Oh yeah, I have a blog. 
A blog that has been a little neglected the past couple days, but for good reason.  

It's so hard to get back into the swing of things, even after 4 days off! We had an amazing long holiday weekend and soaked up all of Thanksgiving's awesomeness! Thanksgiving day was wonderful being able to spend time with family we don't get to see very often, and of course eating good food that I normally would never make (the 3 lbs of flab residing on my waist I could do without..) I don't typically take pictures on Thanksgiving day...I put on my most comfortable and forgiving pair of jeans, a baggy but still cute sweater, and took the day off from social media (except 1 or 2 instagram pictures) to spend time with Billy and my family. It felt good and Billy even told me how much he loved not seeing a phone in my hand or snapping pictures left and right. Sometimes a break is good. 

Of course it was just icing on the cake (turkey?) that OHIO STATE beat Michigan on Saturday. I wish I could bring all of you here to tailgate for a home OSU vs. Michigan game, because it really is too hard to explain how crazy it was on campus. One would think that since it was snowing (flakes here and there) and was seriously frigid at 30 degrees that it would hold us back, but it didn't. Our friends had heaters set up in their tailgate tents and somehow it was still one of the best days in my 27 years. We had so much fun and the whole day I was surrounded by my best friends and Billy's family...couldn't get any better. 

Here are some of our Thanksgiving weekend snippets:

-made Buckeyes (a recipe you don't want to miss that I will post soon!) and did some crafting on my day off Friday before the boys came into town

-ate dinner at a new brewery/restaurant here in town called 101 Beer Kitchen

-stayed out way too late Friday night and got up way too early to head down to campus

-put hand warmers in not just our gloves but our boots too and for others, possibly down their shirts to stay warm ;)

-danced on tables for about 2 hours following the OSU victory! (seriously-about 20 of us were dancing on tables at the bar..was one of those "this is the greatest moment ever" things and it wasn't just the booze telling me that!)

-was in bed by 9pm that evening (I cheered for Notre Dame in my sleep)

-officially being in full Christmas mode! I decorated the house for Christmas this weekend, but we haven't had a chance to put up our tree yet so that will come soon. I'm pretty excited about it!

-ending the weekend by celebrating my Dad's birthday (which is tomorrow) at my parents house. We got my Dad a wine barrel cork holder for his wine room that he will have in his new house!

-made it to 1600 followers this weekend! Holy cow...that makes me extremely happy. Thank you ALL!!

Ooh, and how could I forget? I received our 2012 Christmas card in the mail that I made from Shutterfly early last week (gotta love those timely orange envelopes). I just chose a really simple design this year, considering I almost forgot about them all together, but they turned out better than I expected and every year I look forward to sending them out!

 I ordered this stamp...

and here are our cards:

{had to look up how to take a screenshot and share it this way because I wasn't thinking at the moment I ordered, and forgot to save it! ha...}

There is no way I'd do a card without little Rocky on it...especially when I could get away with including a picture of him in a lion costume. I know he's really happy with me about that.

So, did you decorate for Christmas at your house this weekend or order your cards yet? Did you watch the OSU game? I hope every single one of you had a lovely Thanksgiving like I did, and get yourself some great deals today for Cyber Monday!

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....if you know about a deal that is too good to pass up today, pah-lease send my way. My wallet will thank you!

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  1. Your cards are adorable, sweet girl! And I'm so excited for the Buckeyes! I knew when I was watching that you'd be out celebrating somewhere : )

  2. Yay!! GO BUCKS! I was down on campus for the game too! It was FREEZING!!

  3. Sooo when can I expect my card in the mail?!

  4. I am so happy that the buckeyes won!!! I hope that someday (hopefully next year) we can make it out there for a game! I decorated my house and put up my tree this weekend- this is my favorite time of the year! And, I love your cards!!

  5. What a fun weekend! I LOVE your Christmas cards...especially that cute lil fella hanging out in the O!

  6. What a fun weekend! I love your Christmas cards, especially with Rocky in the O :) I cheered for the Bucks with my cousin who went to OSU and then I cried a little when my OSU lost in OT! Booo.

  7. Looks like you had a fun weekend! :) Your Christmas cards are so cute! I'm still waiting on mine from the printer! GAH!

  8. Love your Christmas card! Too cute! :)

  9. Cute card! We didn't decorate yet. We will next weekend. If we get our tree too early, it dries out before Christmas. You and your football crack me up, girl.

  10. I just recently started following your blog and I just have to say you're fantastic! Very real and relatable but always perfectly dressed :D Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hi Lindsay! thank you so so much :) the perfectly dressed part cracks me up...you should see me in our own home = not so much! but I appreciate the comment very much ;) xo!

  11. I am in love with him in his lion outfit snuck in the O, too cute. And you keep making me drool with these Buckeyes. I need them NOW

  12. Love the Christmas card!! :) YAY!!! OSU! :)


  13. Oh my gosh, even with the cold weather I am totally jealous of your guys' tailgating fun! What a blast. Your Christmas cards are adorable! PS, I can not WAIT for the Buckeyes recipe.. I have only had them a couple times when my friend made them... Mmmmm :) Happy Monday girl!

  14. i love those buckeye candy, addicting little suckers they are and so hard to resist just poping 1 or 5 in your mouth at a time!

  15. Love buckeyes. Yum.
    Congrats on your Ohio win. I was happy ND won.
    Your xmas card it super cute. Still trying to decide what to do this year. Sending a pic of myself just seems silly! Ha!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  16. I LOVEEEE tailgating, day drinking, and dancing on tables!! (okay so maybe the dancing on tables part I should keep to myself). However, I think it's easy to say I am so jealous of your adventures! Anddd cutest Christmas cards, duh.

  17. Buckeyes are probably the BEST thing in the world & I can't wait to make some asap! & y'alls Christmas card is adorable! :)

  18. Fantastic pictures! I just love your blog. I'm your newest follower. Would love for you to come follow back!


  19. ummm I better be getting a Christmas card this year!!! :) I LOVE THEM, so cute!

  20. You've been busy! Love, love, love the christmas card!!!

  21. LOVE your Christmas card! The dog inside the O is the cutest!


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