If that sunset isn't a sign a good weekend was about to happen, I'm not sure what is...

Oh my goodness guys.
My heart was so full this weekend. 

We had a birthday party for my niece Lia (she turned 5) on Friday night at my stepsisters house. 
The evening was spent listening to concerts (The Wanted inspired) by the boys, rocking out on a purple kids guitar (oh wait, that was just Billy..), and playing with the girls.

Guess what news we woke up to Saturday morning?
My best friend Marissa and her husband Mike had their BABY BOY!!!
You may remember the baby shower (complete with the mustache photobooth) we planned for them. 

Marissa's water broke overnight and shortly after beautiful Maddox James was born.
We woke up to messages from them, ate a quick breakfast (you know I don't skip a meal), and got our
butts to the hospital to meet the newest member in our friends family. 

Marissa and Mike were glowing.
 Baby Maddox was breech so Marissa had to have a c-section, but I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing she looked for all she just went through.
She was such a trooper!

...now let's talk Maddox. 
He is SUCH a sweetheart and one of the cutest babes I've ever seen (I'm not just saying that Marissa!).
We decided he looks a lot like his Daddy right now, but see some of Marissa too. 
We love baby Maddox so much already.
And obviously he knows that we are the coolest as well.

Can we all just stop and pause at how cute/adorable/handsome Billy looks with Maddox? 
My heart was bursting at the seams! 

Saturday night we had a fundraiser dinner event downtown at The Westin with my parents. The Westin is one of my favorite spots downtown because it is so elegant and gorgeous! Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures this night so I don't have much to show you, but it was so much fun.

You can bid on different items at the event and I actually won $100 in Mary Kay products and Billy won us tickets to COSI (science museum here) and lunch afterwards! 

Sunday was spent organizing. One of my goals {notice how I didn't say resolution there-who sticks to those?}for 2013 is to be more organized. I bought some cute wire baskets from World Market and plan to show you guys soon what I've used them for. My weeks seem to go so much smoother when I have things in order and plan ahead...go figure. ;)

Other ways I'm trying to stick with this goal are:

+Making sure to keep my planner with me at all times (from Target)
and keep it updated.

+Meal planning on Sunday's:
Buy all ingredients before Monday hits so you are prepared!
Works like a charm.
I made big pot of clean eating chili (recipe found here) last night for leftovers this week.

+Keep notebooks in your purse to log your workouts (+ your eats if you want) or to-do list.

+Use binders for household papers/things you need to find quickly:
I have a binder with dividers specifically for all our recipes.
I also just made a binder to store all our important documents like tax information, passports, etc.

How have you been staying organized?

Linked up with that cutie Sami for Weekend Update! Go join in on the fun.

Make it a great Monday, friends! :)


  1. I don't know why... maybe it's just the way you wrote this post and how genuine your words are.... but something in me thinks that maybe, just maybe... you're pregnant too :)

    1. After her slightly (ok...VERRRRY) intoxicated texts on Saturday night, I can assure you she is not lol. ;)

      We can dream though, can't we?! ;)

    2. LOL!! HAHAHA Kates I'm not with child at the moment like Steph said. :)) but thank you for the good laugh!! I might have the fever a bit though...

  2. I just organized my closet this weekend...and it made me well aware that my resolution of not buying clothes in 2013 is the perfect resolution for me! And we also started planning meals! Works like a charm :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. I have those notebooks from Target too and I LOVE them! Definitely a lot of blog notes go into those! Meal planning is such a saving grace! I have a new, updated post about ours coming this week!

  4. Awww congrats to your sweet friend! He is such a beautiful baby! Makes me want to do it all over again {well...almost!}. Sounds like a great weekend...Happy Monday Friend! xo

  5. Ahhhhh my ovariesss! They are hurting! lol. What a sweet baby. Billy looks perfect holding him!!

  6. I just bought those same notebooks/planner at Target this weekend!! They're so so cute! (Well I almost bought the same planner, I had that one in my cart, but ended up getting the same style except turquoise with gold polka dots on it) Great minds! And I always meal plan in the beginning of the week, makes such a huge difference!

  7. Ahhh there's way too much good stuff in this post! Lia and Mattox are adorable, happy birthday to both of them! Mattox James...that is SUCH a good strong man name. And I'm impressed with your organization (and how beautiful your kitchen is) Umm I don't really have ANY tricks for staying organized, but I have organized my purse lately if that counts

  8. How can I NOT love this post-- babies and organization?! That's like the epitome of happiness. What a wonderful weekend you had there, girlie :)

  9. ahhh such a cute baby boy!!! and yes, billy looks great holding a baby (hint, hint ;) haha)... seeing my hubs hold our friend's baby is seriously one of my favorite things ever- it just makes my heart melt.

    and i absolutely adore your kitchen!

  10. Oh how cute, and congrats to your friend! You and Billy look like naturals, and I am sure you will be great parents! Also, can't wait to see how your organization project turns out. I did some organizing this weekend also, and can't wait to share in the linkup on Thursday!

  11. That ladybug cake is too cute! My parents called me "ladybug" growing up, so I am just drawn to cute things like that. And baby Maddox is so stinking cute. I love that name too. Every time my hubby sees a baby, he won't venture out to hold it. To see your hubby holding the baby is so precious :)

  12. What a beautiful baby boy!! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  13. Yayy for your friends!
    I have been working on my organizing goals too. My only problem is I like to start a new system every month, ha so I am not sure if it is too helpful!

  14. Oh my goodness I LOVE your kitchen, so big and bright - a kitchen like that would make me want to be organized too!

  15. Maddox is precious Katie!! Billy looks like a natural with him ;)

  16. I love love love the name Maddox! Soooo cute. And I'm going to make a stop over at Target today for some adorable little notebooks. Perfect for meal planning!

  17. I always love celebrating in the joy of a friend welcoming a new baby! How exciting :) And I need to get a better hold on the weekly dinner planning. I love your chalkboard cabinet idea!

  18. Love organization!


  19. Can you say best weekend ever? Sounds like an amazing one to me.
    Maddox is so precious! What a beautiful little addition to your lives.
    I try to stay organized, I really do. Most often though it just doesn't work. Meal planning is the best but for some reason I can't make myself do it. I use binders too but as of right now they need LOT of work. Sounds like you are doing well with your goal. Keep up the good work!

  20. I'm from KY, and back when I was in elementary school, we went on an overnight field trip to COSI! I feel like a nerd, but it was so fun, I would love to go back!

    P.S. I've been reading for a while but this is the first time I've ever commented. Love your blog!


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