The Spousal Game {+A Special Birthday!}

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It's only appropriate that I start this post off with a dedication to my little Texas blondie for her birthday! Yup, Steph is 27 today! I mean, we did meet through our blogs, so that means that without this blog of mine, she would never be in my life and that is absolutely CRAZY to think about. I don't even want to think about that..nope. Not for one minute at all.

It all started with a simple email from said blondie Texan who had found my blog and was asking me questions about my wedding pictures. It didn't take long for things to get much more serious so we started texting, the texting turned into many phone calls, and then the realization of "Holy crap! this person is my other half...how did I ever survive before? This is so weird" came about. Then, we spontaneously went on a trip together and had the greatest time in all of the land (and our husbands developed a lovely bromance), then we got back from said trip together and talked every single day (and still do!) and realized how much it sucks living so far away, planned another visit for them to visit our home/city here, then we missed each other in between way too much again and we had some catching up to do so me and Billy flew out to Texas to see their stomping grounds and spend 5 days in their beautiful home. Now, I'm sitting all the way across the U.S from her, instead of being there celebrating her birthday by eating mexican, drinking iced coffee/Corona's/vodka soda's on her front porch, and singing Florida Georgia Line. Sad face. But no fret- this story and the memories are to be continued...

Not mentioned in mini story: how thankful I am for my friendship with Steph. It's hard to meet people in general these days that you can really trust, be completely yourself around, feel like you've known since you were little, and like your sitting next to your best friend after actually only knowing them a short amount of time. That's what Steph's friendship is to me. We are incredibly sarcastic towards each other (if you even saw our conversations...), but at the drop of the hat, we can be calling each other for advice. It's never a dull moment in this friendship of ours, that's for sure...

So, last week I saw this awesome spousal game over on Christina's lovely blog and knew I wanted to ask Billy these questions to test his (and mine) knowledge about each other. I also took it a little further by taking a little page out of Erin's book from a while back and asked Billy even more questions at the bottom. The man had some funny answers. Take a look (and feel free to play along with your spouse!)....

How long have you been married:
b: 2 years 9 months
k: 2 years 9 months

Where was our first date:
b: Outback
k: Outback (in Bowling Green!)

Where was our first kiss:
b: in the jimmy
k: in the jimmy (his old car at the time) in a fast food parking lot. Classy!

Who said I love you first:
b: Katie
k: Me!

What were our wedding colors:
b: teal blue, orangeish
k: teal blue, orange, and some others mixed in!

My most commonly used phrase:
b: "what a bug!"
k: "really?!" (I do say what a bug alllll the time...)

My celebrity crush:
b: Rob Pattinson
k: Brody Jenner

....Billy's response to my answer? "He's not a celebrity" Touche.

If you would order drinks for both of us, what would it be:
b: Vodka cranberry or a Corona for you, Coors Light for me
k: Corona for me, Coors Light for you (I do get vodka cranberriesor vodka/soda often!)

Best meal she's ever cooked you:
b: Her moms lasagna
k: My mom's lasanga-he loves it.

Worst meal she's ever cooked you:
b: Stuffed peppers with that quinoa
k: The ones where I get home from the gym and say "I'm too tired to cook" so no meal ends up happening. ;)

...Billy is NOT a fan of quinoa!

What is my most played song on ipod:
b: that song you've been singing lately...Wagon Wheel
k: Right now, Wagon Wheel. For sure.

What would she say your most annoying habit is:
b: Not sitting still
k: His hair in the sink or not being able to sit still! (I swear he moves his hands, legs, etc about 50 times when we sit on the couch or watch a movie)

What is the last thing I do before bed:
b: try beating me to bed or kiss rocky goodnight
k: kiss Rocky goodnight

...I kiss him, too! ;) Rocky is just the last one.Beating him to bed is another fav of mine...we will be brushing our teeth,etc. and I will try and hurry to be the first one in bed! It's like a little cheesy game we play, haha.

If you could throw out one item of my clothes, what would it be:
b: Your old north face
k: Old A&F navy/white pants that say a year on the butt. (No joke! So old!)

Your favorite thing about her:
b: Her genuine heart and how comfortable she makes other people feel when talking to them
k: My personality and how easy I am to talk to

Her go-to drink at Starbucks (or what I like recently):
b: Low fat milk hazelnut macchiato "or is that just your new one?"
k: Skinny Iced Hazelnut Macchiato

...impressed he knew this, I've only gotten it 2 or 3 times!

