San Francisco {Part 2} + PCH Views!

{the crazy morning fog in Tiburon}

Our 2nd day in San Francisco (read Part 1 here) was intended to be more of a relaxing day because we saw so much the day prior. We needed/wanted a day to sleep in a bit, meaning like 8:30am, where we could take our time and not worry about jamming a lot of activities in (somewhat?).

We went and had coffee and breakfast down the street at Caffe Acri in Tiburon, where I got an egg croissant with potatoes and both of them were divine.
 There aren't many breakfast foods that I don't like,
 but these two were especially good (I took the bacon off the sandwich-yuck). 

After breakfast, we drove to Stinson Beach and around the Muir Woods area for a bit. 
We didn't stop because we wanted to head to Sausalito, but we saw parts of it. 
After that, we drove into Sausalito and spent a couple hours here. 
They had a huge art festival going on so there were a lot of people out and about and spending time outside.

 We grabbed lunch at the Salsalito Taco Shop and loved it here!
 It's just a small mexican restaurant with an outdoor patio that serves homemade tortilla chips and different salsas. I wasn't very hungry since I had a bigger breakfast, so I just decided to eat an entire basket of chips and bean dip, but Billy got a shrimp taco and liked it. 

I also got one of their margaritas which was the perfect afternoon cocktail, if I do say so myself. ;)

When we finished exploring Sausalito, we headed into the city and went to Golden Gate Park, got the cable car experience one has to do while in the city, explored Union Square, and we ended the evening by doing a 2 hour sunset wine tasting boat cruise! 

The boat cruise we did was through San Francisco Bay Boat Cruise, and our specific cruise was called Wine Tasting On The Bay.

They are a family operated business and are the absolute sweetest!! 
We highly recommend taking a boat cruise with them. They are affordable, great people to talk to, and you get 4 wine tastings with your ticket! They also had cheese, crackers, and some fruit to pair with your wine. At the end of the cruise, we were able to see the city all lit up at night and it was gorgeous. 

It was the perfect end to our {somewhat} relaxing day! 
Let's take a moment to talk about how much better looking he is than me.
 Love that smile.

After our boat cruise, we walked as fast as we could to the authentic Italian restaurant called Cafe Puccini on Columbus Ave. The daughter who was working on our boat cruise recommended this place to us (she is a vegetarian as well) and told us they have the best spinach ravioli in the world, and she was NOT KIDDING! 

O.M.G. The ravioli here is amazeballs, end of story.
 I wish upon every star that they would deliver from SF to Ohio. I'm not sure if that is ever going to happen, but a girl can dream. I would pay big dollars for that! 
I got the spinach ravioli, and Billy got the regular. Both equally amazing, but I'm partial to the spinach (it has way more flavor). Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures because it only took me .5 seconds to inhale my meal and there was no time to stop eating for a picture, but please take my word for it and go

The following morning until early afternoon, we explored our last final stops in the city. 
We drove around the Marina area and then ended up parking by Alamo Square, which is just the cutest area and we fell in love with this part of the city.

Alamo Square is also where the Painted Ladies are!
aka where the credits of the show Full House was filmed.

Have Mercyyyy...


From there, we were on our way to drive the PCH all the way to Carmel (took us about 3 hours).  If you are doing this drive and want a faster route, take 101. If you want the scenic route with amazing mountain/cliff views, take 1. We took 1 and boy, am I glad we did! We took our time driving and stopped at several areas along the way to get out of the car and take in all the views.

My eyes couldn't get enough of this...

The last part of our trip features Carmel, Big Sur, and Monterey!
{and also a special 2 year anniversary picture...}

PS-I'm putting together a post with details on all of my outfits during this trip since I've had some emails and questions about them!
 Stay tuned if you're interested.

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  1. Looks like a great time. How did you manage to get an empty cable car for a photo op? I love the PCH drive. I've done it twice and it is so beautiful! Looks like you guys have done so much on this trip so I laugh when I read that you wanted today to be more relaxing!

  2. loving all these pictures. makes me want to visit san francisco so badly, and i'm sitting class, singing the intro to full house - wishing i was at home watching re-runs!

