Lately I'm Loving {Denim and Skirts}

Ladies and Gents-

As we all know, denim jackets have made their comeback (why did I throw all my old ones out?) and recently I've found the perfect one. My hunt is over...woo-hoo! I just received it in the mail yesterday and can say it's even better in person, mainly because it's not stiff...it's actually comfortable. Sometimes the way jean jackets fit drives me insane, but not this one. It's also the perfect wash-not too light, not too dark.

 You can pair it with so many things: maxi's, shorts, skirts...you name it.

 {striped shirt and skirt are from F21}

I'm also inspired by all the fun skirts in the stores lately and how to style them. There are so many options, but my favorites are the flowy skirts with a chambray top/belt and the bold tribal skirts!

I just found a tribal skirt that I love that is similar to this (but has sequins!) and can't wait to show you all.

Now, who's wants to join me in doing this at the gym tonight...?

Any takers?
It's a friendly reminder that bikini season is rightttt around the corner...

What are you loving lately?
I have some amazing items from a few of my favorite online shops soon to show you, so be on the lookout for that. Good things coming, good things. :)

PS:  Thank you all for your kind comments on my post yesterday!



  1. I love all those looks! I've been trying to keep my eye out for the perfect denim jacket too! You may have just helped me find it!

  2. i have been holding onto my jean jacket for quite some time - it's from Ruehl. When it first opened. But it's the perfect wash, fit, everything. I'm keeping my eye out now for a denim vest.

    I love the tulle skirts - so princess like. Who wouldn't love that?!

  3. Loving the denim and skirt look! So adorable. What shoes would you wear with that first outfit? I always have a hard time finding the right shoes for outfits.

  4. Seriously Katie can you fly to CA and become my stylist. Makeover me and my closet :)

  5. Cute!! I saw that tribal skirt on Pinterest and I love it!

  6. Loving the denim jacket and dress/skirt look. Wearing a denim jacket and dress now as we speak!

  7. I love that jean jacket and the skirt looks so pretty!! i am also loving how trendy skirts out!! i am finding that i am buying tons of skirtfs lately!! i cant help it!! Have a great day
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  8. That work out looks great! I really want to workout in my apartment, but I live on the second floor and it was built in the 80s and I've never met my downstairs neighbor but I'm pretty sure he already hates me since my 30 pound dog likes to jump up and off the bed a million times a minute.

    The denim jacket I wear is the one I had in junior high. Yay for being fat in high school? haha

  9. I'm definitely loving all the fun pleated flowy skirts right now too!


  10. Very cute look! I think jean jackets are perfect with casual dresses! Especially for spring!

  11. Love this look! Denim (or blazers for that matter) are so perfect with skirts because they add structure and cover the top half so that focus stays on the legs. And in order to get those legs I am going to have to try that workout tonight... sounds brutal! But AMAZING.

    xo, Ainslee


  12. I (thankfully!) kept my denim jacket that I had from hollister in high school! BUT, now I need some maxi skirts for spring/summer. I really want to buy some brightly colored ones.

  13. I never knew denim jackets went out! Haha! I've had the same one from Gap for years...wearing it today actually! Just love them! ;)

  14. The denim and flowy skirt is a great combo look! Can't wait to see it on you! Cute cute girly! :)

  15. LOVE that jacket!! I saw it when I was shopping at jcrew this past weekend and almost snagged it... I may have to go back and get it! I have a Nordy's one now that I love but the jcrew wash is so perfect!

  16. Oooo I love that jacket!! I totally know what you mean about them being uncomfortable though. I still have yet to find one that isn't stiff and a pain in the ass to lift my arms!

  17. Cute finds! I have been looking for a tribal skirt! Can't wait to see the one you got!


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