Yay! Today is the day the world changed for the better. 
Kidding. I won't go that far.

But it's time for me and cutie Steph's *Saw it. Pinned it. Did it* very first link-up to host and to share what recent pin we loved enough to re-create! And by that I mean, out of the thousands of pins I swear I'm going to make, I actually did do it this time. 

Today, since I'm in the spirit, I'm sharing this amazing $1.00 Halloween Swirl Vase tutorial! Much like everything else on Pinterest that I see and like, I knew when I saw this craft that I HAD to make it. It's too easy not to...

source (thank you Anne for inspiring this!)

If you already have a clear tall vase and spray adhesive, then the total for this project is a little over one dollhair. I think we can all afford this project, yes? 

I also love this project because I realized after I made it that it can easily transition from season to season. For Christmas, just get red or green cardstock and update what you are using in the vase! It's such an easy way to dress up a normal, clear vase.

DIY Halloween Swirl Vase

Here's what you need:
-tall cylinder vase
-1 piece of orange 12x12 cardstock
-1 piece of black diecut swirl cardstock (never knew they had this-but it's right by the regular cardstock at Michael's or JoAnne)
-Adhesive/tacky spray (in the craft section)
-Double-sided tape (or you can be frugal like me and use regular because no one sees this part)

What you do: 

-Spray the back of the back diecut cardstock with the spray adhesive to lightly coat it and place it on the orange cardstock so it sticks directly on it. I recommend doing this in a garage because the spray can get messy. 

-Measure the height of your vase and cut the paper to that height.
-Wrap around the vase and secure with double-sided tape.
-Fill your vase with whatever flowers you prefer! That's it. :)

{not the greatest iPhone picture obviously and I'm not a huge fan of those flowers so I will probably change them, but this project is a keeper in my book.}

*Ohh...we had our pumpkin carving contest last night and it's safe to say Billy won. What do you think? I tried doing Rocky (left) and Billy's is the witch pumpkin. I almost lost 2, or 5, fingers and I broke 2 tools while carving. I think next time I'll just stick to the wine drinking and watch Billy do it. ;)

Now....it's YOUR turn!

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Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.
Thank you in advance to everyone who links up! Can't wait to read your links and don't forget to go see what everyone else made. Maybe you'll get an idea for your next project!

(and if you forgot this week-there is always next week friends.)


  1. The vase looks awesome! What a fun link up!

  2. I LOVE it! Turned out super cute! And I LOVE this link up!

  3. Um, for what it's worth I think the Rockdizzle pumpkin totally takes the prize. But I could also just be a crazy dog woman.

    I hope I can link up with y'all next week once I'm all settled in my new digs!

  4. Happy first link up day, love!!! You rock my socks! So does Rocky.

  5. Too cute! And SO easy--those are definitely the best! And your pumpkins are so cute...you did great with the pup's face!

  6. Replies
    1. Billhead-Katie takes the cake for originality. Sorry, Charlie. (Rocky always supersedes anything.)

      However...if this were a "Carve your pumpkin to resemble your wife" contest, you most definitely would have nailed it.

      Totally kidding. (Love you katie!) Y'all both win.

  7. Cute, I love the vase!!! I personally LOVE your pumpkin but I thought it was a Koala, which would have been SUPER random!

  8. Adorable and so so festive! I love the Rocky pumpkin, so cute!

  9. I LOVE your pumpkin, and can totally see the Rocky resemblance. :)

  10. Super cute!! Love it. I need to find something to make next week!

  11. Love that Halloween-y vase! And I would have probably lost a limb trying to carve a pumpkin, husband refuses to let me around sharp objects since I am so accident-prone haha, adore that Rock-O-Lattern though!

  12. what? only a $1, i love cheap DIY projects because if i mess up real ad then i don't feel as guilty as if it was an expensive project

  13. Such a cute idea and it looks awesome. I will have to link up when I finally actually do something that I've tagged on pinterest!

  14. Loved this link up! Loved the pumpkins...I'm not skilled at le pumpkin carving..I can barely make the standard triangle eyes and half circle mouth :)

  15. So fun and festive! Once I stop traveling so much I'm linking up with yall :)

  16. I totally vomited all the Halloween Pin Projects I've done...all in todays post. Thanks for giving me a reason to vomit.


  17. Love love love the vase - super easy! I have vases all over my house - even though plants die instantly upon entering through the door.
    Also - I think the Rocky carved pumpkin is pretty good!!!
    I am not that good either - my husband always wins.

    Love the link up girl!
    Thanks for your sweet comments!


  18. I feel like I need to hunt down a project to do for next week....my crafting has been at an all time low. Sadsies

  19. Love this face its so cute!



  20. ahhh you are SO talented muffin!! i so wish i was crafty. but considering i've had the making for friendship bracelets on my counter for over a month now, I'm going to go ahead and say I'm not really the craft-type.....I need someone who's looking for a stay at home girlfriend so I can have time to craft! :)

  21. I love love love this! I think I have a tall cylinder vase laying around somewhere.. definitely doing this! :)

  22. The vase is too cute and I love your pumpkins! xx


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