Valentines day for you


Woo! Wednesday already!
This week is flying by and I can't complain.

 I had some requests for Valentine's Day gift ideas (for you and your man-that one will come next week!) on many different budgets that I thought I'd share today because it looks like it'll be here before we know it (not complaining there either-come on Spring!). Typically, we don't do anything crazy for this holiday, and the gifts I appreciate the most are the thoughtful ideas that Billy comes up with on his own. However, that's not to say you wouldn't appreciate something special and can't hint at your guy for some of these wonderful things. OR..you could just treat yourself to one of these-we deserve it, right? There are some inexpensive items up there for as low as $12 and then there's some really pretty jewelry pieces that cost a bit more (nothing too crazy!). 

I just got the Gomax heels (center) in the mail and am SO excited to wear them!
They can be worn with so much and I've really wanted a style like that since last summer.
{size DOWN if you order them!}

 On top of all of those goodies..I have something even more special to share.
 If you're wanting to give your significant other an awesome and unique gift idea, you should show him Helzberg Diamonds new INFINITY X INFINITY collection. This 21 piece collection is inspired by the hit TV show "Revenge" and offers the perfect gift on any budget (prices range from $49.99 to $999.99).

 Personally, I love the mantra behind this collection: “I love you infinity times infinity.” 
So cute and perfect for Valentine's Day!
Pictured is the INFINITY X INFINITY Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver.

I love how different the necklace is and also what it symbolizes. It's kinda pretty too.. :)
Basically, you can't go wrong with any of them!
You can shop online or in Helzberg Diamonds' stores nationwide.

Before you get your shop on, I know most of you have heard about this but if not-don't forget to shop first with Ebates so you earn cash back on all your purchases. It's a must. 
I've earned so much money back in just a year that I've been using it...it adds up friends!
Sign up here.

What are you loving for Valentine's Day?

I will have some gift ideas for the man in your life next week!

Come back tomorrow for the greatest link-up in all the land (I might be biased)-SPD! 
Mine involves the words: cake batter. So that means it is guaranteed to be good.
Just saying.



  1. I've been seeing those heels and the likes of them all over! I think your post just convinced me I need a pair! Im pretty sure I pinned them a few weeks ago on Pinterest too!!! Love the list!

  2. I LOVE the infinity stuff. I have a dainty little infinity tattoo on my wrist and have been wanting an infinity necklace. I actually pinned an infinity ring that I showed hubs he can get me for our wedding anny in July since it will be our 10 yr. I told him he could choose the infinity ring or a new wedding ring set! HAHA :)


  3. I'm obsessed with those Gomax heels. Please tell me they look as pretty on as they do in the picture!

  4. I've seen those Gomax heels all over the place-so pretty. I think I need some!

  5. Love those heels and kind of want/need to order them now!! So many fun picks!!

  6. That necklace is beautiful. I should probably start dropping hints now :) Thanks for the ideas, girlie!

    samm @ dysfunctionaleverafter.com

  7. Love the Kate Spade earrings and those heels. I saw they have them in pink and black also...love!! I have also been wanting to get some Hunter boots, just can't figure out which color I want...ha! I did see you in an outfit with the red ones, which I really liked, so I am going between the red and the purple. Are they warm enough for winter? Or are they more of a spring boot? I am thinking I might get them for spring.

  8. Ahhh those heels. GImme gimme gimme!!!!

  9. All I ask is that I own that rose gold watch. That's it :) Please and thank you.

  10. Love the infinity sign, hoping to put that design into my wedding band!! Looking forward to the "manly valentines day ideas" next week!!

  11. Oh haaaay, I have a Helzberg credit card. I might be grabbing that necklace!!! haha.

  12. My boyfriend gave me an infinity necklace similar to that one from Helzberg too for Christmas! I love it!


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