Happy Turkey Eve everyone!

I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow.
This week has just flown by..
even with me staying up late last night to go see Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, for the second time.
Yeah, I did. Still obsessed the second time around.

For the past couple of years, we have celebrated Thanksgiving with my Dad's side of the family, about an hour away from our house. This year we will be doing the same and I'm really excited to see everyone. There are usually 40-50 people that go and my family usually has a talent show competition as well. Still trying to figure out something for that..ha. 

Even bigger plans for the weekend, though.
On Friday, Billy's cousin, brother, and friend are coming in town for the Ohio State vs. Michigan (aka that state up north...sorry, had to.) game! Also known as "The GAME". I can't wait. I've mentioned this in the past, but this game is always the biggest game of the year (and biggest rivalry in college football) and we're usually up by 6 am ready to go. The week leading up to the game is known as "Beat Michigan Week" and the whole town/campus gets really into it.

 Currently I'm dying over the Nike Pro Combat uniforms they are going to wear for the game.....
oh, you haven't seen them? Allow me to show you ;)

I love.

If you have no ties to this game, how about you cheer on my undefeated Buckeyes?
Come on, you know you want to!

Anyway, let's move on to what I'm obsessing over on Pinterest this week.
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Linking up with the lovely Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting! It's been too long.

A wine sippy cup?
I'm sold.
This would have come in handy last night when I snuck wine into the movie theatre
 in one of my breast cancer water bottles. 

love this look for hunters.

A bedroom as a closet...
hm, I can only pray I can make this happen in our next home.

Everyone needs a mason jar to go cup in their life, right?

Using crates for a bookshelf.

I have to admit, I'm all for the leather leggings trend.
I don't know if I personally will go for it this year, but I do love the look.

and I've always loved mixing winter shorts with tights.
Every time I try to pull this off, it's just too cold here to be able to.
Maybe I will try this year before it gets too crazy cold. 

A cute wreath snowman for your front door...love this idea.

So, who is decorating for Christmas soon and who is braving the crowds for Black Friday? 
I'm one of those that waits until after Thanksgiving to put up our tree and decorate, and typically we do it the day after, but since Billy's family is coming in town we are going to wait until Sunday to do it. It's a good thing I love them so much! Not going to lie, I'm pretty excited. Bring on the ornaments, stockings, lights, and cinnamon scented pine cones (that I already bought and are ready to go! Mmmm..)

In regards to Black Friday, me and Billy have decided after trying last year that our sleep is more valuable to us than saving some bucks. I just can't handle the crowds, the lines, and especially all the weird store policies like needing vouchers for this and that! Good luck to those who are brave enough to do it and have a good plan down pat to tackle it (my aunts have been doing it for years and are pro's!) 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

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and don't forget-

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  1. I posted about the leather leggings yesterday... i think I have to get a pair! Also love that wine sippy cup! GREAT Idea!


  2. You HAVE to get the wine sippy cup. I'm posting about it later, but basically it's life changing. I added my monogram to it to make it extra amazing. It was the perfect way to have my morning mimosa at tailgate!

  3. Totally with ya on the leather leggings. Every time I go to Kohls, I grab a pair but then they always go back on the rack before I leave. I just don't think I'm one of those that can pull them off. And yay for decorating on Sunday :) That's our plan as well, though I did cheat and have those cinnamon cones out already ;) They just smell too good!

  4. Love the wine cup! AND the closet room HELLO! Every girl needs one of those! ;)

  5. I need that wine cup!! I have those lacy shorts and was just saying I want to wear them with black tights! wooooop!

  6. If my closet looked so beautiful, I'd sleep in there. That is amazing :) I've had the snowman wreaths pinned forever and hope to make it this season!

  7. I'll cheer for the Buckeyes this week if you cheer for Alabama next week in the SEC Championship! Deal?! Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving! Good luck in the talent show :)

  8. I need to know where to find crates like that STAT! We need something like this for our living room!! So in love. WIll you make me that for christmas?

  9. We'll be cheering on the Buckeyes too!! I bet Columbus is CRAZY on Saturday.... ps, I'm a uniform nerd, and I love those. The gloves are freaking sweet, they are like all the NFL team's gloves this year!!

    No Black Friday for me, I have to work all weekend, but I will miss it!!! Jared and I scored our TV at Black Friday @ Target 2 years ago. AMAZING :)

  10. I use to detest Black Friday until my MIL convinced me to do it with her. And now I love it. If you do it right it is a lot of fun, haha. But I'm crazy.

    Def. try the leather legging look. You would look amazing in it.

    And that red Hunter outfit is adorable!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. These pins are amaze balls. Especially the wine sippy!! And I'm not usually one to cheer for football, or watch it for that matter. But I look good in red and football usually means drinking... soooo... GO BUCKEYES!!!

  12. Oh my I totally need to order a few wine sippy cups as gifts this year. How fun are they! Oh and I love that outfit with the Hunter boots. I want to order a pair after Christmas, but am trying to figure out how I would wear them to determine the color I want. I can't wait to decorate for Christmas and am planning on starting this weekend. I agree I don't like to decorate until after Thanksgiving. I love my Fall decorations almost as much as my Christmas decorations. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and Go Bucks!!

  13. You just changed my whole world with those wine sippy cups. Thank you in advance for the great christmas gifts!

  14. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
    P.S. GO BLUE!!! {Yes I am from that state [UP NORTH]}

  15. Happy Thanksgiving!I always wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate too. We are huge buckeye fans at our house!! We live in Texas so we are having a big HATE MICHIGAN party!!

  16. Need that wine glass for sure!! That would definitely be put to use :) And that closet...OMG!

  17. I'll be cheering for Alabama to beat Auburn - that's our big rivalry down here! Those pins, OMG. The bedroom as a closet, I die! LOOOVE it!!

  18. Just ordered the Vino2Go for presents! I always do shorts with tights for holiday parties and outings... it just looks young, hip and I can still please the parentals.

  19. I love all these things!! A bedroom as a closet?! Yes please! I shall be cheering for OSU this weekend...and I wish Obama would grant the fans that petition to pardon them from their post-season ban. I don't care about a shot at the Big Ten title, but I REALLY want an SEC-free championship game!

  20. So can I just tell you that I actually made the to go mason jar sippy cup for my next weeks link up!!! SO easy! And its my favorite thing to drink out of currently because its so flippin sweet duh!

  21. I'm still stuck on the wine sippy cup! MUST. GET. ONE. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Bucks :)

  22. OH MY GOOD LORD. I NEEDS a wine sippy....especially since my mother doesnt allow alcohol in her house and we have dinner there tomorrow. It would be perf to just leave that bad boy in the cold car and go out and take a nip here and there...oooh.

  23. I actually have a bedroom as a closet! It's very nice. This post inspired me to decorate it a little more! There's so many possibilities it's hard to actually settle on something. And I think we all agree we all need the wine sippy!! <3 happy thanksgiving

  24. I totally want the wine sippy cup!!!!! SO AWESOMEEE!!!! Also, I really love the crate bookself idea! Hmmm.... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!! :)

  25. The wine sippy cup is awesome!! I love it!

    I'm not one to do the whole black friday things. I hate the crowds! I'm all for cyber monday though :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  26. I'm from Michigan, so I'm sorry to say I'll be rooting against your team! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, though!

  27. I love that rug!! & that snowman door hanger :)

  28. love all these! ive gotten into quite the christmas-craftin' spirit so i am loving the snowman wreath!!


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