Another fabulous Friday.
TGIF party people!
I'm watching the snow come down (pretty hard actually) and can't help but want to be
 snuggled up in my bed. Don't we all?
We don't have much planned this weekend and I'm thrilled with that.
 We are planning on doing a few small things like going to COSI and lunch downtown afterwards, 
delivering my girlfriend Marissa (who just had baby Maddox) a meal, 
and having pizza night but besides that it's all open!

Also, just wanted to say thanks to all of you who linked up with us yesterday! 
I love seeing the link-up grow and all the cool things you made. 
It's great so thank you for that! If you haven't participated yet, well shame on you. ;) 

Here are 5 things I'm currently enjoying right now:

Brown blonde hair
 this hair color.
I'm not sure if I could ever pull it off, but it's pretty awesome.

Easy Appetizer – Hummus Cups With Cucumber And Tomato
 hummus cups with cucumber and tomato
recipe and source

lc lauren conrad: sheer polka top top in black + white
 LC in general. I love her.
 bookcase styling
this bookcase and how it's styled. 

 this perfect weekend outfit.

What are you doing this weekend?

PS: If you want a really cute iphone home screen ( free)-go here.
In case you missed it:


  1. I think if anyone can pull off that hairstyle, you could!! xoxo And this coming from someone who loves your dark hair

  2. i love everything you posted!! seriously that hair color...i think i want it now too ;) and LC...oh my word! i love her and her style and her brands. she's the greatest! :)

  3. That hair color is so, so pretty! And I love LC! And that bookcase!

  4. Love that bookcase...I've been so back and forth trying to make mine cute...still can't achieve this! And you could totally do that hair color! Go for it!!

  5. I love love love that hair color too!!! Mine is so blonde and I wish I could get it toned down a little to be more honey blondeish brown..I guess that's what that color would be described as? Have a great weekend girl!

  6. Where are these pictures from? I'd love to know what the 'cup' of the hummus cups are made of.

    1. Saw it on pinterest! here is the link (that I added) by the pic: http://www.ziplist.com/recipes/1152729-Easy_Appetizer_Hummus_Cups_With_Cucumber_and_Tomato?return_to=%2Frecipes%2Fbox%3Fpage%3D7%26partner_content%3Dziplist%26partner_key%3Dziplist-web%26theme%3Dziplist%26user_scoped_search%3Dtrue&_szp=105767

      it's made out of pizza dough! :)

    2. Thanks! I ended up making them for a Superbowl party last night and they were a hit!

  7. That book shelf is so cute!


  8. LOVE LC & I'm so loving her new collection for LC Lauren Conrad. She's just so gorgeous!


  9. I seriously SUCK at styling bookcases, so thank you for the motivational picture.

    Weekend project declared.

  10. I just love LC too! And those hummus cups...yum! So going to try those! :)

    Happy Friday!

    xo, jill
    Classy with a Kick

  11. Love everything about her hair!! Jealous. Happy Friday!!

  12. I am so jealous of your pretty snow!! We're getting sheets of ice right now- not so fun. And girl you could definitely rock the hair color! Perfect spring/summer shade!

  13. Of course you could pull off the hair color!
    It's gorgeous.
    You know what else is gorgeous?
    Your big ole heart and sharing my freebie with your readers!
    Love and hugs all around!

  14. I love the shelf - but with most things that are awesome, it is so girly and men ... yea, well they don't do so well with girly :/
    I love LC, I stalk her site and her pinterest and instagram all the time. Seriously, I need to stop fantasizing about her life haha.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. I love that bookcase as well! I have one in my living room built in that has a bunch of colors all mashed in together. I foresee a SPD project in the near future.

  16. I love LC too, so much, her style is amazing!!

  17. Oh I love me some LC. I have a book of hers I need to finish up! I REALLY miss Laguna Beach and The Hills! The bookshelf is very organized and simple, looks like an awesome DYI project!
    Happy Friday! XO
    Don't forget to stop by @ wideospaces.blogspot.com and link up with us for "Be My Valentine"

  18. We're having a blogger meetup here in Houston tomorrow and I might make those hummus cups!! Thanks for the idea :)

  19. I love that first hair!!!! You totally need to try that!!!!!! XOXO

  20. Lauren Conrad has so many inspiring, creative ideas. Such an idol.

    Recently did my bookshelf up like that :)



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