+I watched the movie ET for the first time. I don't care what you are, that neck length is NOT normal. And the noises. Just no. Make them stop.

+I was getting ready to walk down the aisle on our wedding day. I wasn't nervous to marry Billy - I was more nervous about all the eyes being on me. I had a slight panic attack and cut off my Dad's circulation in his left arm because I was squeezing so tightly.

+We bought our first home. Something about a big stack of 53 papers and only understanding 1 sentence. The part about signing a portion of my life away is all.

+My girlfriends and I were sneaking out a basement window (the ones that you just pop open with a lever) and it fell on my friends stomach and she got stuck. We were laughing so hard I'm pretty sure I did pee my pants a bit.

+I saw Matt Damon on the streets of NYC and we locked eyes.

+I was working at a retirement home in high school and I accidentally stepped on a gentleman's oxygen tank when serving him dinner. I had no idea why he was holding his throat and coughing for a solid 30 seconds until I looked down and my foot was cutting off the circulation in his tube. I felt terrible and mortified - which then leads to peeing my pants out of sheer panic.

+I saw Lake Tahoe from 10,000 ft up. Favorite. place. in the US. I know - I sound like a broken record with this one.

+It was around Halloween.We were in college and going to pick up something from Billy's friends house, and his house was located back in the woods. Billy told me to just wait in the car while he ran inside real quick. About a minute later as I'm just sitting there, I turn to look out the window and Billy pops up wearing a Michael Myers mask. I honestly screamed so loud. Clearly at the time I had no idea it was him and it scared the crap out of me!

+We were driving to pick up Rocky to bring him home with us.

+I bought these pretties the other day.....

Hunter flats in Navy. SO excited for these to show up at my door, I may just scream. :)

Post inspired by The Coffeehouse

What moments have made you almost pee your pants?

C'mon...don't be shy, we all got 'em!

Tonight, I plan on baking some yummy treats (similar to these brie cups I made a while back, but with green apples and using the puff pastry a little differently), dressing Rocky up in his costume (check for that on instagram-@katiewkrysh), watching Nashville, and passing out all the candy to our trick-or-treaters.

Ohh, I almost forgot! Random.org determined the winner of the Charleston Naturally giveaway is Elizabeth. Thank you to those who entered this giveaway and congratulations, Elizabeth! I will be emailing you. :)

What are you doing for Halloween?

**Who is linking up tomorrow for round 2 of Saw It. Pinned It. Did It?! I hope to see many of you linking up tomorrow!!

I leave you with this...
Happy Halloween!



Greetings from snowy, rainy, and windy Ohio!

Hurricane Sandy is not messing around. 

I had a completely different post for today, but I wanted to address our first snow here in Columbus.

 I couldn't believe my eyes. 

I woke up (after thinking the wind was going to knock our house to the ground all night) to this scene:

It's not much - more like a light dusting, but it's the rain/ice and high winds that are kind of crazy. 
I would prefer more snow any day over this rain/ice combo we've got going on.

You guys, I didn't even see snow last year here.

We barely had any winter and the one time Ohio got a light dusting snow, we were in Florida.
I'm not gonna lie, I kind of missed the pretty snow last year. Christmas felt sort of incomplete without it.
All the talk on the radio for this year is that we are either going to have a really bad winter, or it's going to be extremely warm like last year. I wouldn't mind having some snow this year, especially around Christmas, but let me pass out some candy to the trick-or-treaters first! 

We knew there was a chance of getting snow this morning, 
so I did what any girl would do. 

Cuddle up and watch Home Alone.

When I think of snow...I think of Christmas...and therefore, I think of my favorite movie in all the land 
Home Alone.
FYI: It doesn't just take snow for me to pop this DVD in..I've been known to watch it every couple of months. Too many classic lines not to.

They don't make good movies like this anymore, am I right?

See what I did there? 
hint: Buzz's girlfriend.

So now, I realize that we have Halloween to celebrate tomorrow and currently my pumpkins are covered in snow. They don't appreciate this one bit. But what I can say, which is far more important, is that I'm thankful the only problem that I had this morning was dressing a little warmer and being careful when driving. 

There are thousands without power.
Without heat.
Their homes are underwater.
And some people's lives have been taken due to this storm.

It drives me kind of crazy to hear/see people practically begging for a day or two off work....
when others conditions, life, and living situations are far worse right now.

Be grateful, friends.

End rant.
Or just go watch Home Alone.

