I Believe In....

I believe in.....making people feel loved + at ease.

I believe in.....a warm cup of Starbucks on a brisk morning.

I believe in.....thinking positively.

I believe in.....girl time.

I believe in.....not posting all your political beliefs via facebook status. Instead, truly researching and educating yourself.

I believe in.....dressing like it's fall, even before it's technically fall. It is in the 60's here!

I believe in.....snuggling with Rocky whenever possible. On that note, I believe dogs are essential in a family. 

I believe in.....little love notes left around the house.

I believe in.....traveling the world.

I believe in.....marrying your best friend. 

I believe in.....trying new recipes and cooking them with Billy. Makes it more fun.

I believe in.....not worrying about making the best dinner possible every night and to enjoy the easy meals. Like, tomato soup and grilled cheese. Always warms the heart, am I right?

I believe in.....saying I love you every time before getting off the phone.

I believe in.....not going to bed angry.

I believe in.....my Mom still being with me, and watching over me.

I believe in.....dancing at the bars like I'm in college again.

I believe in.....shopping under the influence of wine. "I'll take one of everything" (if you want to be broke as a joke)

I believe in.....an overflowing cup of froyo.

I believe in.....eating healthy, but indulging from time to time (like fro yo, ice cream, baskets of bisquits from Red Lobster, and date nights!)

I believe in....visiting Lake Tahoe yearly. Heck, twice a year. Can we make this happen? 

I believe in.....sneaking in candy + snacks into the movie theatre. Have you seen the prices lately?

I believe in.....pumpkin patches, apple cider, APPLE PIE (have mercy!), and the changing of leaves is the best time of year.

I believe in.....taking risks and being adventurous.

I believe in.....redneck wine glasses. Especially when filled with sangria.

I believe in.....days without having to put on any makeup and not getting out of sweatpants.

I believe in.....being thankful for your loved ones.

I believe in.....Pinterest and making my life easier.

I believe in.....vacations to Florida during the winter. Not much can beat the feel of warm weather and the beach.

I believe in.....the weekends being longer.

I believe in.....laughing until your stomach hurts.

I believe in.....blogging and meeting best friends through it.

Lastly, I believe in.....living everyday like it's your last.

What do you believe in?
Link up with my love Erin, from Living in Yellow, to join in on the fun.

Do you believe in any of the same things I do?
Tell me!


  1. Love this post! I agree with every one of these. Especially shopping under the influence of wine. Haha

  2. Totally agree with the starbucks thing. And eating healthy but sometimes indulging too :)
    I linked up too! :)

  3. Ummmm, I feel like I agree with just about all of them! :) Especially positive thinking, snuggling pups, love notes and traveling! Oh, and I don't think there is any better combo than soup and a grilled cheese sammy!! :)

  4. I believe in all of this...especially the part about visiting Tahoe yearly...twice a year. Yeah!!

  5. Cute! We had grilled cheese & tomato soup last night for dinner, I did not feel like cooking! Haha. Totally agree about bringing in snacks, and I am always insanely jealous of your fro-yo pics! We don't have any by us and it always looks so good! Love the outfit by the way :)

  6. Love your list! I'm editing mine right now and I literally had just finished typing "not going to bed angry or upset" and then two seconds later I read it on yours! Too funny!


  7. i believe in taco tuesdays and red lobster fridays! love you babe.

  8. I believe in all of this too! Especially about the weekends being longer, I think I'm going to start a crusade to make all weekends 3-day weekends! ;-)

  9. Great List! I (sometimes) have to take wine with me shopping. It helps ease the blow as I'm charging it, and it makes me forget how mad I'm gonna be myself when I pay interest on this stuff.

    I believe you should also visit Florida in the winter...specifically Orlando! k?

  10. I believe you and I are identical twins separated at birth...I, too, JUST bought that same striped dress from Old Navy. #greatminds

    I believe Rocky is my favorite dog...like ever. I literally want to reach through my computer screen and squish him!

    I believe that picture of you and I dancing looks like I'm having a seizure.

