It's Getting Hot In Here....

YES! It's Friday!
Friday is always wonderful, but today it is for two very special reasons.

It's getting a bit warmer in these parts. We're talking up to 60 today and 65 tomorrow...
Holy heat wave! (#isitspringyet)
I might see some people sporting sandals + shorts here.
So this is really silly but Friday's are meant to be silly, aren't they?
I made that up...but let's go with it!
Here's the actual story:
The other day I came home from the gym and Billy was sitting on the couch
with this huge smile on his face.
I knew something was up because he was acting really funny
 but couldn't put my finger on it, and then a few minutes later he said,
 "the snow outside looks really nice".
Yeah? Sure does? 

I knew at that point something was in our backyard that he wanted me to see.

 Then I see this mammoth staring at me in the eyes...

Billy made him (with Rocky's help, of course)
and while he claims it didn't take him very long to make,
this snowman looks like the most elaborate snowman of 2012.
{Maybe just to me, because I know I prob would not get this creative with it...}

I mean, he has his own gardening gloves and watering can
so that he can work in the yard while smoking his cigar.
Hey, better him than me!
I guess I won't have to do any yard work this year.

Not to mention, it looks like he recently got his eyebrows done
and a new fancy hat to compliment his ginger hair.

We both thought we should name him, and that's when "Marv" was born. 
Pretty logical name for a snowman...right?
{Home Alone may have been our inspiration for this name}
I was thinking back tonight to earlier in the day,
and I recalled a conversation we had earlier on in the day about Marv and had to share....
{Billy is the white, I'm the blue}
A full fledge convo about our snowman, Marv.
This is actually really embarrassing. But I do enjoy silly conversations with Billy.
I'd like to think it keeps us young and fun. Or just really cheesy. It's your call.
He's probably going to kill me for sharing this and I will be living where Marv is now. Oh well.

RIP Marv - you were good to us. 
Thanks for entertaining us for 2.5 days.

 Actually, that whole #1 story really was just a decoy so that I could get your attention for #2...
Sorry for making you sit through that random story, but I needed something.
Something bigger, better.


We are heading to Texas!

Remember that one time last year our trip to Texas {Houston, in specific} to visit my best Steph 
 (I guess Beau too...) got cancelled because of a sad family event?
Well, it's time to actually make it there.

Our trip is booked for the second week of March and I could NOT be more excited!
It works out perfectly because we get to stay in Steph and Beau's brand new beautiful home
 they just built AND we get to experience our first RODEO!
Giddy up ya'll!
Over the time we are going-Tim McGraw, The Band Perry, and my man Jason Aldean
will be there at the rodeo so that's obviously an added bonus to this whole thing.
Plus getting to meet some other cutie bloggers will be an even bigger bonus.

 I'm a big sap, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet, but having someone like Steph
who is pretty much a sister to me that lives so far away in redneck country Texas
 can be difficult at times.
I can't just drive to see her and flights don't come cheap.

I mean, I love our friendship for reasons like this...

but mainly for reasons like this...
we wine together....

and because half the time we never know what the other person is doing...

 and because our husbands put up with us and actually like each other...

Yay! So excited to see her.

Oh, and bring ON the BBQ.

Have a happy weekend, loves!


  1. So fun! I bet the rodeo will be aweee-some. Tim McGraw & Jason Aldean, hello sexy sexy ;) And I hear ya on the heat-wave. It's been 40 the last two days here in Wisconsin, yesterday I saw people on MOTORCYCLES, wearing SHORTS! Weirdos.

  2. The snowman is cracking me up....mostly because his name is Marv. That name makes me think of Home Alone, when Joe Pesci is in the floor with the spider on him. "Marv....what are you doing Marv??" Ahh I crack myself up :P
    YAY for TX :) I'm jelly.

  3. Redneck country...oh lawd.

    And could you have posted any WORSE photos of me?! What the hell? I'll forgive you...and then post all the bad photos of you when you come down. Muahahahahahahaha

  4. That snowman is too funny. I can't believe he made that by himself while you were gone. Pretty impressive! TX sounds like it will be a blast!!

  5. Yayyay! You guys will have the bestest time!! Finding a long lost sister through blogging may be just the best thing in the world. Now only if someone we knew had a helicopter so we could fly around for free!

  6. Awwww I'll be in Houston for the rodeo the weekend AFTER you will be there to see Martina McBride and George Strait. BUMMER! But I hope you have a BLAST! There's nothing like the Houston Rodeo :)

  7. Glad you get to finally go! Shoot. I missed you by 4 weeks! I'm heading to Texas (Austin) in April!

  8. ah, so excited for you my love, have the BEST time! Im jealous, wish I could go too!! hehe :))

  9. i love the story about Marv and Billy and Rocky, but i am so, so excited that you're coming to Texas! you haaaave to stop in Austin, have some breakfast tacos, and walk South Congress. i promise you won't regret it!

  10. We're having a warm up to... to the 40s. I'd kill for 60s right now. HAHA :) Marv is adorable.... RIP buddy! Have fun in Texas, but let's be real. I don't need to tell you that. We all know that you will!

  11. i love that his name is marv. you should've made another one and named him harry.

  12. Um. Tim McGraw, The Band Perry AND Jason Aldean?! SO jealous!

  13. So fun that you're finally getting to tx! Can't wait to hear all about it!! Take lots of pics of the new house, rodeo and food!!! xo

  14. Going to the Rodeo is on my list of things to do, so jealous! Glad you guys are having warmer temps, over here in Northern California our high is 49 today!

  15. Awesome this is so exciting! Love reading about your adventures together.

  16. aww so much fun!!! kinda jealous. ya'll seem like a super fun duo!! ;) wish i was going to texas that week to visit my momma and sis, then i could meet up with you all ;) cant wait to hear all about it. and ummmm super jealous that you are seeing Tim and Jason!!!!! :)

  17. That snowman is hilarious!! I'm also loving the spring-like weather! Bring on spring!!

  18. Sad about Marv, but I have to say I love the silliness of the convo between you and Billy. Reminds me a lot of myself and my guy. Being silly is a good thing in a relationship! Happy weekend! :)

  19. I will cry my little eyes out if I don't get to at least meet you for 2.5 seconds!!! I'm SO excited that you're heading south!!

  20. So glad i found your blog through Steph - and so exciting that you get to see each other so soon!!!!

  21. Oh Marv, that a stud. May he rest in peace.

  22. Hope you are having a great weekend in Texas!! I love your blog!!

  23. Oh my goodness - Marv is the best looking snowman I've eve seen. What a stud muffin. Also, your conversation with your husband was hilarious.


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