  3. I can't waittttt for this future outfit post!!! I loved the little Alamo Square area! I was so bummed that I couldn't find the ACTUAL Full House house [the Painted Ladies are just from the opening credits!] I know that it's off Girard Street soooo... we both need to go back and find it ;)

    That spinach ravioli sounds SO yum! Oh, and I have the same SF fleece as you, except mine is maroon! Twins :) By the way, you and Billy are so precious in these pictures!!! xo

  4. I can't wait to see the painted ladies too! I was such a Full House fan back in the day. The coastline is stunning!!!

  5. Looks beautiful! I've been trying to convince Shawn to go to Cali with me FOREVER!!!! I should show him all your posts so he's sold :)

  6. Great pictures of the bridge and Full House..house. Ha
    Those were my two requests to my tour guide last time I was there (to see those two sites)..and he botched both...tsk tsk.

  7. I guess it's no coincidence we went to all the same places in San Fran because they are the tourist spots, but still, I LOVE seeing it re-capped. I can even smell the smells. Ahhh. Heaven.

  8. nice handstand. 2 tenths deduction for not pointing your toes!


    Your guys look like you had a fun trip. I really want to go to napa!

  9. Your photos are so pretty! I have to say, every time I see someone post a photo of themselves standing in front of the Full House roll houses I get pretty jealous.

  10. You're outfits are so cute!! Don't you just love San Fransisco. That's awesome you went to Carmel and big Sur and Monterey. We use to live in Salinas about 10 minutes away from Monterey we loved it there. Looks like you two had a lot of fun :)Happy Anniversary!!

  11. beaus comment. HAHAH! i mean, he is the king of handstands ;-)

    GORGEOUS pics miss katie. Makes me So excited to travel to Cali one day! that picture of you on the trolley is so damn CA-UTE!

    also...love the pic of you kissing billy with the wine. he just looks SO HAPPY like Oh baby look how hot my wifey is i jus love her!!

    the painted ladies are beautiful! i cant tell which one the full house one is...is it the 2nd from the right!?!?


  12. amazing! take.me.there.now.
    These posts just keep getting better!

  13. this trip looks amazing, looks like you guys had so much fun!

  14. I didn't think I could get more jealous but here I am...
    And I can't believe you went to Cafe Puccini - it is AMAZEBALLS - that is the only word to describe it!


    PS - next time you go visit Farmer Brown - if you like Fried Chicken...NOTHING BETTER....nothing.

  15. You know what I've lived in the bay all my life and have never done pretty much all you guys did. You def inspired me to plan a trip like this!

  16. Love your post and pictures; they make me want to go back to the West Coast asap! And I swear that I can tell you exactly where you were in some of those pictures; I have some that look very similar! When you were driving down to Carmel, did you see any seals or sea lions lounging in the sand or in the water? One of our absolutely favorite things would be driving along, spotting some, then, of course, getting out and watching. We saw some pretty entertaining sea lions chasing each other around, as well as probably a hundred seals just laying out. Gosh, I really need to win the lottery so I can become a professional traveler!

  17. looks like ya'll had an absolute fabulous time! I am so ready for your outfit post because I have been stalking the web trying to find a scarf like the one you wore in Lake Tahoe haha

  18. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Love your photos and outfits as always! xoxo

  19. You're in my neck of the woods! I grew up in the bay area, and now live on the Central Coast. We go to Big Sur and Cambria area all the time! So beautiful. Your pics are great--looks like you guys had a great time!

  20. your trip looks so wonderful! so glad you loved the city and got to see so much of it!

  21. I love the picture of you doing a handstand!


  22. I really like San Francisco. It's so so pretty. And the food look yummy. And of course you look so lovely as always! And the handstand is fun.

  23. your posts have made me add san francisco and lake tahoe to my bucket list....i have also added "one billy clone" ;) ya'll are too cute! loved all these pics!

  24. Your photos are great! Can't wait for the last recap. :)

  25. Again, I feel like we were living nearly parallel lives for a few days!! ;) Loved hearing all about how you rounded out your time in San Fran & I'm on the edge of my seat to hear all about the final leg of your trip.

    The PCH was definitely one of the coolest parts of our trip too. I wish we'd made it all the way down to Big Sur. But there's always next time. ;)

    Have a great day!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  26. Super cute pictures! I just bought 3 new bracelets :) Thanks!

  27. LOVING your pictures!! and of course, your style is amazing!


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