PS-What are your thoughts on those crazy reporters out in the storm standing
 knee deep in water around electrical lines and all that?

I could watch the news coverage on this storm for hours.

Pray for those on the East coast!



Hey there to all my little monsters!

It's the week of Halloween and I can't say our weekend was spent very crazily. Most of our weekend was spent indoors, as I'm pretty sure that it hasn't stopped raining ever since I walked out of work on Friday (boo!). We are getting the rain and wind effects from hurricane Sandy (prayers to all of you on the East coast in it's path!), and it makes me want to just cuddle up on the couch all weekend. Oh wait, I did. We still found the energy to make it to the new casino that just opened up 2 weeks ago in Columbus and spent the afternoon there on Saturday. The casino is about 10 minutes from our house and is pretty big - it has 4 restaurants and an O-H bar which is basically a sports lounge where you can watch football games. I was really impressed with how nice the casino is and even though we aren't big casino goers - it's fun that we have it in our city now as an option for a night out!

I was able to find a last minute costume for our friends Halloween party on Saturday, but it wasn't my original plan that I mentioned to you guys on Friday. I was planning on dressing up as a troll with Steph, but I couldn't find some of the things that I needed for it, so I went to plan B. I knew I wanted to still wear a tutu (in fact-I wore it all day..why the heck not?), so I just bought some stuff to be a peacock! It wasn't my most creative costume to date, but it worked. Billy also wasn't feeling his Mad Hatter costume, so he wore his old Spiderman costume. I'm really glad we ended up going to the party because I got to catch up with my girlfriends and there were some amazing costumes, like the Duck Dynasty cast. Tell me how amazing those costume are?! LOVE it. House parties > heading to the bar in the cold. That is my final conclusion. Also, my girlfriend Angela was Katniss from the Hunger Games. I'm not kidding when I say she looked just like her - you can't tell in the pic above (she's the one in all black) but she had a backpack full of bow and arrows and other hilarious hiking tools.

Sunday, I got my hair done (fresh new highlights make a girl real happy) and then me and Billy went out to lunch, but that was the end of productivity for the day. I literally didn't move off the couch the rest of the afternoon/evening. I flipped from Hocus Pocus, the Twilight marathon, to watching all recent episodes of my new favorite show - Nashville.

oh.my.word...I'm in love with this show. Who else watches it and why didn't you tell me to watch it sooner? Huh? Huh? 

Wednesday nights now have a new exciting factor. Favorite character? Deacon. Don't make me say why. :)

How was your Halloween weekend?
Did you dress up?

In regards to the hurricane, I can't help but remember our trip to Boston around this same time last year when a hurricane came on our last day there. My aunt was cooking food in the oven and ordered lobsters from down the street when the power went out, but we had a nice candlelight dinner. Haha. We ended up going down to the water to see the high tide and it was SO crazy windy and scary! Prayers to everyone!

Even though the weather is still going to be cold and nasty here - I'm looking forward to passing out candy to all the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, and getting Rocky in his costume this week. Mu ha ha ha...I just love his little costume. I will share pictures afterwards ;)

PS-Don't forget to enter my Charleston Naturally giveaway from last Friday. Enter HERE.




 Friday, Friday, Friday!
Who's up for celebrating this awesomeness with me?
I am. Party of 1.

I celebrated by getting Starbucks this morning. I know that sounds lame, but since I've been trying to eat clean (the greasy fair foods and pizza we've had I'm just blocking out of my memory) I'm limiting my coffee intake to just Friday's. I actually feel a lot better when I do this..but that's not fun to talk about so just forget I said it.

Alright- so I have to tell you guys...I want to just jump up and down because I'm so thankful for everyone who linked up with us yesterday. I'm so glad we did this and am wondering why I've never done a link-up before. Something about not knowing how to make a button or the code box below it - I'm not sure (ps-thanks Whitney for that). I urge you all to visit those who linked up because there are some bomb.com projects and recipes to look at and admire! Also, some of you only linked up on Steph's page and not my page (and vice versa), but you can link it up to both of ours if you want. Next week, I think we will have it figured out so that if you link on one of ours, it will automatically show up on both.

Today I'm off to stalk all of our local Halloween stores to try and find certain parts to a Halloween costume that I'm thinking about wearing to a party (Steph actually gave me the idea - thanks lover muffin). If I can find it, then we will probably go to my girlfriends Halloween party on Saturday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right? As most of you know, Billy and I take Halloween very seriously (especially Billy), so hopefully I can find the items for this. Do you remember what we were last year? No? Ok, let's take a look back to the previous years...shall we?

