Friday Fashion Finds!

On Tuesday, I told myself it was Wednesday.
On Wednesday, I told myself it was Thursday....
It does not make the week feel short, I'll tell you that much.
It's safe to say I'm happy that it's finally Friday! It IS Friday, right? I've got a hot date tonight with my cowboy boots, my man, and my girlfriends to hear a live country music band play...I'm thrilled. Tomorrow, I plan to work in the yard and then will be celebrating one of my girlfriends birthdays later that evening! It looks like this weekend has a lot of potential...but then again, every weekend does. And is normally really amazing.

Moving on...

I've got some fabulous deals to share with you today!
Let's start with the newbies that I haven't shared with you yet...

The cutest dresses, accessories, and jewelry at amazing prices.
 *free shipping on all orders!
When I say jewelry, I mean they have the popular monogrammed necklaces that you've always wanted but didn't want to shell out one hundred bones. I finally proudly own a gold monogrammed necklace from them and am so impressed with it.

Some other looks from them?

and two dresses that I've since added to my wishlist:

**the best part? KC&CO readers can get 15% off any purchase until May 5th, using the code MYKEEPCALM. OR you can use the code EXTRAFIVE to get 20% off orders over $30.00, also good until May 5th. {you add the code after you confirm your payment info!}

Do you know how many good deals I just added up mentally with one of those coupons?
Get on it! Such a great shop.

 A boutique started by a friendship between two girls who met in college and shared a love of fashion. One happens to be the lovely Regan who is a blogger herself and a friend of mine. 

Nothing in their shop is over $50!

Don't you love that? I do.

I'm wearing their Navy 3/4 Sleeve Blouse ($28) that is absolutely perfect for spring. It's lightweight and goes with skinny jeans, skirts, or shorts.

Some items I'm eyeing for you guys (and myself) are these pretties...

Chevron Peplum Top / Stripe Shift Dress / Peg Necklace

You can follow Crave Boutique on Instagram (@shopcrave), so you can stay updated on their new arrivals!

3.  Last, but not least, you know my love for Style Love Living:

Well, they just got in skirts. Cute maxi chevron type skirts. Oh, and dresses and tops!
They still sell their awesome jewelry, they have just expanded to these as well.

They have multiple colors/styles of this..go take a look!

Rocky says happy shopping, ladies.

something like that. ;)


  1. love it all!! that last skirt is just so cute!

  2. Cute finds! Love the ikat scarf and make me blush dress!! Happy Friday! :)

  3. I LOVE/hate when you do these posts! I think with the exception of one time I have visited these online stores and bought a ton of stuff. I just purchased three adorable scarves from Southern Charm apparel and it only cost $35! Thank you so much I cant wait to wear them and that is SUCH a steal!


  4. love all of the cute things in the think link!!! I might order a maxi dress from Style Love Living

  5. Katie,
    I know of your love for real estate (read: looking at big houses), and my boyfriend and I LOVE to do the same. My parents are buying a house in columbus and i got an email this morning from my mom with the subject "we found it" and i thought for sure it would be their house.


    I WISH! You need to go over to that house and knock on the door and go inside! If i lived there, I'd stalk it for sure!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. The scarf is gorge!


  7. Katie - I love that one shoulder "Cowboy Charmer" dress! Too cute :) I hope you enjoy the band tonight! Grandview Cafe will be fun!

    1. hey girl! thank you for the recommendation-we are so excited to check them out! xo

  8. You always show us the best stuff!! That infinity scarf is perfect (it was great until I saw it was only $15 then it became perfect!) Rocky is too cute!!

  9. Loving the scarf in this post!


  10. And again... if I send you my credit card, can you just purchase a new closet full of fun clothes for me? Or.... even better, take me shopping with you when you come back to TEXAS. I know your besties would love that. hehe happy weekend pretty lady!

  11. That Rocky is such a charmer! I love that chevron skirt!

  12. You have made my day posting about the monogram necklace! I've been dying for one, but all of the ones I've found are $100+ too much for this cheap girl!

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