    I, too, believe in anything "redneck".

    And of all things, I believe in our friendship and that I am so so SO lucky to have a friend like you in my life!! <3


  11. Sometimes the best meal is tomato soup & grilled cheese! I lived off of that my freshman year of college when I was homesick :)

  12. Love your list Katie! Your outfit today is all kinds of cute ;)

  13. Never going to sleep angry - absolutely.

    Snuggling puppies - always.

    Feeling the warmth of Florida during the winter - I'd take that twice a year.

    Love this post!

  14. Great list! I agree on so many of these..but of course I especially relate to the one about easy dinners. Every dinner doesn't have to be a big to-do. Simple dinners like grilled cheese and tomato soup are amazing! :) I also need to remind myself of these things from time to time.

  15. Aw I love your "I believe!" I absolutely agree with all of them! We share some of the same! Love your blog! :)


  16. That dress - I love it. I have seen it a couple times and wasn't sure about it. But now I must have it.

  17. 1. Your Mom is most DEFINITELY still with you, and she always will be.
    2. If I didn't die of a heat stroke I would wear my boots and scarves all year round- love that ish.
    3. Wine Shopping may be dangerous, but it is OH SO FUN! So is margarita shopping, and vodkie soda shopping...

  18. Seriously obsessed with your list! Sounds like you and I believe in a lot of the same things!
    And that super cute striped old havy dress??...glad it looks so good on you! I tried it on..and, welll, let's just say I didn't buy it. haha.

  19. Love this! Oh and I totally have the same ON dress. Except I went with the yellow and navy. Love it! Definitely plan on taking it to Italy with me!

  20. LOVE this!

    And "I believe ... that you should teach me how to dress because I have no style but I love yours :)" haha!

  21. Love love love this post Katie...and I agree with Natasha, especially the part about visiting Tahoe! Oh and overflowing cups of fro-yo...that's the best! Xoxo

  22. I believe that you are quite gifted at making people feel loved and special :) I believe that Rocky & Tilly need to meet up! and maybe they will let us play along too.

  23. Being thankful for your loved ones--can I get a hallelujah!

  24. These "I Believe in..." posts are so great. There are so many things that I want to comment on about yours and I can't fit it all in. I'll choose a couple. I love the ON dress. I bought it a few weeks ago in the red and navy color and can't wait to wear it with leggings and boots. I also believe in saying I love you every time before you get off the phone. There's something empty about hanging up without it. I feel a void. And I also believe in not going to bed angry. Next time you're coming to Florida let me know! Sarasota (isn't that where you go?) isn't that far away!

  25. Very cute post, I enjoyed it! I agree, I don't believe in ever going to bed angry either. And love the j.crew bubble necklace. Checkout my blog if you get a chance, and follow if you like, I just posted about menswear as well as sweaters for the fall!



  26. Love this!!
    Definitely linking up and doing my own!!

  27. Love your beliefs! I agree with Starbucks on a brisk morning (especially then!), dressing like fall (totally just bought the same boots in your pic!), saying I love you every time, and so much more! :)

  28. Starbucks, CHECK! Thinking positive, CHECK! Girl time, CHECK!Love note, CHECK! Traveling, CHECK! Marrying your best friend (one day mine will come along), CHECK! I could keep going and going =)

  29. Loved reading your list! I think I agree with nearly every one of them. I'm working on my FIRST trip to Tahoe, but two trips a year can't possibly hurt! ;)

    And now I am craving tomato soup and a grilled cheese!!

    Happy weekend, girl!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  30. LOVE this post!!! I have been reading your blog for FOREVER, and just figured out how to follow you! :)
    I have the pink "I believe in" sign printed and framed on my desk! The striped ON dress you have on- I have in green/gray- L.O.V.E. it!!! Gotten so many compliments, looks adorbsss on you! Random ? though from that picture- I am desperately looking for new bedding and like the quilt/spread you have in that room... source?
    And FroYo... what froyo places do you guys have in OH?


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