Her order from Chipotle (because let's be serious, this matters!):
b: Salad with black beans, vegetables, corn, tomatoes, hot sauce, tiny bit of cheese, and guacamole
k: Salad with black beans, veggies, corn, tomatoes, green hot sauce, a little bit of cheese [can you tell I stress this to him?! ha], and guacamole

...he has that one down. ;)

For this second part, I gave Billy certain things or words and told him to tell me "What do you think of when you hear..."

your style: comfortable
blogging: chicks that sometimes wear fake glasses and updo hair and lots of boots
music: jason aldean
food: pizza
drink: coke
blood clots: stare death straight in the eyes twice (he's had two of them!)
work: meaningful
money: retirement
my shopping habits: could be better
ideal day: golfing, sunshine, 80's, family and friends
chores: vacuuming
movies: better be good
rocky: my little bud
cooking: always need an appetizer
30: shitty
instagram: chicks post pictures
twitter: boring
boating: lake erie
person you want to be: my dad
house projects: rewarding
vegetarian: you but you weren't born that way
vlogging: i forget what that is
working out: adrenaline rush
frozen yogurt: not as good as Graeters
vacations: relaxation
the bachelor: kind of weird
wine: nice on a date

Andddd that's a wrap.

What do you think? How'd he do?


  1. You guys are adorable! Looks like he did pretty well ;)

  2. He did really well! I don't think my husband would do that well, but I am kind of unpredictable :) And I know what it's like to have a best friend Stef too...and I'm the brunette to her blonde :)

  3. He did great! This is such a cute game. You guys are just too cute for words.

  4. haha vlogging... i forgot what that is. hilarious.

  5. I love "chicks post pictures" for Instagram. Amazing!

  6. That was so dang cute!!!! I just wrote something similar today...go check it out!

  7. My bf and I play the beat you to bed game too, but only because we don't want to have turn the lights off. hahahaha. so weird.

  8. Awww so cute! Good job Billy! There is no way my husband would get that many questions right!

  9. ok first im just dying over "stuffed pepper with that quinoa" i literally cant stop laughing because kurt is the same way by being like "ugh that quinoa" HATES IT!

    ok back to beginning. AH STEPH!! i love you two!! and 27 years young!! my fav pic of you two is that one with you in the maxis. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! :D xoxxo

    ok im dying to play this spousal game. DY-ING. Going to do it this week hahah

    the chipotle order. i cant handle it. billy!!! you are so cute...down to the "little bit of cheese" haha

    his view on blogging. PRICELESS. and vlogging...hahah! He did so good on this!

    love it love it love you <3

  10. So cute!! Happy Birthday Steph! :)

  11. I love hearing about your friendship with Steph! I love that you met and became best friends through blogging. It's so unique and I'm sure will be a fun story to tell your kids! Oh and I love that your husband knows you so well! Cute!

  12. I LOVE this little spouse game!!! Totally saving the idea for a future post ;)
    Your hubby knows you so well :) Love what comes to mind for blogging and IG LOL LOL :)

  13. He did awesome! You two are perfect together!

  14. Well if that didn't melt my damn heart! Love you to Reese's Pieces!! And don't you EVER...EVER EVER EVER even mention the idea of me not being in your life. EVER again! K?!

    Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes and for posting that craptastic photo of us in Kohl's. I'll let it slide but only because we were all 3 sheets to the wind trying to haggle a pair of $2 flip flops for my janky-ass husband's feet.

    Ha. Love you!!!

  15. Yall are so cute! And I love your story of how you and Stephanie became best friends!! So sweet!!

  16. Hahaaha this is hilarious! Love that he has the Chiptole order down. That's exactly what I get too- so good!

  17. THIS is hands down adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two are so cute together, and obviously so in love and it shows!

  18. Awe you said I love you first!?! I love hearing that! What happened after that? Did he say it back?

  19. So I just had to tell you that your post yesterday from where you ate at Katalina - I was watching teen mom today and they ate at Katalina and it reminded me of your post. I know I don't know you in real life but I thought of you when I saw it haha. I made mention of that to my husband, he gave me the weirdest look ever haha

  20. Haha oh my goodness this is awesome! I want a husband just to play this game and that's the only reason. Okay I lied but whatever. My favorite parts are the Chipotle order and the "vlogging: I forget what that is". You two are just too damn cute.

    Oh wait! I love the you and Steph part too duh! Everything you say reminds me of Whitney :)

  21. lol my favorite part is that you werent born that way (being a vegetarian) hahahaha. such a man thing to say! he knows all the important stuff! :)

  22. You and Steph share such a special bond - it is so awesome to see!! And your man did well :)

  23. you and billy are the cutest! loved all the answers


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