Not the most flattering or girly halloween costume, I know.

and last year:

Billy, ahem I mean Mad Hatter, won best costume last year and $200.
He's going to wear this costume for that reason for the next 55 years, probably.
He is the absolute cutest though and plays the part so well, so this is OK.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?
What are you being?

Now, I have some good stuff for you party people.
Remember I talked about the great organic skin care products I got from Charleston Naturally?
They are giving away one gift bag with all the items pictured below {including full size items and samples ladies!}to one of my readers!

I'm jealous.

How to enter:
(the only mandatory item)
+Leave me a comment telling me your favorite Halloween costume that you've worn in the past and what you think I should be (it doesn't have to be that creative folks-just say anything and it'll count ;))

Extra entries:
+Pin this giveaway to Pinterest
+Pin a product from Charleston Naturally's website to one of your Pinterest boards
+"Like" Keep Calm & Carry On on Facebook

This giveaway will be open until next Tuesday (winner announced here and via email next Weds), so hurry up and get in on this action while you can.

I think this weekend we are going to go to the new casino here in Columbus (it's supposed to be really nice!) and then on Sunday I'm getting my hurr done...I'm going to get some highlights back in it. I keep going back and forth if I want them or not, but then when I don't have them I miss them therefore they are going back in. Done deal. 

Good luck on the giveaway my little monsters.
Have a spooktacular weekend!



Yay! Today is the day the world changed for the better. 
Kidding. I won't go that far.

But it's time for me and cutie Steph's *Saw it. Pinned it. Did it* very first link-up to host and to share what recent pin we loved enough to re-create! And by that I mean, out of the thousands of pins I swear I'm going to make, I actually did do it this time. 

Today, since I'm in the spirit, I'm sharing this amazing $1.00 Halloween Swirl Vase tutorial! Much like everything else on Pinterest that I see and like, I knew when I saw this craft that I HAD to make it. It's too easy not to...

source (thank you Anne for inspiring this!)

If you already have a clear tall vase and spray adhesive, then the total for this project is a little over one dollhair. I think we can all afford this project, yes? 

I also love this project because I realized after I made it that it can easily transition from season to season. For Christmas, just get red or green cardstock and update what you are using in the vase! It's such an easy way to dress up a normal, clear vase.

DIY Halloween Swirl Vase

Here's what you need:
-tall cylinder vase
-1 piece of orange 12x12 cardstock
-1 piece of black diecut swirl cardstock (never knew they had this-but it's right by the regular cardstock at Michael's or JoAnne)
-Adhesive/tacky spray (in the craft section)
-Double-sided tape (or you can be frugal like me and use regular because no one sees this part)

What you do: 

-Spray the back of the back diecut cardstock with the spray adhesive to lightly coat it and place it on the orange cardstock so it sticks directly on it. I recommend doing this in a garage because the spray can get messy. 

-Measure the height of your vase and cut the paper to that height.
-Wrap around the vase and secure with double-sided tape.
-Fill your vase with whatever flowers you prefer! That's it. :)

{not the greatest iPhone picture obviously and I'm not a huge fan of those flowers so I will probably change them, but this project is a keeper in my book.}

*Ohh...we had our pumpkin carving contest last night and it's safe to say Billy won. What do you think? I tried doing Rocky (left) and Billy's is the witch pumpkin. I almost lost 2, or 5, fingers and I broke 2 tools while carving. I think next time I'll just stick to the wine drinking and watch Billy do it. ;)

Now....it's YOUR turn!

**We only ask that you credit the original source of your pin and that you include our button (below) back to our blogs somewhere on your post. To do this-just copy the text in the box below and paste it in your html for your post. Please, please, do this so we can follow along and other can join in on the fun, too!

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.
Thank you in advance to everyone who links up! Can't wait to read your links and don't forget to go see what everyone else made. Maybe you'll get an idea for your next project!

(and if you forgot this week-there is always next week friends.)



Happy happy hump day!

First and foremost-thank you all for your comments on my post yesterday {that was a fun post-I think I'll have to do it again soon!}, and to those who stepped up and "introduced" yourself to me. It was so nice to hear from everyone and I was loving every minute of it. If you decide to do a similar post, drop me a line in the comments so I can go and read yours.

