What I Wore: Recent Outfits

Happy hump day, y'all!

I've got a big ole smile on my face this morning because the husband and I 
have been working on a great DIY project for our house. Whenever I get ideas for the home in my head, normally I don't shut up about it until we're at the store buying the supplies, and the same thing went for this one. Luckily, Billy likes it and it's almost done already! I've been slacking on the DIY front, but now that summer is winding down, I'm excited to share this one with you and hopefully many more!

Since I've had some questions via instagram (@katiewkrysh) and emails, 
here are some of the clothing items I was wearing in my recent California trip recaps. Some of the items aren't available anymore, but I did my best to show a very similar, and affordable, alternative.
I will do another one of these after the Carmel recap! 
(last one...sad face.)

Untitled #8

1. Romwe Military Vest - Mine is from Old Navy (sold out), but this is a close version that doesn't break the bank.

Let me tell you that this chambray top is by far my favorite top in my closet right now. It's not your typical chambray because it has adorable polka dots on it, and as we all know polka dots make everything better. I wear it with everything!

American Rag Polka Dot Chambray
{on sale!}

The next two colored skinny jeans are my favorite colors right now...
plum and emerald green!

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans (in Gestalt Green)
-I also wore these same jeans in Red in the Lake Tahoe post

Mossimo Colored Skinny Jeans (in Purple/Plum)

Geo Scarf
This isn't the exact actez scarf I was wearing in Lake Tahoe, but mine is also from Forever21 and this is very similar to it. I think I need it.. ;)

Old Navy Vintage Tee
{I have these in so many colors-they are so soft!}

Mossimo Women's Pencil Skirt
(love this style!)

The tan bow blouse I was wearing isn't available,
but this blouse is so cute and similar.

Polka Dot Trimmed Blouse

Lastly, I've been rocking these bracelets from StyleLoveLiving lately.

shop them here

I'll let you get your shop on now.

Enter my Glam Grab giveaway if you haven't done so yet!

I will be back soon to do my last and final trip recap.


  1. I need a leopard scarf and badly!

    Great pieces!

  2. I have those plum skinnies, vintage tee (also in pink, purple, and blue - SO soft), and SM boots. Love them all - especially the boots. They're incredibly comfortable! On the hunt for a chambray top - that polka dot one is adorable!

  3. I have those boots too! Wear them alllll the time in the Fall/Winter! I pretty much just clicked on every single link. Such a cute style that you have, girlfriend! Oh, and that leopard print scarf - need it! Even if I already have one haha! Do you do most of your shopping online or in the stores? I always get nervous when I can't try clothes on :)

  4. Well there goes my next paycheck - I obvs. need those boots, both necklaces and the whole first outfit.

  5. Son of a bish... I need a polka dot chambray right now. And those bracelets. Stop it, just stop it right now.

  6. I have the vest (I'm actually wearing it right now) and the SM boots. They are my favorite boots and they go with everything, I swear! Those skinnies from ON as far as I've seen don't come in short in the stores but I saw they do online. Might have to check into those! You have great taste!

  7. Stopping over from Whitney's (I Wore Yoga Pants to Work) blog! So many cute things I wish my pregnant belly would fit into this fall. Le sigh... :)

  8. I want the ON t-shirt, scarf and leopard belt! So many goodies here!!

  9. Omg i need those boots in my liiife! I love them!

    The bracelets are so cute too!

  10. you need to do some mens fashion so me and Beau can buy some stuff!

  11. Definitely just ordered the love bracelet. If you could just ship the rest of your closet to me that'd be great.

  12. love yo style girlfrand!

    ESP the ON tee. I have like, three in grey, three in black and fifty in white :)

  13. Freakkkkyy.. half of the things you put on here are things I own! (Painter tee, H&M scarf, "love" bracelet, gray ON v-neck, chambray) Maybe that's because I do all of my shopping in Tuttle Creek/Easton!


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