)
Billy was such a good sport because he came out for a while with me even though it was all girls and just him. good man, good man...how cute are they?!

Saturday morning, I went with my girlfriend Angela to get brunch at the cutest place called Katalina's. We both had heard great things about it, but just hadn't made it there yet. They have amazing breakfast food (hello pancake balls, burritos, and breakfast tacos!) and a patio you can sit out on.

We went and shopped for some flowers for our yard after breakfast and then I went home and got to work in our yard. At the risk of sounding 40+, I seriously love working in our yard....weeding, edging, planting flowers, etc. I honestly never thought I would say that, but I do. Guess that means I'm getting old...#ohwell.

Saturday night, we celebrated one of my best friends, Emily's, birthday at Angela and her boyfriends house. They had a big cookout and our whole group of friends were there-it was such a fun night and our first real cookout with friends this year. Cheers to that!

and another outfit pic...
this is the jean jacket I mentioned to you all last week!

On Sunday, after some terrible news we received from Billy's family late Saturday night, I went to my parents for brunch. Brunch is my new favorite things apparently. Cinnamon rolls, egg casserole, and fruit...the whole shebang. Glorious! The rest of the day I cleaned up the house and ran some errands before taking a nap for a few hours (oops) in the late evening which lead to zero productiveness at night.

I'm not going to get into specific details because I want to respect their privacy, but if you could send some prayers to Billy's family I would really appreciate it. Thanks all!



  1. Looks fabulous to me.

    I love weekends like this!

  2. Charlotte Russe cowboy boots?! Get out! Love 'em! Sending some prayers yalls way :)

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend! I love finding new live music venues to visit! :) That pink chiffon skirt is so pretty, too. I'll be praying for Billy's family. Lots of love and good thoughts are being send your way!


  4. Lovin that girly pink skirt, so cute!!

  5. So cute!! I love your pink skirt! Prayers for Billy's family.

  6. Love the outfits! Live music is always a blast! Hope you have a great week and I will keep Billy's family in my prayers! ♥

  7. You, Billy, and his family are in my prayers!

  8. Stop it with that pink skirt. LOVE!!

    Positive thoughts coming your way for Billy's fam!

  9. aww praying for billy and his fam.....give him a hug from me xoxoxo

    your outfits this weekend were SO cute! I saw that pink skirt i thinkkk somewhere but I cant remember where and now i wish i tried it on!! it looks SO GOOD!!

    love weekends with girlfriends/friends :) they are the best


  10. Ohhh my gosh. Hello busy, fun filled weekend. Those are seriously my very favorites. And your outfits. Eak. You are just too fun. Hope you have a great start to the week pretty friend.

  11. LOVE your skirt you wore out Saturday night, super cute :)

    I'm sorry to hear that you guys received bad news, I hope everything will be ok. Thoughts and prayers sent your way *hugs*

  12. Brunch looks so yummy! It's making me hungry now.

    Praying for the family! xoxo

  13. I am determined to find a live band that plays in Madison! There isn't anything better than live music, alcohol, and your best girlfriends!

  14. what a great weekend! i hope i like working in the yard when we get one, i always enjoy looking at well kept yards so hopefully my home will be one to look at

  15. Love that skirt!!! Where did you get it? Also I think I need to start the brunch idea on weekends...way too stressful to get up so early and start cooking!


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