Also, I just started using threaded comments yesterday. This means that I can actually reply back to your comments in the post, vs. email, which is especially helpful if you don't have an email address attached to your account. I hope this will help me connect with each of you better and if you ask me a question-please make sure to check back as I've probably answered it below your comment/question. I'm pretty sure I responded to everyone's comments yesterday this way, but I'm still working on the comments that came through last night this morning.

Today I'm sharing different ways to wear the classic lace dress and how to style it from day to night. Some of you asked for specifics in regards to my outfit post on Shannon's blog last Friday, so I'm sharing a couple of the pictures again with details. 

A lace dress is a must-have, right girls?

Untitled #12

*The dress featured in this set: Lola in Lace Dress- Shop here!

For the day look: Pair with some gray or fun colored tights and casual booties. I die for those boots, by the way. To transition to your night look: Let the dress be the eye catcher (see the back of this Kiki La Rue dress? lovin' it) and throw on some bold heels. A pearl necklace would be a cute addition as well.

a different night look: you could even wear the dress with a fun blazer like so...

Dress: Lola in Lace c/o Kiki La Rue/ Blazer: Forever21(similar)/ Heels: old (similar-love these). 

and as I shared last week, you can dress it down with a military vest, skinny belt, and boots...

{Outfit details: Dress: H&M (old-this is similar), Vest: Old Navy (similar), Belt: F21, Sunnies: Ray Bans, Boots: DSW (similar)}

There are so many options!

What is your favorite way to wear a lace dress?

PS: WHO ALL IS LINKING UP WITH US TOMORROW? Make sure to have your craft, recipe, outfit, etc. ready!! I'm so excited to see what you've done :)

{if you have no idea what I'm talking about-join in on the fun here}




Reading: Not a damn thing. Do blogs or Pinterest count? I'm still trying to get through the second Hunger Games book that I started back in the summer! It's bad, I know. 

Watching: The last debate. I know who I'll be voting for, but it's always good to know what's going on and they have been pretty...interesting, this year. 

Thinking About: How I'm going to carve my pumpkin so that I can beat Billy for "best carved pumpkin". We are having a carving competition and plan on sitting across from each other when we carve them, not telling what we're carving, and seeing who's comes out best. I. MUST. WIN. Do you guys have an amazing ideas for me? I think I'll leave it up to a Twitter (@katiewkrysh) vote to determine the winner....maybe you guys will "sense" which pumpkin is mine and pick it. Or, not pick it, if you like Billy better.

Loving: My new organic Weleda face products from Charleston Naturally. Am I the last one to hear how amazing this website is?! Charleston Naturally is a family-owned business that only carries organic products that are safe for you and the environment. They sent me a couple Weleda face products to try, including one for Billy, along with a bunch of other samples of popular items from their website and I couldn't be more pleased with them. I wouldn't rave about these products unless I absolutely love them, and I do! I'm pretty sure you guys will too, so it's my duty to share them, right?

The Weleda Firming Night Cream and Firming Eye Cream leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized well into the next day, without adding any oil, which is important to me because I have more oily skin. They also smell really good, but it's not too of a fragrance that it's overwhelming. They are my favorite duo right now by far and are worth investing in! Also, if your man is anything like mine, it's hard to get them to try new face products but once they find one they love - they will use it forever. I think this cream is that for Billy...he loves this face cream and he's pretty picky about what he puts on his face. This would be a great Christmas gift for your guy! 

My other two favorite products that you should consider buying are the iLike Stonecrop Whipped Moisturizer and Suki Pure Facial Moisture-Nourishing oil. Both of these products are wonderful - they smell great, don't make my skin break out, aren't greasy, and they make my face feel so soft. I had never tried an oil like this before and it's safe to say I really want the big bottle now! Katie approved. 

*tip: new costumers get 20% off with code "cn20" and with any order you get 3 free samples!

Looking Forward To: Halloween, Breaking Dawn Part 2 (10pm showing-yes, 10 pm. What happened to midnight?), my girlfriend Marissa's baby shower that some girls and myself are planning, and our "Friends Thanksgiving" that we're hosting at our house. All these festive seasons and reasons to celebrate make me one happy girl.

Wondering: Who all reads this blog. I mean, those of you that comment I've gotten to know, but those of you that don't - I wonder who you are, what you do, where do you live? So deep. ha. 

