+I watched the movie ET for the first time. I don't care what you are, that neck length is NOT normal. And the noises. Just no. Make them stop.

+I was getting ready to walk down the aisle on our wedding day. I wasn't nervous to marry Billy - I was more nervous about all the eyes being on me. I had a slight panic attack and cut off my Dad's circulation in his left arm because I was squeezing so tightly.

+We bought our first home. Something about a big stack of 53 papers and only understanding 1 sentence. The part about signing a portion of my life away is all.

+My girlfriends and I were sneaking out a basement window (the ones that you just pop open with a lever) and it fell on my friends stomach and she got stuck. We were laughing so hard I'm pretty sure I did pee my pants a bit.

+I saw Matt Damon on the streets of NYC and we locked eyes.

+I was working at a retirement home in high school and I accidentally stepped on a gentleman's oxygen tank when serving him dinner. I had no idea why he was holding his throat and coughing for a solid 30 seconds until I looked down and my foot was cutting off the circulation in his tube. I felt terrible and mortified - which then leads to peeing my pants out of sheer panic.

+I saw Lake Tahoe from 10,000 ft up. Favorite. place. in the US. I know - I sound like a broken record with this one.

+It was around Halloween.We were in college and going to pick up something from Billy's friends house, and his house was located back in the woods. Billy told me to just wait in the car while he ran inside real quick. About a minute later as I'm just sitting there, I turn to look out the window and Billy pops up wearing a Michael Myers mask. I honestly screamed so loud. Clearly at the time I had no idea it was him and it scared the crap out of me!

+We were driving to pick up Rocky to bring him home with us.

+I bought these pretties the other day.....

Hunter flats in Navy. SO excited for these to show up at my door, I may just scream. :)

Post inspired by The Coffeehouse

What moments have made you almost pee your pants?

C'mon...don't be shy, we all got 'em!

Tonight, I plan on baking some yummy treats (similar to these brie cups I made a while back, but with green apples and using the puff pastry a little differently), dressing Rocky up in his costume (check for that on instagram-@katiewkrysh), watching Nashville, and passing out all the candy to our trick-or-treaters.

Ohh, I almost forgot! Random.org determined the winner of the Charleston Naturally giveaway is Elizabeth. Thank you to those who entered this giveaway and congratulations, Elizabeth! I will be emailing you. :)

What are you doing for Halloween?

**Who is linking up tomorrow for round 2 of Saw It. Pinned It. Did It?! I hope to see many of you linking up tomorrow!!

I leave you with this...
Happy Halloween!


  1. ha, I love this post! Happy Halloween! I almost peed my pants when I saw how much candy my coworker brought in. YIPEE!!!

  2. This post is amazing! I can't believe you stepped on that guys tank, and I can't believe I can't stop laughing! hahaha I'm glad everyone survived ;) Happy Halloween!!

  3. What a fun post! I think I peed my pants when we bought our house, too. Soooooo much paperwork. Love those hunter flats!!

  4. OMG, this is amazing! I'll let you in on a little secret....when you're preggo you pee your pants a little bit every time you sneeze. Or so I've heard. ;)

  5. Oh this was SUCH a fun post! Happy Halloween!!!!

  6. This post made me smile and laugh this am! Happy Halloween

  7. I almost peed my pants when I got a shot from one of the nurses at my office. Oh wait. I DID pee my pants.

    Wait a second here....you didn't almost pee your pants when you met me at the airport in Naples??!! :( I did. Ahhh-can't WAIT to almost pee my pants again SO SOON!!

  8. I have some simliar experiences! I also almost peed my pants when my son was born...yep! And love that you included Tahoe!! ;)

  9. amaze post my love

    i think i wee wee'd in my pants when I was driving down your street to see you steph billy and beau beau

    also when i found out i was pregnant with twins!! JK..just laughing at kristins post above how she does everytime she sneezes hahaha

    love that you guys are excited to pass out candy! i cannot wait to do that one day when i have a house!! not many come to our apartment wah!

    also those shoes...cutest EVER


  10. This was hilarious to read!!! Not sure at the moment of any of those moments for me, but I enjoyed yours, LOL!

  11. LOVEEE that halloween pic of you and Billy!!

  12. So so funny!!!! ET and Edward Scissorhands both scared the bajeezus out of me back in the day. Pants peeing? I think so. GREAT post! Happy Halloween! Xo

  13. omg I LOVE the Halloween pic of you guys!!! Happy Halloween! :)

  14. UM!UM! The Michael Myers mask ...no, just, no. I would have had a legit heart attack. Not ok!!!! Happy Halloweenie.

  15. Hunter flats and matt damon?! So many things that are right with this world!:-) And I'd need to dedicate an entire post (or two) to the times where I've almost peed. or peed. usually, I've peed! xoxo

  16. Great Post - mine have to be, when my husband proposed and I got way too excited... and when watching Austin Powers for the first time.

    1. thank you! I def agree with the proposing thing :) so exciting!

  17. Ha Ha- Your so funny!!! Your "Pee Your Pants" moments made me LOL
    Happy Halloween Friend!

  18. Ohmygosh Katie. I am dying. Soooo funny. These are so much better than mine! I think I'll have to do mine over again to show you up. ;) btw that last picture is probably the best halloween pic I've seen yet. Awesome.

  19. I love this post! I think I feel the same way about the wedding. If everyone could close their eyes or turn the other way as I walk down the aisle, I think that it would help. haha. Have a great day!


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