Greetings from snowy, rainy, and windy Ohio!

Hurricane Sandy is not messing around. 

I had a completely different post for today, but I wanted to address our first snow here in Columbus.

 I couldn't believe my eyes. 

I woke up (after thinking the wind was going to knock our house to the ground all night) to this scene:

It's not much - more like a light dusting, but it's the rain/ice and high winds that are kind of crazy. 
I would prefer more snow any day over this rain/ice combo we've got going on.

You guys, I didn't even see snow last year here.

We barely had any winter and the one time Ohio got a light dusting snow, we were in Florida.
I'm not gonna lie, I kind of missed the pretty snow last year. Christmas felt sort of incomplete without it.
All the talk on the radio for this year is that we are either going to have a really bad winter, or it's going to be extremely warm like last year. I wouldn't mind having some snow this year, especially around Christmas, but let me pass out some candy to the trick-or-treaters first! 

We knew there was a chance of getting snow this morning, 
so I did what any girl would do. 

Cuddle up and watch Home Alone.

When I think of snow...I think of Christmas...and therefore, I think of my favorite movie in all the land 
Home Alone.
FYI: It doesn't just take snow for me to pop this DVD in..I've been known to watch it every couple of months. Too many classic lines not to.

They don't make good movies like this anymore, am I right?

See what I did there? 
hint: Buzz's girlfriend.

So now, I realize that we have Halloween to celebrate tomorrow and currently my pumpkins are covered in snow. They don't appreciate this one bit. But what I can say, which is far more important, is that I'm thankful the only problem that I had this morning was dressing a little warmer and being careful when driving. 

There are thousands without power.
Without heat.
Their homes are underwater.
And some people's lives have been taken due to this storm.

It drives me kind of crazy to hear/see people practically begging for a day or two off work....
when others conditions, life, and living situations are far worse right now.

Be grateful, friends.

End rant.
Or just go watch Home Alone.

PS-What are your thoughts on those crazy reporters out in the storm standing
 knee deep in water around electrical lines and all that?

I could watch the news coverage on this storm for hours.

Pray for those on the East coast!


  1. Thank you for showing sensitivity towards those who have suffered with Sandy. Far too many people are just happy that they don't have to work and are not realizing what this storm is really all about.

  2. LOVE home alone. I feel so bad for today;s generation that they won't experience such a classic. We're quite fond of Christmas Vacation in our household and put it in on rainy days. It never gets old.

  3. I read last night that shark picture is a photoshopped fake (thank gooddness!!!). There have been lots of those kind of pictures going around which is just such a shame.

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  5. i completely agree with you. so many people were asking for a free day off and i was like, seriously? some people are getting Hurricane Sandy really badly where they live.

    i completely thought my house was going to be blown away too. kind of a scary night. but this morning i woke up and it was as though nothing happened and there was a rainbow. almost like mother nature apologizing for the scary night.

    i love snow during Christmas. it really doesn't feel the same without it.

    happy Tuesday!

  6. I have seen that shark picture around tumblr... I keep wondering if its fake too since so many were from movies and things like that! Scary thought!

  7. I saw that shark thing too - is that real? I couldn't decide. I can't believe you guys got snow already! That's crazy! Up in the Smokey Mountains, about an hour north of Knoxville they got 11 inches at the highest point. Insane for Oct 30!

  8. Snow!! Already!! Wow..we just got temps below the 60s down here! I also saw that shark picture last night...it was floating around facebook with a caption "my buddy's aunt's house in ocean city, maryland" so I bet it is fake!! But that would be so scary!

  9. Praying for everyone out there...just so crazy! And can't believe you got snow too!

  10. I love that you watched home alone! The wind was crazy last night Sandy was no joke. We are still getting the rain but nothing like yesterday. Glad that you are safe!

  11. When I grow up and get married I'm living alone!

  12. Get out! A shark in someones yard?!

  13. We've talked about are mutual love for Home Alone, right? Cuz seriously...it's the best movie ever!

  14. I love Home Alone too. I'm not jealous of that snow... hoping it doesn't snow here in NM anytime soon!

  15. I live in Cali so we aren't feeling any effects of Sandy, but I keep checking in with all my friends on the east coast making sure they're ok. Scary! Definitely thinking of everyone in Sandy's path. I must admit I am jelly of that snow, its still getting to 80 degrees here during the day and it neverrr snows :/ Snow is so beautiful! Hoping the wind and ice goes away though, be safe!

  16. Ok Home Alone...best movie EVAR!! I love it. I have to watch it every holiday season.

    My heart goes out to all those affected by this storm. I can deal with the snow and wind we're getting, but people have legit lost lives due to this horrible weather. I just think about how craptastic it was to lose power for a week this summer, can't imagine how those people stuck inside in NY and NJ are dealing. :( Prayers for them all.

  17. My cousin and her husband have been stuck in NYC on their honeymoon!

    We didn't have any snow here in Minneapolis last year either. It's sad when Christmas roles around and it's just dead grass. I woulnd't mind having a snowy winter this year!

  18. wait a shark swimming in their backyard?? craziness! i love the first dusting of snow when i lived in CO and Kansas, always very pretty

  19. My friend sent me that shark picture and I thought it was real! I was so excited to show people at work the excitement and craziness back home....turns out its a fake..I work with graphic designers and they burst my bubble! But I guess they would know that photoshop bizz

  20. I am NOT kidding when I say that the last picture you shared has always been a real life nightmare for me! No jokes!!! I REALLLLLYYYY HOPE IT'S A FAKE!

  21. snopes has a whole section on fake Sandy images. the shark is one of them. :)

  22. I think what you read on Twitter or Facebook may not reflect people's true feelings. I posted that I was happy to be off work but am also fully aware of the destruction that was coming our way. Of course I teach in a trailer so was worried they'd make us go into work Mon & evacuate the trailers... major safety concerns there!

    DC was fairly lucky but there were moments of flying debris past our windows that were freaking me out.

  23. I can't believe ya'll have snow already. I really hope it stays away from Chicago for a while. While it is pretty, I am not ready for a full on winter yet!

  24. I won't watch Home Alone until December 1st. But it's so good. I'm in GA so we've had windy, chilly days. Nothing like up north!

  25. Snow?! OMG! I'm in NJ and it has been crazy over here. We are hoping for power back by next week and can't get into the city for work yet. Glad you are safe and sound over there! xo

  26. i really miss the snow, i never got used to not having it out here in CA. i saw those pics of the shark, and i don't know if it's fake or not!

  27. I have to admit it's been pretty crazy around here since Sandy hit. Luckily we lucked out and had power the whole time. Although I did see parts of WV and Maryland got up to 2 feet of snow!! Unbelievable.

  28. I can totally relate. I live just west of Boston and I have been out of power since Monday 7pm. Although I lost the food in the fridge, I at least didn't have damage to me house. Others weren't as lucky. Glad i have tonight to look forward to as Halloween is my favorite holiday!! Ever!!! Glad you are safe!

  29. Sandy was pretty good to us here in DC! We really got it good compared to the rest of the surrounding areas. We had bad wind and rain, but still have our power!

  30. You got more snow in your part of the city than I did. Or maybe it melted early because I slept in a bit.


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