Cooking/Baking: Well, besides the energy balls I'm always talking about, the most recent little dish I made was Quinoa Pilaf. I've been getting bored with plain brown rice, and quinoa is a great alternative for a hearty side dish for lunch or dinner. Here's the quick recipe:

+1 tbls EVOO
+1/2 cup chopped onion
+1 clove of garlic, minced
+2 carrots, chopped
+1 cup quinoa
+2 cups vegetable broth, low sodium
+1/4 cup fresh parsley

Heat oil and add onion and garlic to saucepan. Add carrots and cook 3 minutes more. Stir in quinoa and vegetable broth - bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer 15-20 minutes. Toss in parsley. 

(you could even add in some green peppers to this as well!)

Disliking: The post office. I will do anything, and I mean anything, to avoid going. Ahhh...I'm not sure if I dislike pumping gas or going to the post office more. Too close to decide.

Making Me Happy: All of the above! Rocky after a long day when he can barely keep his eyes open-me and Billy at Nationwide before he reffed a game-my recent OOTD with my red Hunters-and running outside in this beautiful fall weather. (follow me on instagram-@katiewkrysh)

Wishing you....a happy day and a non-stressful week!

I have a hot date with my bff Lindsay tonight for our favorite sushi and it's going to be 80 degrees, so I guess these things are making me happy too! Ta-ta friends.

Post inspired by Tammy



Hey there loves.

If your weekend was anything like mine, then it was too short and Monday came far too soon.

The Circleville Pumpkin Show was this past weekend. It is about 25 minutes south of Columbus in this small little town, and I had some discoveries during our time there. The last time we were there (which was a couple years ago), Billy had the swine flu (remember all that?). I'm not kidding. Poor kid didn't want to let me down and not go (since we had never been) and he was mis to the erable. We made up for lost time on this visit.

1. A "Pumpkin Show" is just a special way of saying a fair, or festival. It's a festival, plus gigantic sized pumpkins and pumpkin flavored foods. 

2. I'm old. I felt extremely old while there because I realized 95% of the rides they had here, I would most definitely throw up on. When I was little, I loved roller coasters and all those rides that made you feel like you were still spinning when you stepped foot back on the ground. Now? Just looking at them makes me quesy. Yep, old. 

This one above was called--"Round Up Your Skittles"
 and it was going so fast my eyes went cross-eyed.

3. The fancier the sign, the better the food. Or is this just our minds tricking us? {see also: good marketing}I don't even know if you can call food that can be wheeled away better than it's counter partner, but we figured the ones with a billion lights and a long line were better than those that were boring and had no one waiting in line. The locals know best, right? 

Right. We hit the nail on the head with our fried cheese. Holy yum. Gimme another basket, please. Just the first of many fried foods to come. Please see next discovery.

Deep. fried. oreos?

4. Your attempt to try and find the most healthy item and only eat that for the night WILL fail. I had this idea that I would eat some pumpkin chili (which was SO delicious) and I'd be full afterwards. No. Completely wrong. I was only craving those food stands more.

5. If it's fried or has powdered sugar on top--we'll take it. 

Billy and I splurged and indulged in fried cheese (a local recommended this stand to us--thank you sweet lady for making our night a heck of a lot yummier), a fried twinkle, and a funnel cake. Go ahead, call us pigs. I'm honestly surprised we didn't end up sick after this.

6. The pumpkins get bigger year by year. WHAT are these people's water bills at home? Someone please tell me. I can't even imagine trying to grow one of these things. My showers in the mornings are long enough.

and the biggest pumpkin this year?
Goes to this bad boy.

1,315 lbs.

Have you ever seen a pumpkin that large?

7. In Circleville, the houses are more decked out for Halloween than Christmas.

Look at this!

and a pumpkin tree?

8. Overall pumpkin show thoughts? So fun! Just remember you can always walk off the food you ate on the way to the car. ;) Have you ever been to a pumpkin show like this before?

We also took Rocky to our local pumpkin patch on Sunday and since it was a gorgeous day outside--it was packed. The line was so long! We still had fun though, despite the crowds. 

Rocky was more interested in the hayrides than our picture.

That's all she wrote, folks.

Have you been to your local pumpkin patch yet?
What did you do this weekend?

Don't forget to join me and Steph on Thursday for our first "Saw it. Pinned it. Did It" link-up!

Also, if you haven't yet, please visit my "In Honor Of" post where you can help get $5 donated to Breast Cancer awareness! :)